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Ch. 10: To The Stars

Taking a deep breath, Jim Kirk prepared to launch into what was probably one of the most difficult discussions of his adult life. Having Spock beside him in George Kirk's office was a comfort, although he wished he could touch the Vulcan. He considered brushing his foot up against Spock's but thought the better of it – the last thing he wanted to do was offend him at a time like this. If Spock didn't back him up in front of his father he'd be screwed for sure.

"George, this is going to be really hard to explain," Jim prefaced his story. "It's going to sound unbelievable and you'll probably consider taking us to the hospital for psych evaluations."

"Great, this should be interesting," Commander Kirk said with a smile, leaning towards them with his arms resting comfortably on his mahogany desk. "Let's get started."

Jim noticed Spock give a tiny frown.

"Sir, I do not understand why one would smile when faced with such a situation," the Vulcan admitted, concentrating on keeping his features as emotionless as possible.

"Spock, I'd rather hear what he has to say first before making any judgments," Jim's father explained. "Is that not logical? And besides, if I know him, the story will at least be amusing."

"Not from my point of view, as I have lived it," came Spock's frosty reply. Jim shot the Vulcan a look that screamed 'STFU'. Thankfully, Spock took the hint and Jim was able to tell their rather implausible story.

"It all started when I was given a hacking job," the younger Kirk began. George's eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Winona used to do that back in the day, before she joined Starfleet. What a coincidence!" George caught himself. "Sorry, please go on."

Jim nodded and shrugged off the interruption. "I completed the job on time, being the genius that I am." (Spock barely restrained a snort.) "That night, I went to one of the academy computer labs to rendezvous with my client. Regrettably, I found out that whatever information I'd hacked had been really important. After a brief power surge, a group of cadets stormed the lab and held me at phaser point. They ended up stunning me after they got what they wanted – the coordinates to the Guardian of Forever."

George held up his hand, and the cadet paused.

"Where was Spock there during all of this?"

"He just happened to come to the computer lab right then," Jim offered, completely glossing over the fact that he'd tried and epically failed to seduce the Vulcan when he accidentally revealed to him that he was a hacker. "Like I said before, he was in the wrong place at the right time."

"Uh huh," George pondered.

"So they stunned me and Spock - sorry Spock and I." Jim glanced over at the Vulcan. "We woke up later on a ship and discovered that we'd been kidnapped."

"If that was not enough of a discomfort, our enemies also bound us together with the binders that we asked you to sever for us when we first met," Spock added.

George's lip's curled in amusement, remembering their odd predicament, but he remained silent.

"We reached our destination pretty quick," Jim recalled. "Our captors forced us down to the planet's surface. We found the mythical time portal, the Guardian of Forever, and spoke with it."

George's eyes widened at that, but the dubious man made no move to contradict Jim.

"Unfortunately, one of the cadets thought it would be a good idea to mess with history, even though Spock and I told him it was a bad idea," young Kirk continued. "Next thing we know, we can't contact the ship and we find out that the outcome of history has been changed, thanks to the man I affectionately call 'Cupcake'."

"Was that last part entirely necessary?" Spock muttered under his breath.

"Cupcake, huh?" An amused George grinned at his son, a twinkle in his blue eyes. "What'd he do?"

Jim sighed, running his fingers through his hair.

"I don't know how to tell you this, but on your next mission, the Kelvin gets attacked by an angry future Romulan. Cupcake's dad died in that fight and he didn't like that very much, so he went back in time and saved him."

"However, his actions resulted in a tampering with the space-time continuum," Spock spoke up. "We have journeyed through time to stop him from throwing the mission off course."

"But there's something you gotta know about this mission," Jim said softly. "I know how Cupcake feels, because I also lost my father in the Kelvin attack." He looked directly at George, his gaze steady and his voice calm. "And now that I've met him, I'm going to do everything in my power to keep him alive and fight off the Romulans."

"You aren't Augustus," George whispered, seeing his own eyes reflected back at him in this young man's earnest stare. "You're my son, from the future."

"Yes," Jim admitted with a small grimace. "I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have spent so much time with you while still keeping my identity a secret, but I just couldn't help it!" The cadet feared that his father would be furious with him for this 'omission of the truth'. But his father wasn't angry - not one bit.

