Alone by Dahliaxat

How Spock feels sometimes

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Story Notes:

This is the first poem I ever wrote.

Chapter 1 by Dahliaxat


Alone in the dark what do you see?

I see nothing for darkness surrounds me.

Alone in the light what do you see?

I see more light it's all around me.

Alone what do you hear?

I hear nothing for deafness has silenced me.

Alone what do you taste?

I taste nothing for bitterness escapes me.

Alone what do you smell?

I smell nothing for my senses have left me.

Alone what do you feel?

I feel nothing for nothingness is less than me.

Alone what do you need?

I need nothing for no one cares for me.

Alone what do you fear?

I fear nothing, but death is a constant, and always upon me.

Alone whom do you love?

If I could, I would love thee...


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