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Summary: A reply to a prompt on the kink meme.

Kirk and Spock are in a relationship, only Kirk doesn't know it, even if everyone else does. What happens when someone informs him? And will it be too late?
Rated: All Audiences
Categories: Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura
Crossover Fandom: ST:XI Abrams Universe
Genres: Kirk/Spock Pre-Slash, Kirk/Spock Slash
Other Languages: None
Specific movie: None
Story Type: Angst, Character Study, Established Relationship, First Time, Romance
Trope (OPTIONAL): None
Universe: Abrams Universe
Warnings: None
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Word count: 8260 Read: 47156
Published: 07/19/2009 Updated: 07/19/2009
Story Notes:
Warning: Angst, but happy endings.

1. Chapter 1 by NayNymic [Reviews - 29] starstarstarstarhalf-star (8260 words)