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Story Notes:

This one's been on the Net for years, so now it's here too.

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Crazy Fingers

TOS K/S, [NC17], PWP!


The water was hot, hot enough to have made Jim gasp when they'd first climbed in. But it felt wonderful just to lie there and let the jets pound the soreness out of him. That last away mission had been a little too wild and hairy, and it had been a long time since their last leave. A long time, since they'd last relaxed together.

He glanced across the pool, and smiled. This had definitely been one of his better ideas. Spock was stretched out in the water, his head resting on the ledge, those ever-alert black eyes more than half closed. Lying there like that, he looked for all the world like a big, sleepy, cat, and Jim was amazed all over again at this, at the two of them, at his good fortune... He left the ledge he'd been lying on, and floated across to the Vulcan's side.

The other tilted his head, watching Jim out of the corner of his eyes. Jim returned the look. God -- he was gorgeous, and he had absolutely no idea... Jim reached out, to stroke a hand along one of his shoulders, marveling all over again at the fine texture of the olive skin, the deceptive smoothness of muscle over bone. He didn't feel as thin as he looked, as a human of that build would; Vulcan muscle was denser than human. Jim didn't think he could ever tire of running his hands over that lean and powerful body.

The black eyes were drifting closed, and for a moment the Vulcan looked as if he might start to purr. Jim smiled, and ran a finger along the edge of one pointed ear. The skin flushed a little greener, under his touch, and Spock made a tiny sound, deep in his throat, too faint for Jim to hear. He didn't need to, anyway -- he'd heard it in his head. ((aah, t'hy'la, yourself,)) he thought, leaning forward to rest his cheek on the other's shoulder. ((Now do you agree that coming here was a good idea?)) He gestured with his hands, taking in the large private pool, the steam room, the fireplace, all of it. It had taken Jim months to persuade him to come here.

The Vulcan nodded, thoughtfully. ((Yes... you were right.)) An arm came up around the human's shoulders, drawing the two of them together. He turned to look at Jim, the black eyes wide, with wonder -- and pleasure... ((It is... as you said -- no-one here cares...))

Jim pressed himself against that slim, hard body, and a little shiver of delight ran through him. ahh, his skin is so hot... ((I told you... This is Risa, this is what they do here. The only rule is to enjoy yourself.)) He tried to look stern, though he knew he'd fail miserably. ((That's an order, mister.)) Then he ran the palm of his hand down the flat of the Vulcan's belly, savouring the feel of it, toying idly with the curled black fur below.

Spock gasped, and the arm around his shoulders tightened for a moment; in answer Jim let himself float closer, til he was half-lying atop the other. He could feel himself getting hard again, and the Vulcan, likewise. He leaned closer, to whisper in the other's ear, "I still owe you a back rub, remember. Do you want that," and he brushed against that growing hardness, "or do you want to stay here?"

Spock looked up at him, his face unguarded and open as Jim hardly ever saw it. He lifted a hand, two fingers together, and drew them along the human's face in a gentle caress.((You make it... difficult, to choose. But I think -- the back rub, t'hy'la.)) Where his fingers had been, Jim could still feel the heat. He stretched to steal a kiss, and was nearly lost, caught up in the pleasure of it, sensation flowing back and forth between them, feeding back on itself.

It was hard to pull himself away -- but finally he managed it, thinking of warm oil and hot towels, waiting for them beside the fire. He leaned back, and pulled on the other's hand. ((Come on -- I can feel how tight your back is. You'll enjoy this...)) As they both climbed out of the pool, another shiver of pleasure ran through the human. He stood and feasted his eyes on the sight of the other -- the silky black hair, the warm hue of the candlelight on the olive skin... Spock even walked like a cat, lithe and easy with just a hint of concealed strength.

God, Jim -- listen to you. But he couldn't really scold himself. They had served together for years before they finally turned to one another. Jim had never expected this, had never thought his feelings would be returned. Pure chance had finally brought them together.

It was the best thing that had ever happened in his life, except for the day they gave him the Enterprise... He could no longer really remember how it had been to be alone, not to share his thoughts and his life with another. He only knew that he had not been happy, not really. Not like this.

Turning, he gestured toward the table. ((Go ahead and lie down; I'll be ready in a second.)) He busied himself opening and sniffing the various oils and salves that had been provided. Ah, yes -- this one; light and rich, delicately scented with almonds and musk...

The Vulcan nodded, a slight lowering of his eyelids veiling the suddenly bright black eyes behind those ridiculous lashes. Uhura had once murmured that it was a crime to waste eyes like that on a Vulcan; Jim had just smiled to himself and said nothing. Once Spock lay down, Jim spread one of the large heated towels to cover him. The black eyes closed, then, and a certain tension went out of the slender form.

The human stepped up to the table, and folded the towel down to the Vulcan's elbows. Then he poured some of the oil into his hand, and let it drip down onto that fine-grained skin. It was already warm, and as he spread his hands and began to smooth it on, he heard a very faint sigh. With slow and gentle motions he worked the oil into Spock's skin, gradually increasing the pressure until he was leaning into it with all his strength.

Bit by bit, he could feel the tension easing in the Vulcan's shoulders, in that long neck, in the tightly knotted back. He rubbed along each arm in turn, then drew his fingers down each of them -- and smiled, as he felt the warm ripple of pleasure that followed his touch.