"You're my son, the one Winona's about to have." George stared at Jim in absolute awe, unable to comprehend that an older version of the baby inside his wife's womb was standing before him.


"Well I guess that explains the hero worship when we first met." Commander Kirk cracked a smile, snapping out of his shock-induced gaze. After all

"Yeah, sorry 'bout that." Jim chuckled sheepishly. "I've been wanting to meet you all my life."

"Your reaction was understandable," George reassured him. "I'd act the same way if I was just meeting my father for the first time." He shifted in his seat. "So what'd we name you? Please don't say Tiberius."

"Nope." Jim grinned unabashedly at his father. "You saved me from that fate. I was named Jim, after Mom's dad."

"Well, Jim, thanks for intending to save me in turn from my fate," George considered. "But I'm afraid you won't succeed. If I'm supposed to die on that ship saving Starfleet, then by God, that's what I'm going to do." Spock noted that the determination on George's face was quite familiar - Jim also displayed such an expression when he had made up his mind about something.

"But you don't have to die then!" Jim insisted. "I've seen footage of the Romulan ship from the 'fleet archives. I know where it is vulnerable to our weapons. Not only that, I've researched everything that went on that day, down to the last detail. Spock and I will find a way to save you without endangering the Federation."

George held up his hands. "Whoa, slow the hell down!" Jim and Spock exchanged worried glances. "Look, this is a big shock for me. To find out you're going to die in the near future? Wouldn't it be for you?" Jim nodded. "Dammit," George swore. "I'd hate to leave Winnie to raise our kids by herself. I have to admit, your offer is tempting."

Jim snorted.

"Mom sure could've used you. All her other ex-husbands were jerks! They hated Sam and me, especially when Mom was off-planet."

"I can confirm that Jim is telling the truth, sir," Spock solemnly supported his friend.

"I know Vulcans can't lie, but that behavior doesn't sound like Winona at all," George argued.

"Dad," Jim pleaded. "When you broke your promise to Sam about returning, he never trusted anything anyone said to him ever again. Mom was broken hearted, I was left without a real male role model. Hell, the Federation lost a great man who was beginning to define himself and challenge the rules. Now, I went back in time with every intention of letting you sacrifice yourself to the Romulans. I didn't plan on running into you in the library, staying at your house, and getting acquainted." He shook his head. "But now that I have met you, now that I know you, I can't go through with it. The fact is, I need you, Dad."

"My son," George breathed, his face softening. "Jim." The Commander stood up, walked around his desk, and pulled his son up into a strong bear hug. Jim buried his head in his father's shoulder, desperately trying to keep his emotions in check as he experienced his father's display of affection for the first time, the first time he knew that Jim was his son…

"Do you believe me now?" Spock heard Jim's muffled voice.

"'Course I do," his father affirmed. "You're a good guy with a bright future ahead of you. I'm glad I got the opportunity to know you as an adult."

"Don't talk like that!" Abruptly, young Kirk pulled away from his father. "There'll be plenty more opportunities for us to spend time together!" Jim bit his lip in order to keep the tears welling up in his eyes from spilling.

"Shit!" He cleared his throat. "Dad, I don't believe in no-win scenarios, and if I have to cheat to get the outcome I want, so be it. I'm not letting you die again." Jim looked up apprehensively at his father.

"If I have to sacrifice myself for the good of others, I will if that is the only option. And, in this case, it seems to be." Absentmindedly, George scratched his chin. "On the other hand, I cannot deny the facts that you, your brother, and your mother would have a difficult life if I was gone."

"It was absolute hell," Jim growled. "You know your red convertible?"

"Yeah." George's eyes lit up. "I love that car – spent hours repairing it so that I'd get it in working condition. Did something happen to it?"

"I drove it off a cliff," his son informed him, sounding disturbingly nonchalant.

"You what?"

"Yeah. I, uh, was taking it for a joyride to get away from Frank and the police were going to pull me over. I barely managed to jump out in time. The car was totaled beyond repair."

Spock jumped in to clarify the story further.

"What Jim is not telling you is that he tried to commit suicide and changed his mind at the last minute."

George looked startled.

"Thanks a lot, Spock," Jim grumbled. "Way to spill the beans."

Commander Kirk swallowed hard as he regarded his son.

"How old were you when this happened, Jim?"

