The Perfect Valentine's Gift by missfae

What every mom wants.

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Series: Through the Years
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Story Notes:

This is a small Valentine's day offering in my Through the Years verse, as I work on Maya's *That* Scene AU challenge. 

I also want to thank those of you who read my little slices of life and a really big hug to those who take the time to comment.  Your words keep me thinking these up.  I hope to have more for  you in the near future.

I own nothing in the Star Trek: TOS or reboot! universes except my original characters.

Chapter 1 by missfae

Winona Kirk sat looking at the heart-shaped coupons.

Sagging jowls? Saddled with saddle bags? Bulging buttock – thunderous thighs? Good for free body maintenance of whatever ails you.

Clutching them in her fist, she laid her head on the dresser.

“Do you think she liked them?” Nurse Sam pulled his surgical mask over his mouth.

Nine -year -old Dr. Jimmy lay down the saw and picked up the turkey baster. “Why wouldn’t she?” He put the baster back in its place and picked up the hammer. Giving it a few swings he said, “What woman doesn’t like self-improvement?”

“I just hope she doesn’t forget to bring M and M’s for the tip.” Sam grabbed the cheese grater.

“Don’t you think the multicolor printing catches the prospective client’s eye?” Frank’s reflection grinned at her from the mirror. “At least we know that he knows how to use a dictionary.”

Winona began banging her head on the dresser top.

End Notes:

I love my little Jimmy.  Happy Valentine's Day.  Hugs

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