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Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 12:47:50 -0800
From: Greywolf the Wanderer
Subject: Getting to Know You -- Young Spock

Can't resist. This is all your fault, Jin Katkin!! ;-) >

NAME: Spock cha' Sarek, of the House of Surak.

SEX:  Does this mean gender?  Then, male.  I have not done sex; I do not think it would be enjoyable.  It sounds most uncomfortable.  I prefer to go hiking in the desert.

HOME:  ShiKahr Prefecture on Vulcan.

HEIGHT:  I am 121.92 centimetres tall.  Mother says that I will be as tall as my Father one day.  I hope she is right.

EYES:  I see them as dark brown, but Mother says they look black to her.  But she is a human so perhaps her eyes are different.

HAIR:  Black.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE HV SHOW?  I am not permitted to watch HV, except for educational programs.

WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD?  I do not have a computer with a mouse. Father says it is an inefficient interface.

FAVORITE MAGAZINE:  Tales of StarFleet.  Wait -- you are not going to let my Father see this, are you?  Oh.  Good.  He would be most displeased.

FAVOURITE SMELL:  Ee-Chiya's fur when he has been sitting in the sunlight.

WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD:  The times when I cannot out-run the older boys on my way home from school.

BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD:  Walking out in the desert with Ee-Chiya.  He does not scold me or tell me that I am illogical or a half-breed Earther pig.

THINGS TO DO ON THE WEEKENDS:  Homework.  Weapons practice.  Practice my ka'athyra.  And sometimes Father lets me play chess with him, if he has been pleased with my schoolwork that week.  I like to play chess with him, although I have not yet won any games.

FAVOURITE SOUNDTRACK:  I enjoy the compositions of Selek the Younger, for Flute and Ka'athyra.

WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THOUGHT OF WHEN YOU WOKE UP THIS MORNING? That today is not a school day so perhaps I can go to the desert this afternoon.  I like the desert; it is peaceful out there and no-one
bothers me.

DO YOU GET MOTION SICKNESS?  Vulcans do not get motion sickness.  And I am a Vulcan, and I do not care if the older boys say I am not.

ROLLER COASTERS DEADLY OR EXCITING?  I have never ridden one.  My Mother says that they are scary, but I am not afraid of anything.  Well.  Yes, perhaps I am cautious of the older boys.  But not afraid!

PEN OR PENCIL?  Neither.  Stylus, or keyboard.

HOW MANY RINGS BEFORE YOU ANSWER THE PHONE?  I always answer on the first chime, if I am the only one home.  Father has told me it should be done in this way.

FAVOURITE FOODS:  Plomeek soup.  K'lyr'cha mushrooms.  And I liked that peanut butter that Mother got from Earth -- but it did not agree with my digestion so I am not allowed to eat it now.  But it tasted good.

DO YOU GET ALONG WITH YOUR PARENTS?  I try to be a good son and not disappoint my Father.  Mother says I am a very good son, so I suppose the answer is yes.

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME?  Not *exactly*.  But I got in trouble for punching Salev in the nose last week.  But I do not care. He *deserved* it -- he threw a rock and it hit Ee-Chiya in the face.  I would punch him again if he did that again.  But do not tell my Father I said that, please.

CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA?  I am partial to chocolate but it upsets my stomach.  Mother says it is too sweet because I do not eat sugar very often.

CROUTONS OR BACON BITS?  I do not know what these are.  Oh.  No, Vulcans do not eat animal flesh.

DO YOU LIKE TO DRIVE?  I do not know, I have never been allowed to do driving yet.  I like to walk in the desert, though.

DO YOU SLEEP WITH STUFFED ANIMALS?  I sleep with Ee-Chiya when we are out in the desert.  But he is alive, not stuffed.  So I suppose the answer would be no, I do not.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY KIND OF PET, WHAT WOULD IT BE?  I do not know. Ee-Chiya Protects me -- but I do not think he is a pet.  He is my best friend.

IF YOU COULD BE ANY TYPE OF ANIMAL WHAT WOULD YOU BE?  I do not know.  I am a Vulcan -- are Vulcans a kind of animal?

THUNDERSTORMS, COOL OR SCARY?  I have never seen one yet but Mother says they are exciting.  One day I will go to Earth and see for myself.  But do not tell my Father I said this.

IF YOU COULD MEET ANYONE DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO WOULD IT BE?  I would like to meet Surak and S'task.  I would like to ask them what *really* happened during the Sundering.

FAVOURITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK:  I am not allowed to drink alcohol and Mother says it would only make me ill so I do not understand why anyone would want to drink it.  But I have seen humans drink it a lot, at some of the
parties at the Embassy.  Humans do very strange things sometimes. Except for Mother.  She is most logical.

WHAT IS YOUR ZODIAC SIGN?  Vulcans do not have zodiac signs.  But I was born in the Year of the Le-Matya, under the old reckoning.  Is that the same thing?

EAT THE STEMS OF BROCCOLI?  Of course.  Broccoli is very nutritious. Although I prefer k'lyr'cha mushrooms.

GUYS-IF A GIRL ASKED FOR THE SHIRT OFF YOUR BACK, WOULD YOU GIVE IT TO HER?  I do not think that my shirt would fit a grown-up lady.  But if she needed it then yes.  Mother says I must always be a gentleman.  I am not sure what she means by that, but I will learn and I will be the best.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB YOU WANTED, WHAT WOULD IT BE?  I would like to be the Science Officer on a starship.  But you must not tell my Father I said that.  He says that I will grow up and teach at the Vulcan Science Academy as he did.  I do not talk about StarFleet when he is at home.

IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOUR, WHAT WOULD IT BE?  My hair is adequate, I see no reason to change it.

IF YOU COULD HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT AND WHERE WOULD IT BE?  When I pass my kahs-wan I will have a Clan Mark tattooed on my right hip.  But that will not be for a year or two, yet.

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE?  I do not know what is this love.  Unless it is what I feel for my Mother and for Ee-Chiya?

DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM WEDDING:  I do not wish to get married ever.  I want to be the Science Officer on a starship and learn everything there is to know.  And they do not have wives and husbands on starships.

WHAT IS ON YOUR WALLS IN YOUR ROOM?  The IDIC tapestry my Mother made for me.  Pictures of astronomical phenomena.  Paint.

IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL?  I do not have a glass at the moment.  Are you thirsty?  I could get you some water...

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SNAPPLE?  I do not know what is this snapple.

ARE YOU A RIGHTY, LEFTY OR AMBIDEXTROUS?  Vulcans are supposed to be ambidextrous but my right hand is stronger and more dextrous.  The older boys always call me a human because of this.

DO YOU TYPE WITH YOUR FINGERS ON THE RIGHT KEYS?  Of course, if by this you mean the correct keys.  How else might one type?

IF YOU COULD BE ONE GARDENING TOOL, WHAT WOULD YOU BE?  I do not know. I have never thought about it.  I am a Vulcan.

WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED?  The floor, and my slippers.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE NUMBER?  I find all numbers most interesting. Mathematics is very pleasant, it makes me think a lot and I enjoy that.

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR?  I have never had an aircar.

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM CAR?  A starship.  With me as the Science Officer.  I will be the best Science Officer in all of StarFleet.

FAVOURITE SPORT TO WATCH:  I prefer to play chess, instead of watching it.

SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU:  My cousin Senak is a very logical person and he is not mean like the older boys. He is a good person to go hiking with also.

OF ALL THE PEOPLE YOU SEND THIS TO, WHO IS LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND TO IT:   I will not send it to anyone; I would get in trouble if my Father saw these answers.

There ya go.



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