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“Never?” Jim asked incredulously, propping himself up on his elbows. Spock nodded, incapable of speaking when faced with such a daunting challenge – and with such a decidedly shirtless Kirk under him. He watched the man blink twice. “Never with…a guy?”


Spock cleared his throat. “Never with another individual,” he clarified, looking carefully for any judgment on Jim’s face.


“But you have, uh,” Jim trailed off, forming his fingers around an invisible cylinder and pumping up and down. Spock swallowed, shaking his head. The other man’s eyes were wide. “So…okay. That’s fine. I’m gonna assume you did your research before instigating this?”


“I—yes,” Spock answered, mouth drying. “I am confident that I will not cause you harm, although—”


He was not permitted to finish the statement, Jim leaning up and pressing his lips to Spock’s. He permitted it, allowing the stimulation to fill his body. He had not known lips could be an erogenous zone, not from his upbringing or his brief liaison with Nyota. But Jim knew – he obviously knew, running the fingers of one hand over the point of Spock’s ear, down the curved cartilage, and ending with a tug at the lobe that filled the half-Vulcan with heat. Teeth nipped gently at his bottom lip, and when Jim’s tongue slipped out to soothe the tiny ache, Spock heard himself let out a tiny, almost inaudible moan. No sooner did he realize it than Jim was pulling back, cupping his jaw.


“Show me what you learned, then,” the man murmured, reaching for one of his hands and pulling to the front of his pants. A surge of arousal flew through Spock’s body at the realization of what that shape he held in his palm was, and before he could stop himself, he was undoing the other man’s trousers to get closer to it.


The color was just as he’d expected when at last it was released from the confines of Jim’s briefs, but the shape was downright alien. He traced the veins tentatively with one hand, shivering lightly with the stimulation it provided him.


The skin was loose, elastic, soft – but the flesh beneath was unquestionably firm, engorged with blood and straining towards any contact. Jim let out a sigh when Spock gave it a soft, tentative tug.


He set up a gentle rhythm, feeling the ache between his legs grow, and he realized with some surprise that he was already fully extended. In all his attempts at intimacy with Nyota, he had not managed such, even with copious manual stimulation. His body was releasing a lubricating substance, and he felt it pool in his own briefs uncomfortable. He used his free hand to undo his trousers and pull them over his hips.


“Not bad,” Jim observed, and Spock found himself tugging the man’s phallus more firmly in response. It earned him a groan, and then the human’s hips were lifting in obvious invitation. With determinedly steady hands, Spock slid the trousers all the way off, shedding his own.


When he settled back atop Jim, he found a bottle of lubricant being placed in his hand, and an unmistakable tilt of his captain’s hips indicated precisely what he intended it be used for. Spock found his mouth dry.


“Well, Mr. Spock?” Jim asked, his own hand going to his erection and stroking languidly. “What did your research tell you to do here?”


Wordlessly, Spock uncapped the lubricant, spreading it generously on his fingers. His mind raced as he touched the man’s entrance softly and watched it twitch. Would this be a sufficient amount of lubricant for his preparation? Precisely how thoroughly did he need to stretch Jim’s body before it would easily admit him? Would he be capable of pleasing his partner, despite his inexperience?


The first finger went in easily, and Spock stifled a groan at the clench of his muscles around his sensitive knuckles. His own erection jumped with interest, and he couldn’t help but circle that finger, dipping in and out and allowing his middle finger to tease the rim as he worked. Jim relaxed against the bed.


Was that another invitation? He had to assume such, and he carefully pressed the second finger in. The muscles gripped at him briefly, and then they gave, allowing him to scissor the opening as his own pleasure spiraled higher. When Jim’s hips pressed back against his fingers, he very nearly lost it, having to stop moving briefly to avoid orgasming too quickly.


He barely got the third finger in before Jim groaned, jerking on the bed. Spock stilled again, watching for a sign that he’d gotten something wrong. But Jim just looked at him again, desperately. “In. Now.”


There could be no misconstruing of that meaning. Spock pulled his fingers out with a shiver, shifting his position as Jim’s knees lifted around him. He gripped his erection, spreading lubricant, and lining himself up with Jim’s entrance.


And before he even had the opportunity to realize he was actually about to surrender his virginity to his captain, Jim bucked his hips, and Spock slid in slightly.


His control snapped. He knew from his research that he needed to wait, to give Jim time to adjust to having him inside, but it was out of the question now. He slammed in to base, barely giving himself a moment to breathe before he found himself moving again. His body was moving independently of his mind, hips bucking into Jim’s, the sensations overtaking him. A detached part of his mind, one he could pay no mind to, noted his rhythm was increasing exponentially, rather than in a linear pattern, and it seemed there was nothing he could do to stop it. He was vaguely aware of Jim’s hitching breaths, but he was too far gone to translate their meaning.


And quite suddenly, his body seized, ecstasy wracking his frame, and with a groan, he emptied himself into his new mate with a few shuddering, arrhythmic thrusts, slumping as the aftershocks shook him.


After he’d regained his mental faculties to a degree, he breathed again – and froze.


Jim had not yet achieved orgasm.


He pulled back, mortified. His body had reacted so suddenly that he hadn’t had the time to consider Jim’s needs. Surely the man would be upset, disgusted, frustrated – chances were he might never want to sleep with him again. He forced himself to look up.


Jim’s lips closed over his.


“You really haven’t done anything before, have you?” the man asked gently against his mouth, hands on his face. Spock nodded, feeling Jim’s still reasonably hard cock press against his thigh. A tiny chuckle escaped the man. “You’ll get better at it.”


