Caring for the Baby Captain by Happy-Vulcan

Spock's dear old bondmate has de-aged and become 5 years old. Theres an immediate friendship.

A light hearted story with a sweet ending :)

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1. Logical Reasoning by Happy-Vulcan

2. Returning to post by Happy-Vulcan

3. Back Again by Happy-Vulcan

Logical Reasoning by Happy-Vulcan
Author's Notes:

So Doctor McCoy returns to the Enterprise with a 5 year old Jim. Spock is going to have to be daddy for his bondmate :D

I dont own star trek

There was a 98.983% that the child on the transporter pad was his bondmate. Aside from the fact he was dressed in a overly sized Starfleet uniform and the similarities to Jim; It was only logical.

It had been 2 hours since Doctor McCoy and Captain Kirk had beamed down to Persalius to discuss a new dilithium source withbeen 2 Ambassador Chavaleki. But now the doctor had arrived back with a 5 year old Jim.

"Doctor, from logic I deduce that this is the captain but when he was 5 years old but can you please explain why he has reverted to this state? "

"Well Mr Spock. Your dear bondmate decided to taste a rejuvinating fruit and i found him as a small kid crying in the fetal position. I'll have to run some tests but as far as i can tell he is in a fine condition. Chavaleki said he will return to his original age in a few days"

"Thank you Doctor McCoy" Spock began to cautiously approach his ashaya.

"Hello. I am Commander Spock, do you know where you are?"

"Helloo Ca-man-da Spock, my name is Jamess. Is my mummy here cus im afraid"

Spock felt a surge of compassion for his Jim. This Jim was miles away from the captain he knew. Such a small child and so afraid.

"There is no need kid. Spock may be a Hobgoblin but your pretty safe. Two hours ago you were much older and we were your best friends. I know this is scary but we can protect you" Doctor McCoy wasn't just a good doctor, he seemed to have a way with children. This amazed Spock as Doctor McCoy's bedside manner was acceptable at best.

"No!" shouted Captain Kirk " You will not be mean bout my new frwend, he's the best"

"Oh great. He's already in love with the green-blooded hobgoblin"


End Notes:

Hey so first chapter is done, i'll try and get a new one up every day.

Please review even if its bad. i welcome any reviews x

p.s sorry its short

Returning to post by Happy-Vulcan
Author's Notes:

Jim has fun on the bridge.

“Boom! Boom! AHHH!”

“Jim if you continue to play with your toys in such a way I will take them away” Spock was exhausted. He had never cared for a human child before and had never known how they had so much energy.

Jim had discovered the replicator and begged Spock to get him a replica of the Enterprise.

He couldn’t wait till his T’hy’la became an adult again.


What did Jim require now?

“Yes Jim?”

“I was wondering something. Cus I’m the captain and all I was wondering if I could go to the bridge?”

Spock had been waiting for this. He couldn’t keep Jim from the bridge but he had tried hard to distract him.

“Of course Jim, I will be happy to take you tomo—“

“YAYYYYY” Jim ran out of their quarters leaving Spock cursing the fruit Jim had eaten.


Jim had never been on a starship before.  He pretended to be a spy and ran through the corridors till he reached a turbo lift. He could hear Spock calling him so he ran into the lift.

“I wanna go to the bridge pwease”

The doors whooshed open and showed Jim the bridge. Jim saw a pretty lady in a red dress; she was smiling at him so he went to her.

“You’re pretty. My name is James T Kirk, but you can call me Jim”


Nyota had always been that one girl who didn’t fawn over the captain but she had been instantly taken with the young captain.

“Hello Jim, my name is Uhura. Where’s Mister Spock?  I thought he was taking care of you?”

This sent Jim into hysterical laughter. She would never understand kids.

“I ran away. I’m a spy on a mission to get to the bridge and take control” Ahh the imagination of children never ceases to amaze her.

“Shall I help you then? At the moment Mister Scott is in charge but if you go over to him and say I relieve you Mister Scott I’m sure he’ll let you take control”

This will be fun.


Mister Scott had an accent that Jim loved. He slowly snuck around the bridge until a young man spotted him.

“Mister Scott, it’s the Keptin!”

Oh no they had given away his hiding place.

“Mister Scott, I relieve you”

“Aye now do ya boy? I nae wanna keep you from your post”

“Yayyyyy” Jim sat in the large chair but his feet couldn’t reach the floor. He needed to get to Earth but didn’t know how.

“Esssscuse me, who can help me?”

The boy who spotted him turned around a smiled.

“I can help you Keptin. Pavel Andreievich Chekov at your service”

“Get us to Earth”

“No Jim, I do not think we should stray from our current path”

Spock had found him.

“SPOOOOCK! I’m glad you found me. I wanna go back to your quarters” Jim flung himself out of his chair and ran to Spock. His arms open for Spock to pick him up.

“You my best friend Spock”


End Notes:

This leaves us with the last chapter see you then x

Back Again by Happy-Vulcan
Author's Notes:

A happy ending after all x

First Officer’s Personal Log, star date 3014.5: Doctor McCoy has discovered a way to return Captain Kirk to his original age. It has been a rewarding experience to observe how my bond mate was as a child. I do hope that Jim will remember the time we spent together because I will.

It was 3.30 am when Spock was woken by Jim. Jim had climbed into his bed and began prodding him awake.

“Spock…Spock…can we talk pwease?”

Jim sounded distressed. Spock had hoped his Ashaya would sleep till the morning.

“Yes Jim. Is there anything troubling you?”

“I am going to miss you Spock”

This confused Spock. Did Jim believe this time would cease to exist and Spock would desert him?

“I am not going anywhere”

“But I’m going to be older and I don’t know if we are that close” Jim’s tears began to fall.

“James T Kirk, you are the bravest person I know. I can guarantee that we are very close friends. You do not need to fear the future because I will be there to help and protect you”

These words seem to comfort Jim but he could still feel some confusion through the bond.

“Thank you Spock. Love you”

“I cherish thee Jim”


James Tiberius Kirk feared getting older but Spock had comforted his fears last night. Spock was always there for him and he was Jim’s best friend.

He had woken early to go with Spock to the Transporter room.  He was scared and tired. Jim had never been on a transporter before.

“Jim, the transporter is perfectly safe and Mister Scott is a skilled engineer”

Could Spock read his mind?

Each person smiled and waved at Jim, was he this well liked?

Spock led him into the transporter room where Doctor McCoy and Mister Scott were waiting.

No no no no no no. He didn’t want to leave.

Standing on the Pad he began to cry.

“Pwease I don’t want to leave. Spock help me pwease don’t let them do it”


 It was heart breaking to watch his Ashaya cry but Spock had to brave it.

“Mister Scott, Energize” Goodbye my young Jim.


Don’t forget. Don’t forget. Don’t forget. Don’t forget this time Jim. Don’t forget how Spock took care of him.


“Captain? Jim? Are you well?”

“Yes Spock, I’m fine and Its all down to you. Thank you for taking care of me. I love you Ashaya.”

“I cherish thee Jim”

End Notes:

Thank you for sticking with it x

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