Eternal Flame by Mirrorgirl

Future Spock has a unique opportunity. SPOILER WARNING...contains spoilers from the new movie, so do not read if you wish to avoid these.

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1 by Mirrorgirl
My duty is clear. I have been thrown back in time and find that I have been presented with a chance to secure the future of our Galaxy. Romulan renegade Nero has preceded me and set in motion a chain of events that must surely alter our timeline so significantly so as to destroy at least four worlds, quite possibly the entire Federation of Planets.

Nero has abandoned me on the ice planet Delta Vega. Here I have had a most curious, and yes I will admit it, disturbing experience. I met him. Young, not yet finished his training and yet already showing the signs of who he will be. The surety of stride, the determination of spirit, the golden hair, the body I knew so well for so many years. (I must stop this now, for it is pointless and serves no practical purpose, but I cannot help myself.) So many years with him and then too many years parted from him, have made me who I am. To see him at this age, at a time in his life when he is as yet still untested; is a trial and a pleasure at the same time.

To help him understand the gravity of the situation, it was necessary for me to Mind Meld with him and show him Nero’s plans and the events that led to my being here. During that Meld it was impossible for me to shield him against the details of our relationship. He saw so much, too much and yet the man that he is shone through to me and I watched as he assimilated the truth. Contained in my mind was the truth of his destiny; the truth of our love. And though he saw the trials of the years ahead, he was able to reconcile the need for action now. It must not have been easy for him to see my death and his own; and yet the measure of the man is such that, even as this relative child he understood the role he must play.

When we broke the link the emotions of what he had seen and my emotional response to the destruction of Vulcan left him disoriented and gasping for breath. The agonies of the years ahead were written upon his face, yet almost instantly he rose above the pain of that knowledge and together we formulated a plan that would enable him to assume command of the ship.

From my perspective it has been 94 years since last I gazed upon that face, 94 years since I held him in my arms and bid him farewell on his visit to The Enterprise B that fateful day. And yet there he stands in the transporter as I beam him back to the Enterprise with the knowledge that he and I will be friends, comrades and lovers. I have sent him on his way now secure in the knowledge that if anyone can stop Nero it is him.


Today I had the unique experience of talking with my self. I have lived long and I have prospered in many ways. With my remaining years I have the responsibility of helping to resettle the survivors of Vulcan and my younger self will travel far out into deep Space, exploring both the unknown and himself. Of course there is little I have the right to tell him, neither would I choose to, but I could not but wish him luck and let him know that Jim will be his friend in the years to come; that seemed enough. The young James Tiberius Kirk now knows so much more and I trust he will guide my younger self in the right direction. I must admit to the terrible emotion of envy. Would that I could take that journey with Jim again.

Gods, how I have missed him; I see him now, with his whole life ahead of him. As I watch from the balcony above and see him covered in glory, receiving his medal, it is almost too much to bear, and yet my over-riding feeling is one of pride. How I wish I could remain close to him, just to hear his voice, to feel the warmth of his body, to see the glimmer of his smile, but I am an old man and too long away from my time with him. But my memories of him are as real and immediate as they ever were. Farewell my friend, farewell.
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