“Presumably,” Spock conceded, not meeting Jim’s eyes. How could he? “Of course, that will require experience, and I do not anticipate many further opportunities in the near future…”


A hand on his shoulder shoved him backwards, and Spock permitted the momentum to push him against the sheets of Jim’s bed. He blinked as Jim stared down at him.


“I anticipate an opportunity. Here. And now,” he informed him. Spock blinked. “Let me show you.”


Jim leaned down, mouth going towards Spock’s neck, and before he could get there, Spock let out a sigh. “Why would you want to?”


Jim’s mouth pushed against the Vulcan’s skin, but this time the unmistakable sound of muffled laughter emanated from there. Even so, Spock could sense no negative emotions – if anything, the man seemed pleased. Spock remained as still as possible as the man rode out his tiny fit.


“That was your first time, Spock, so you don’t know. But you’ll get it soon,” he murmured against his skin. He pulled back with a tiny grunt, fingers playing adeptly with Spock’s nipples. Spock felt his body attempt to regain its arousal from a few minutes ago. Jim’s eyes met his, a small smile quirking the human’s lips. When he failed to respond, Jim cleared his throat. “How long have we been ‘involved’, Spock?”


“Six point eight months,” he answered, eyes locked on the man above him. Again, his body strained to achieve an erection, the warmth on his thighs and the erotic sight of his aroused partner sending a bolt of lust through his body.


Jim shifted his hips, his own engorged organ sliding against Spock’s pelvic bone. “This is the longest I’ve ever been with someone, Spock,” the man told him, leaning back down to tongue Spock’s collarbone. Once he’d traced both sides, he lifted his head again, just enough to make eye contact. “It’s going to sound strange now, but you’ll get it. When you care about someone enough, it’s all you want to be one with them. And don’t you dare say anything about it being impossible to join two organisms through copulation. It’s about finding that perfect high with them – and coming down from it together.”


Spock lifted his hand to trace the curve of Jim’s perfectly human ear. The man tilted his head to give him better access. “My research indicates—”


“Your ‘research’ is for people who know what sex means,” Jim interrupted. He scooted upwards to press his lips against Spock’s again. “Look, it’s obvious we’re not going to get you to understand through conversation. Let me show you?”


His ability to process thought was leaving him rapidly, and he felt his phallus swelling again beneath Jim’s buttocks. “Very well,” he murmured, nearly ashamed at how easily he surrendered to his need over argument.


Jim seemed to have no compunctions over this, applying his lips enthusiastically wherever he could reach, from Spock’s temple, down his neck, onto his nipples – everywhere. It was very nearly maddening, and although he wished to reciprocate, Spock found himself lost in a sea of sensation, barely able to comprehend anything beyond the surging pleasure coursing through his body in no particularly observable pattern.


Before he could completely comprehend it, he was fully extended again. The half-formed realization barely had time to exist before it was blown out of his mind as Jim pressed his legs up, parted them, and used one lubed finger to circle his entrance. Their eyes met.


“This is okay?” Jim asked, head cocking to the side. Spock nodded, trying to remember how to breathe, and then that finger was sliding into him, massaging him from the inside.


The sensation was more than agreeable, and as Jim continued his ministrations, Spock tried to regulate his breathing. Before long, he found himself opening up around three of the man’s fingers nearly painlessly. How had this happened? How much time had passed since they’d begun this? It did not precisely matter. Jim’s fingers pressed against the deepest parts of him, and he couldn’t begin to think of anything beyond what he felt that moment.


And then, the fingers left him.


“Okay?” Jim asked, and it took Spock a moment to realize the man had positioned himself at his entrance. The gently pressure, blunter than his fingers and so, so much wider, made him shudder as he nodded. And then, Jim was sliding in.


It was…not so uncomfortable as he had expected.


Jim swore as he settled in, as far as he could. His hand reached down to wrap around Spock’s phallus, which by this point was dripping onto his abdomen. When Spock met his eyes, he let out the tiniest of chuckles.


“This isn’t gonna last too long, but it’s gonna be intense,” the man informed him, voice strained. “I wanna move now. You ready?”


Spock made a noise he hoped passed for confirmation, and Jim kissed him. Then, he started to move his hips.


It was nothing like the uncontrollable bucking Spock had been unable to prevent – his thrusts were measured, angled, each shifting to hit a different spot in him. His movements were slow, one hand wrapped around Spock’s organ and the other traveling across what skin he could reach. It was all driving Spock mad, each slide sending tiny packets of sensation darting fleetingly across his body, and—


And then, it changed. Jim’s cock pressed directly into something that sent pure electricity up his spine, causing him to arch and gasp.


The human’s teeth caught at Spock’s pectoral at this, and then there was no more gentleness. Jim’s hips canted into him, each thrust measured carefully to hit that one spot. The rhythm his hand on Spock’s penis took was not quite meeting the rhythm of his thrusts, but Spock could not begin to care. The energy in his body was building so intensely, so greatly, so quickly, that it didn’t matter. All it took was one particularly hard tug at his cock, and he was ejaculating, his senses mashing together to form one great blur in his mind, even more powerful that what he’d experienced with Jim before.


When he came down from his high, it was just in time to feel Jim twitch and convulse inside of him, his release coating Spock’s walls. The man’s mouth was latched onto Spock’s shoulder, and after a few long, drawn out shudders, the pressure of his mouth lessened and the man collapsed onto Spock, apparently not caring about the semen smeared between them.


It took a few minutes of harsh breathing before either of them spoke, and it was Jim who managed it first. He picked up his head, resting his chin on Spock’s chest and meeting his eyes. “Do you get it now?” he asked. It took Spock a moment to remember what they’d been discussing before this.


“Yes,” he answered simply, and it seemed that that was enough.


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