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[Written for ksadvent2009, Romulan!Kirk.] After the bloody mess Nero caused, and while the Enterprise was grounded, the Christmas leave happens. After finding out that Spock would spend Christmas alone, Tiberius drags Spock along with him to his mother's.

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Published: 12/22/2009 Updated: 12/22/2009

1. A Christmas to Remember. (or All I Want for Christmas is You.) by Renuki [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstar (2419 words)

Thanks to Starshadow for being my beta, they help make this story flow better. :D

Alrightie, Tiberius is Jim Kirk as a half-Romulan and half-Vulcan.

(And I amuse myself with the idea that in the flashback, Tiberius gift is like porn and/or lube. Also, the flashback would be the first time they actually gave each other a Christmas present.)

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