"Twelve," was the mumbled answer.


Commander Kirk closed his eyes, as if picturing the scenario for himself. When he reopened them, his entire focus was on his son. Spock took this opportunity to strike.

"Sir, will you assist us in our planning to alter the famed Kelvin's meeting with the Narada, the Romulan mining vessel?"

George nodded.

"I will. You have me convinced, although I am prepared to sacrifice myself if we can find no other option."

"I don't think that will be necessary, Dad. I want to take out the Narada for good this time," Jim said grimly. "In my timeline, you only crippled it."

"I flew a galaxy class starship into a Romulan ship and only crippled it? Just how large is this ship of theirs?" George wanted to know.

Jim snorted.

"A lot bigger than you can imagine – it makes Federation ships seem like mere flies next to a humungous black flower of death."

"Jim is exaggerating," Spock inserted.

"Am not!" Jim glared at the Vulcan. "And also, its weapons are more powerful than ours. Just wait 'til you see it. I can draw it for you." George nodded, and Jim stole his father's PADD that was laying on his desk. While Jim was detailing the Narada, Spock took this opportunity to inform the commander about his issue concerning the mission.

"Commander Kirk, I must inform you that I am the son of the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth. If he were to learn my true identity, my cover would be terminated. It could cause a diplomatic incident that I would rather avoid."

George smirked at the Vulcan.

"Don't worry, Spock. Mum's the word."

"I beg your pardon?"

Jim sighed.

"He's not going to tell anyone, okay?"

Spock raised an eyebrow.

"A simple answer would have sufficed."

Both Kirks caught each other's eyes without Spock's notice, and they shared a moment of amusement at the expense of clueless Vulcans.

"You will let us travel with you on the Kelvin, right?" Jim asked his father, as he realized he hadn't asked this particular question.

"I don't know," George said slowly. "I wouldn't want to put your lives in more danger."

"It would be illogical to leave us behind as we information that you need to save your ship." Spock tensed, afraid all this talk would've been for nothing.

"Well… I guess you two can come since I need your expertise," he considered. "But only if you obey my orders and follow all Starfleet regulations while on the mission."

"That will not be a problem for me," the Vulcan said smoothly. "Jim, however, might have a considerable amount of difficulty of following the regs." A teasing smirk surfaced upon the Vulcan's pale, sculpted face.

"Hey!" Jim glared at Spock. "I can be professional if I have to be."

"You have yet to agree to the deal," Spock reminded him.

Jim turned to his father.

"I promise to follow your orders and behave as the Starfleet Code of Conduct dictates. It's the least I can do after all you've done for us."

"Thank you." His father beamed at him. "Now, let's figure out who we need to tell. Winona, of course, will have to be told." Jim agreed. As much as he didn't want the younger version of his mother to recognize him as her future son, it would be difficult for George to keep such a gargantuan secret from his wife. She could give him some much-needed advice, and they could work out the problem together.

"Captain Robau," Jim remembered. "If we're going to save one life, we might as well save another. He was killed when he beamed aboard the enemy ship."

"I figured something like that must've happened to him if I'd been made captain," said George.

"It would be prudent to inform him of our plan," Spock agreed.

"Uh, Spock, what is our plan?" Jim wondered. If they had a plan, he had yet to hear of it.

The Vulcan lightly blushed.

"It has yet to have been invented. But between now and the departure, I am confident that if we work together, we can develop a decent plan."

"Excellent!" George said happily. "Who wants to get started?"

Both Jim and Spock raised their hands.


Space Dock, two weeks later

The U.S.S. Kelvin was scheduled to depart for its mission at 0200. Captain Robau personally welcomed Kirk and Spock aboard the ship, and wished them luck on their own 'personal' mission. As they got settled in their quarters (only one large bed again - really?) Jim thought about how it was only a matter of time before they ran across Sarek, Spock's mom, or even one year-old Spock himself. He wasn't quite sure what he'd do if they found themselves in that situation. Spock's parents would be sure to recognize their son, even if he was an adult. The last thing he wanted was for Spock to be in trouble.

After a successful launching, the cadet and commander spent their days on board perfecting their attack scenario. This consisted of re-routing more power to the forward shields and analyzing any weaknesses in the Narada's design so that engineering would know which kind of weapon would be most effective. Their quarters had grown quite messy with weapons manuals, Jim's drawings of the Narada, the blueprints of the Kelvin, and Spock's meditation mat that he'd requested.

