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The stark landscape of Vulcan was easily comparable to the cold personality of the Enterprise’s overbearing scientific advisor…watching Spock now, Kirk knew he’d been wrong.

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Genres: Kirk-Spock Friendship, Kirk/Spock Pre-Slash
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Story Type: Hurt/Comfort
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Universe: Abrams Universe
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Series: Foundations
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Word count: 2607 Read: 7357
Published: 09/21/2009 Updated: 09/21/2009
Story Notes:

This is a continuation of my pervious fic ‘Different Circumstances’. This is turning into a little mini-series of one-shots and may develop into something more in the future, but I’m just going with it as it comes to me. I actually wrote this before I wrote the previous one, but it’s all been re-written to jive with what I started in the first one and I’ve held out on posting it as I want to post all these little stories in order. Hope you enjoy it and please review.



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