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Author's Chapter Notes:

Okay, uh. Explicit sex. And a few injuries. And I enjoy making Bones suffer, apparently. That sounds like about it.

In the end, Jim had to love Pon Farr. Absolutely. Couldn’t believe he used to think of it as stupid.

He had no idea Spock could be quite this needy, let alone so willing. Awe flowed over him as potently as the waves of pleasure as he lay against the sheets of his bed, damp towel resting under the small of his back, his first officer bouncing vigorously on his cock.

He’d never been fucked quite this thoroughly – at least not in this orientation.

Jim groaned, bucking his hips upwards into Spock’s blistering hot body as he came down, and the Vulcan’s eyes clenched. Ah, so he liked that. He repeated the motion, and suddenly he found he no longer could. Spock was coming down harder than before, faster, hands braced on Jim’s shoulders and he had no doubts that after this he’d have bruises at the very least. He’d be lucky if he didn’t need to see Bones about any broken bones—

His train of thought abandoned him as Spock slammed down and stayed there, fingers clenching and nearly splintering the bones of Jim’s shoulders. He hadn’t come yet – why was he stopping? Jim tried to concentrate on the man’s face through his haze of pleasure, tried to determine why what was possibly the best fuck of his life was so suddenly on pause – and then Spock ground and swiveled his hips.

Jim’s vision went white for a moment, and then he was pounding upwards.

He wasn’t sure what had set his first officer off so badly. He’d managed to handle his cycle quite well, performing his duties perfectly, as always, and successfully not jumping anyone. Then he’d come to Jim’s room for a game of chess just as Jim was getting out of the shower, and the next thing he knew he was sprawled out on his bed, the Vulcan all but tearing into him.

Not that he was complaining. Spock’s body was so hot that Jim wondered if he might wind up with a few burns, but he didn’t care. He’d never been allowed to take Spock before, the man’s carefully constructed dignity preventing any such disgrace. The channel around him was so tight that he was almost certain it had never been occupied. But if Spock had been at all uncomfortable during any part of this, it hadn’t shown.

Something cracked in his pelvis as Spock came down again, and a flash of pain burned through him briefly, but it was fleeting and he discounted it. He reached down to grip Spock’s hips and tugged him impossibly closer with each breathless movement they made.

It hurt something awful under all that pleasure, but Jim didn’t care. He’d had worse. Spock’s sharp hipbones were colliding repeatedly with his own, no doubt bruising both parties, and that grip on his shoulders was starting to numb. But the pleasure, dear lord, it was building so rapidly—

Spock slammed down again, flushed some yellowish green color, and then there was nothing either of them could do. From then, it was just throwing themselves into each other as they rutted through their orgasms. Jim was sure he’d never come so hard in his life, fighting to hang on to his consciousness as the gorgeous creature above him choked, ground down on him, and spattered his chest with a release so hot Jim knew he was being burned.

And then it was over, the Vulcan all but falling into Jim, eyes rolling back in his head. Still conscious, Jim noted, but definitely not thinking. That had to be a first. His breathing was harsh against Jim’s bare chest, hands finally loosing on his shoulders.

Jim knew it wouldn’t last too long, so he enjoyed it while he could, the hum of pleasure singing in his veins, his body boneless and filled with little aches that didn’t hurt.

Spock collected himself remarkably quickly, breath evening out and body straightening. Jim watched him sit for a moment on his sensitive cock, eyes closed and face relaxed. He went to pull himself off the other man and froze, eyes snapping open.

Jim felt it too – a white hot pain spreading over his pelvis. He tried not to flinch, looking questioningly into his first officer’s eyes. Spock took a deep breath and attempted to pull off him again, thighs shaking. Jim couldn’t take it – he reached out and pulled Spock back down flush with his hips. The ache subsided slightly, but now that he knew it was there he couldn’t ignore it.

“Jim,” Spock choked out, “I am not certain that I am yet prepared for a second round—“

The answer was so simple, and at the same time so absurd and impossible that Jim had to let out a helpless chuckle. When Spock cocked his head questioningly, he smiled sheepishly. “We were too rough,” he offered, flinching when his partner shifted ever so slightly and sent sparks of pain shooting through his body. “I, uh. I think you broke my pelvis.”

Spock’s eyebrows twitched, which Jim knew signaled shock and embarrassment. “Indeed,” the man managed. “It would also appear that---it seems that I have also sustained damage from our intimacy. I do not yet know the extent, but it seems more significant than I anticipated.”

Ah, there it was! “You never been taken before, Spock?” Jim ground out, giddy despite his injuries. Spock didn’t answer, which was answer enough. “I’m honored. And I’m wondering where we go from here.”