"I wish I could see the blueprints for the Narada," Spock said, somewhat frustrated that Jim couldn't give him a more detailed analysis.

"Hey, I said I studied the Narada attack, but I didn't digest it." Jim protested. "I don't have an eidetic memory like you, Spock."

"Pity," was all the Vulcan said.


On the fifth day of the voyage, Jim couldn't stand being cooped up in their quarters any longer.

"Spock, I just gotta go for a walk," the cadet whined, much to the Vulcan's chagrin.

"Then go."

"I want you to come with me!"


"Because I like your company," Jim answered honestly.

"I enjoy your company as well," Spock said shyly. "I just do not want to risk my identity being discovered by my parents."

"Sometimes we have to take risks to get what we want." Spock found Jim's voice quite smooth and seductive. How could he turn this opportunity down?

"I believe that in this case, the positives greatly outweigh the negative outcomes." Jim knew that this was Spock's way of agreeing to venture out of their quarters together.

"Awesome!" Jim grabbed Spock's arm and pulled him toward the door.

"We are leaving now?" Spock asked, not without trepidation.

"When else?"

As Jim led them out into the corridors of the ship, chattering animatedly all the way, Spock realized that having someone bring him out of his comfort zone was good for him. Jim was good for him. Fascinating.

After much traipsing around the ship (Spock was certain they had covered almost all of the corridors open to civilians) they ended up in one of the rec rooms.

Jim went directly over to the selection of board games, expecting the Vulcan to follow.

"Hey, Spock, wanna play Parcheesi?"

No answer.

"I was just kidding! Spock?"

Jim turned around to find himself face with a less than stellar situation. The good news was that Spock was only a few meters away, frozen on the spot. The bad news was that a pretty young human mother stood before them, holding her small child. Her Vulcan child.

"Lady Amanda, I presume?" Jim offered his hand in greeting, which she shook.

"Yes." She smiled at Kirk. "What gave it away, my Vulcan robes or my Vulcan child?"

"Both. I'm very pleased to meet you, ma'am. I'm Cadet James T. Kirk." Jim didn't think an overt display of politeness would hurt the situation.

"Aren't you the charmer?" Amanda gave a little chuckle. "Who's your friend?"

"Uh…" Jim was at a loss. Spock's alias name had been Spencer, but he didn't think that Amanda would believe anything less than a Vulcan name. He searched the room, his eyes landing on an old fashioned stove that humans used in the 20th century. It was available for those in the crew who were interested in trying out the 'old' way of cooking during their time between shifts.

"This is Stovek."

"Good afternoon." Spock nodded respectfully at his mother. Amanda gave Spock a long, discerning look.

"Mr. Kirk?"

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Would you mind taking my child and entertaining him for a bit? He doesn't like strangers, but he warms up to them quickly."


"I'd like to speak to your friend alone." Jim shot a nervous look at Spock.

"I don't exactly have a lot of experience with children. Most kids hate me-" But baby Spock's eyes lit up when they connected with Jim's. Squirming in his mother's embrace, he reached for Kirk.

"That's funny, he's quite taken with you." Jim quietly accepted the child from Amanda, carefully holding him in his arms. "Usually he makes a bit of a fuss."

"Hey, little guy," Jim said softly, securing his grip on the child. He then informed his mother, "I'll just take him across the room and find him something to play with."

"Thank you." Amanda nodded at him. Jim hated to leave the older Spock there with his mother, but what choice did he have? Baby Spock cooed as he reached out to tug on Jim's red cadet uniform, reminding Jim of his current responsibility.

"Okay, little Spock, we're going to play with some legos." He punched in the code for legos on the game replicator. "How would you like that?"

"Aftiv!" said the child. Jim's jaw dropped open.

"Are you trying to say 'affirmative'?"

"Aftiv! Aftiv!" Baby Spock repeated, making the most adorable baby giggle Jim had ever heard.

"Okay. I'm going to set you down now." Jim gently set the child down, who made a sound of protest. The little Vulcan wobbled unsteadily, but still managed to stay upright. He then grabbed the box of legos, and settled down onto the carpet with his young charge.