He drew the towel down to Spock's narrow hips, draped another across his shoulders, and poured some more oil into the hollow just above the Vulcan's tailbone. Using his thumbs first and then his whole hand, he spread it across the lightly-furred skin there -- pausing once to encircle the other's waist with his hands and murmur, "Mmmm..." He felt Spock's breath catch for just an instant, and he smiled even wider. This was fun; he should have done this ages ago.

Gradually he worked his way down to his lover's feet, keeping covered all of him but wherever he was working. Spock's pulse was as slow now as Jim had ever felt it; his breathing was even and deep. He was not asleep -- but he was very relaxed...

Time to do something about that, Jim thought, with a wicked grin. He bent down, slowly pulled the towel away, and began to trail kisses down the Vulcan's spine. Each time his lips touched the skin, a tiny ripple of pleasure shot through them both. He sent his fingertips dancing along the other man's ribs, and was rewarded by a gasp, and a faint flush of green.

((You are so beautiful, my t'hy'la...)) -- and he smiled gently, as he stroked down each of the long, slim legs, stopping to plant more kisses on the tender hollow at the back of each knee. He could not get enough of this; it felt so good he could hardly breathe. He closed his eyes, drew gentle fingers up the inside of each of the other's thighs, and sighed contentedly when he felt the first deep shudder run through him. ((This time, I am going to drive you mad, as you are always doing to me...)) And with that he leaned down, and delicately licked the small flat place that marked the base of the Vulcan's spine. Another shudder, and this one ran through them both... Jim sat back for a moment, enjoying the view. Mmmm -- he has the nicest ass... Very gently, he nipped at the top of each thigh...

((...oh...)) So faint, that thought... and surprised. He stroked and caressed the slim, furred cheeks, taking his time, enjoying it. Under his hands he could feel the Vulcan beginning to tremble. Perfect...

He dripped more oil on his fingers and began to rub it into the dark-furred depths, with a long smooth stroke that brought a low moan from the man beneath his hands... Spock arched upwards under Jim's touch, trying to get closer, making soft little sounds of pleasure. Jim drew his hands down the other's thighs again, and smiled, as they parted under his touch. Once more he heard that quiet ((...oh...)) in his mind. He stroked upward and felt the Vulcan shudder, felt both that and his caress in his own flesh, too. Starting at the back of one knee, he began to lick and kiss his way upwards, to nuzzle and nip at the heavy furred sac, and lick his way up that sensitive cleft. Sharp spicy flavour, of oiled Vulcan skin under his tongue...

Spock moaned. His head was thrown back. His eyes were closed; the silky black hair was tousled, disheveled. He shivered each time he felt Jim's mouth on him -- and the human felt all of it. he's so beautiful -- and he trusts me... Even now he could scarcely believe that, but it was true.

He licked and kissed some more, and the other began to rock his hips, rubbing himself against the rough toweling of the table-cover. ((...Oh...))

The human slid one warm, oiled finger down into that cleft, and felt the other push back against him. Jim refused to hurry. He was waiting for something, and diverting himself, while he waited, with lips and fingers and willing, quivering flesh. Finally he heard it... ((t'hy'la -- please...))  He licked at the tight-puckered skin, spread more oil there... ((...ahh... yes -- please, t'hy'la...)) And those slim, powerful hips lifted towards him again, and this time he let his finger find its way inside -- so tight there, so hot... Slippery with oil, it slid in easily, to be followed by a second -- and he found it, that small tender place, right there... ((Yes!! Please!)) A sharp little wave of pleasure ran through both of them...

Jim was so hard it was almost painful; very gently, he pulled his fingers out, and touched the tip of his cock to that well oiled place. He pushed, gently, felt himself begin to enter -- and the other arched up towards him again, and he was in, surrounded, engulfed. The link between them opened up wide. They burned...

"...ohhh..." Both of them, with one voice. Jim reached around his waist and pulled them together. One hand gently pinched one of those small, hard nipples; the second reached down, to take the other's fever-hot hardness in his warm, slick grasp. For a moment, neither of them could move; they were frozen by what they were feeling. Under Jim's hands, the Vulcan's heart was racing. So tight, the beloved flesh around him -- so hot...

One moment, one chance to rest, to draw a breath; then both began to move, one flesh, almost one mind... Slowly at first, gentle -- then gradually faster, harder. Again and again Jim thrust and was met, buried himself in that tightness, that heat... Again and again that hardness thrust into his hands, growing slick and moist... He squeezed, and felt the other shudder beneath him. ohh, t'hy'la, you are so hot

Shivers built; nerves began to tingle. A familiar tightness grew, in belly and groin... Each thrust, each push, was deeper, harder... Jim paused, supporting himself on trembling hands -- then swooped down again, grinding himself against the other, rocking his hips, leaning into it. Again, once more...

He felt it begin in Spock, first -- a series of little shudders, a wave of pleasure that grew, and built... Then in him, the same, getting stronger, hotter, brighter. He couldn't breathe, couldn't stop; he was burning, both of them were -- on fire, out of control... One flesh -- one mind, one heart... One soul. And the wave crashed...

Once awareness returned they lay quietly, nestled together, while their breathing slowed... One by one, the candles burned low, guttered out. No-one disturbed them. After a while the warmth, and the aftermath of pleasure, lulled them both to sleep.




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