“It seems it would be prudent to see Dr. McCoy,” Spock reasoned, “provided we can separate.”

“That’s quite the provision,” Jim wheezed as Spock tried to lift himself. It didn’t work so well. Fuck. “Computer, open communication with medical bay.”

Spock let out a sound that wasn’t quite a whimper and then McCoy’s voice boomed out. “You’d better have a good reason to interrupt me. I swear to God, if this is—“

“Could you come to my room, Bones?” he all but groaned. “Spock and I had a bit of an incident here and we need, uh. Probably anesthetic. And any painkillers you can give me. And we need it discretely, please. Just be open-minded, okay?”

Jim could hear Bones scowling. “I thought you two didn’t try to kill each other anymore,” he said, irritation lining his voice. “Should I prepare for spatter?”

It was almost cute how Spock’s face went green so quickly. “Uh, no. Just prepare for, uh…try not to let anyone follow you. And for when you get here, uh – it’s exactly what it looks like. Just get over here before one of us passes out.”

The man didn’t reply, which Jim took to mean he was already on his way. He turned to Spock, who still had a slight green tinge to his cheeks. “Ready to come out of the closet?”

“I do not know that colloquialism,” his partner stated readily, like he wasn’t sitting on his captain’s cock naked as the day he was born awaiting their doctor. Jim grinned. “May I assume it has something to do with allowing an acquaintance to know that I am of the homosexual orientation?”

“That’s exactly what it means,” Jim replied. Spock was quiet for a moment, and then he spoke again.

“Although this is not the method I would prefer, I have no objections to alerting the other members of the crew to our arrangement,” he answered. There was a knock at the door. “Shall we?”

“Yup,” Jim gave him a half smile and then turned to the door. “Come on in, Bones.”

The door slid open, the doctor grumbling something about the two of them needing to take a pill, and then there was silence. Jim watched as his best friend’s eyes grew wide and he actually dropped his bag. He offered up a weak wave, trying to beckon him in.

“James T. Kirk,” the man finally managed, starting to go red in the face. “If this is a prank, so help me God…”

“I assure you, Doctor, that neither of us intended to ‘prank’ you or anything of the sort,” Spock said evenly. “However, we have sustained injuries in the course of our evening and find it quite difficult to detach from one another. We require your expertise.”

McCoy’s glare could’ve petrified Medusa. “You require my expertise in what? Separating human and Vulcan individuals who managed to get stuck during anal sex?”

“I’m pretty sure he was referring to my broken pelvis, but that’d be good too,” Jim offered diplomatically. The look on McCoy’s face almost made this worth the pain. “Hey, Vulcans are strong. It shouldn’t surprise you.”

McCoy sighed. “The problem is that this really doesn’t surprise me,” he admitted. “How long have you been sleeping together?”

“Awhile,” Jim said evasively. “But, uh. Pon Farr. And this is the first time we tried it this way, so…”

“I get it. Please don’t tell me anything else,” McCoy groaned. He began rifling through his bag. “So, from what I can tell…how on earth did you manage to break your pelvis? Never mind. I brought anesthetic.”

It took a full ten minutes to separate them. Jim made a mental note to buy the best liquor he could for his old friend – he’d probably need it after this. Sure enough, the cartilage in his pelvis was splintered. It’d heal soon enough, Bones assured him. His collarbone was sprained, but he’d live with it. To be honest, seeing Spock in pain was worse. He knew how high the man’s pain tolerance was, and for him to even flinch took extraordinary amounts of damage.

But watching his examination, he couldn’t help but forget that.

There was yellow, green, and blue bruising all over his backside, and Bones’s gloved hands were opening him tentatively. Jim was a tiny bit upset that someone else was seeing that part of Spock, but he was all too fascinated by the view. Spock wasn’t flinching, per se, but his form was tense. His hole constricted as Bones tried to stretch it a tiny bit, and a drop of semen slipped out, dripping onto the bed. Bones gagged.

“You two don’t even use protection,” he whimpered. “I don’t believe you. You ought to know better.”

But Jim didn’t care. Some part of him was insanely proud that he’d reduced his first officer to this. He was so thoroughly fucked – bruised, sore, disheveled, and filled to brimming with Jim’s essence. How could he not be proud? Spock was unraveled. Humiliating as this situation was, he couldn’t help but grin.

“I can take that off the list of things I’ve never done,” he muttered to himself, watching Spock let out a sigh as Bones flinchingly applied some sort of ointment to his opening.

It was too bad Spock wouldn’t have another Pon Farr for another seven years.

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