"Here, Spock. I got one for you!" Jim held out a red lego. The baby grabbed it from him, and when their hands touched, Jim was filled with a small burst of contentment. Little Spock cooed happily, clapping his hands together in delight.

"Yeah, I don't think you're supposed to be projecting your emotions on other people with your telepathy," Jim said as the baby threw the lego aside and reached for his hand. "And I doubt you're supposed to be touching my hand with yours either. Geez, you're strong!" Jim fought to get the baby's grip off his right hand, but it proved to be impossible, not unless he was willing to risk hurting the baby. Which, of course, he wasn't.

"Okay, fine, you can hold my hand." Jim gave in, since he didn't have much of a choice. Truth be told, it was a comfort. He just hoped he wasn't committing some act of Vulcan child molestation. Still holding Jim's hand, the baby Vulcan snuggled up close to his babysitter, looked him in the eye, and clearly said,

"Fascinating". Jim could only gape at the young version of his friend as the baby's eyes closed and he began to sleep. The cadet was careful not to move a muscle, as he didn't want to disturb the baby's rest.

On the other side of the room, Amanda faced off against an older version of her son. She was not one to make idle small talk, so she cut to the chase.

"I know you are my Spock, a grown-up Spock, but a Spock nonetheless." The Vulcan blinked at his mother's intuition.

"There has been no DNA match. How can you be certain?"

Amanda's face lit up with her familiar warmth and love for her son.

"A mother always knows." Spock looked down at the floor, ashamed for lying. "Do not be upset, my son." Amanda took her son's face in her hands, and brought it back up. Spock instinctively leaned in to her gentle touch.

"I had some help in discovering your identity, you know. The familial bond I have between my son and I has been… different ever since we boarded the ship. It was almost as if it had been split in two. I tried to tell Sarek, but he didn't believe there was a problem. But he keeps his shields so tight as is conducive to his work as an ambassador, that he wouldn't have noticed any chance in his paternal bond."

"I…see." Was all that Spock said.

"Spock, whatever the reason you are here, I am not angry about it!" She sent him a flare of affection through their maternal bond, hoping to reassure him. "In fact, I consider it a blessing that I've been given a glimpse at what my young son will become."

"It is good to see you again, Mother," Spock admitted. "Kirk and I have traveled back in time to right the flow of history, as it was tampered with."

"It sounds serious," Amanda worried. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"I am not certain. Both the captain and commander of this ship are aware of our mission, and are willing to assist us if we need it."

"Perhaps you could use the advice of a certain ambassador?"

Spock's face hardened just a tad.

"I assume that he is now aware of my existence due to your marriage bond?"

"That is correct." Amanda gave her son a wry smile. "He wants to help you too, in whatever way he can."

"He is not angry I have broken the space-time continuum?" Spock asked, slightly stunned.

"No," Amanda reassured him. "He trusts you have a logical explanation for your presence in this time."

"Very well," Spock considered. "I wish to share the plans Kirk and I have made with my father."

"When would you like to meet with him?"

"We are already meeting with Captain Robau and Commander Kirk this evening at 0800. If that time is convenient for both you and my father, you would be welcome to attend."

"Thank you, Spock." Amanda's dark eyes sparkled with excitement. "You will not regret your decision." She held out her arms for a hug, and Spock indulged her – but only for 5.0 seconds.

"Your counterpart seems to be quite taken with Cadet Kirk," Amanda commented, glancing over at her sleeping baby next to Jim, who waved at them. "He is not usually very trusting of strangers." A curious thought popped up in Amanda's mind. It was the only explanation that she could think of that fit her child's behavior.

"Are you and Mr. Kirk- ?"

"Negative," Spock answered dully.

"Are you certain?" Mrs. Sarek closely regarded her son. "It is said that if a child is introduced to their future bondmate at an early age, they are immediately drawn to them. I've never seen my son act so comfortable with someone besides family before."

"This discussion is irrelevant." Spock's dark eyes flashed at hers, his anger and longing barely veiled. "I must concentrate on the mission at hand."

"I understand," said Amanda, knowing the subject was closed. "But you should know that one cannot live by logic alone." She moved to cross the room, greeting her son with a kiss.

"Easiest babysitting job I ever had," Kirk laughed as he transferred the still-sleeping baby Spock to his mother. Adult Spock appeared next to his mother, and bid her adieu before returning to his quarters, while Kirk stayed to chat awhile longer.

"What was up with the abrupt exit?" Jim wanted to know when he came in.

"She was prying into my personal affairs," Spock informed him.

Jim chuckled.

"Yeah, mothers do that. Are you sure you're okay?"


Jim left it at that. Their big meeting with their allies was tonight, and they still had much to prepare.


Later that night

U.S.S. Kelvin

Officers' Briefing Room

Jim and Spock arrived five minutes early to the meeting at the Vulcan's insistence. Spock had to remind Jim twice that it was becoming closer to the time that they needed to leave, and it turned out that a little nudging was just what the cadet needed. Spock is really good for me, Jim thought as they sat down next to each other at the round table. He keeps me in line when I need to be. After spreading out their materials, Jim looked up to see that they were not alone.

Already awaiting them at the table were Sarek and Amanda, sans baby Spock.

"Greetings, my son." Sarek held up the Vulcan salute. "Live long and prosper." He also nodded at Kirk.

"Peace and long life," Spock responded. They both took their seats.

"I must admit that I was surprised by your presence," Sarek began. "However, logic dictates that I do not require an explanation at the moment. I only wish to assist you in your mission to return history to its rightful order."

"Thank you, sir," said Jim, knowing that Spock wouldn't thank his father. "We really appreciate it." Before Sarek could respond, Winona and George Kirk, as well as Captain Robau entered the room and took their seats next to Jim and Spock, respectively.

"Captain, how do you want to get started?" George asked.

"Why don't we start with reviewing the new plans that Jim and Spock have made?" Everyone agreed, and soon Jim was detailing his first attack scenario.

"…And that's all I got." Jim smiled at his audience. "Any questions?" Sarek raised his hand, and spoke without being called on.

"Do you happen to have a more detailed blueprint of the enemy ship?"

"Your son wanted the same thing," Kirk said wryly. "Sorry, but there were no 'official' blueprints. Starfleet got close, though. They were able to make a guestimate thanks to the survivors' information. I was allowed to look at them once for a research paper. Unfortunately, I can't remember everything about the ship."

"There may be a way." Sarek glanced at his bondmate, whose eyes glowed with amusement. Jim wondered what Amanda had up her sleeve.

"Absolutely not." Spock put his foot down.

"Spock, you don't even know what he's going to say!" Jim exclaimed. "You could at least listen."

"But I do know what he will say," said Spock, glaring at his father. "He wishes to meld with you in order to find the memory that has the details of the ship."

"You are mistaken, Spock." Sarek gently chided his son. "It would not be logical for me to meld with the cadet, as I barely know him. You, on the other hand, have been his constant companion these past few months."

Spock blinked, completely unprepared for this option.

"You wish for me to meld with Jim?" This wasn't what the Vulcan had been expecting at all, although he found that he was not adverse to the idea.

"It is only logical." Sarek said, his expression serene.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Jim whooped in triumph. "Finally you get to do the meldy thing on me."

"A Vulcan mind meld, even a surface one, is not to be taken lightly," Spock said, his expression stern. "If you do not open your mind to me completely, both participating parties may be harmed. As a non-telepath, I am uncertain if you mind will be able to withstand the intensity of the meld."

"It's a risk we're just gonna have to take." Jim's face was as serious as Spock had ever seen it. "We need that blueprint, Spock. I'm willing to show the memory to you. What's the problem?"

"I… do not wish to injure you."

"Oh, I get it." Jim winked at his Vulcan friend. "It's my first time, so you should treat my fragile human mind with care. Don't worry, you can go as slowly as you feel you need to."

"Must you make everything into innuendo?" Spock hissed.

"It's my mission in life." Jim grinned at him. "Along with my mission to save history and to make you my friend. I think I'm succeeding pretty well with the second one, don't you think?"

"Yes," the Vulcan admitted.

"And since you are my friend, I trust you." Jim's sincere expression met Spock's icy one. "Don't think about it, Spock. Just do it."

"If you are certain."

"I am."

"Very well." Spock placed his fingers on Jim's meld points, and, before he had reinforced his shields, was yanked into the golden light that was Kirk's mind.

End Ch. 10

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