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“Captain Kirk, I was surprised to hear from you.”

Sarek could not remember James Kirk ever avidly seeking him out in the four years since Vulcan’s destruction. He knew from the frequent transmissions from his son that the pair had grown unusually close. Spock spoke of his captain often, always with much respect and, if Sarek was not mistaken, fondness.

Sarek was not sure what to think of their camaraderie. He understood that Spock needed to occasionally indulge his human side, and if Sarek was honest with himself, he was pleased that Amanda continued to live on through their son. However, Kirk was exceedingly human. He was emotional, often irrational, and acted on what he referred to as his “gut instinct”.

Sarek was privately of the opinion that Spock should find himself another human to connect with. Someone, perhaps, like Nyota. When Spock had introduced them aboard the Enterprise, Sarek had conveyed his approval of the woman. She was intelligent, capable, and collected. She did not let her emotions rule her.

Sarek had been surprised when Spock had told him, not six months later, that his relationship with Nyota had come to an “amicable ending”. He had explained that it had been what was best for them both, that Spock could not connect with her as he had hoped and that their melds were unsatisfactory.

Sarek was surprised, but he had understood.

He had worried when Spock had not brought up another female in any of their discussions. He spoke often of those he worked closely with –the captain, Nyota, the good doctor McCoy, the helmsman Sarek had only briefly met, and the young ensign that had tried so desperately to save his wife –but never again did he mention any particular interest in anyone. When the time for Spock’s pon farr had rapidly approached, Sarek’s worry had only festered to the point he was forced to spend much of his time in meditation to calm the emotion.

However, Spock had remained calm and seemingly unaffected by their races’ disgraceful condition. Sarek could only hope that his human blood had saved him from the shame and decided to never bring it up and concern his son for no reason. Spock seemed content with his life, and, as Amanda had often reminded him, that was all he could ever want for his son.

Now, it seemed that Captain Kirk wished to talk to Sarek over a private matter. Concerned with why the captain of the Enterprise would be contacting him instead of his son, Sarek had agreed at once.

Kirk rose from his seat to meet Sarek. He did not offer a hand, like most humans, and instead raised one hand, fingers parting to form the ta'al.

“Ambassador Sarek, thank you for meeting with me.” He smiled and Sarek recognized the expression as sheepish from his human colleagues during his work as Ambassador to Earth. “Spock is going to be furious with me, I expect. Not that he’ll show it, you know, but. His eyebrow will twitch and he’ll grind his teeth and he’ll get all curt and respectful and ‘yes, captain’, ‘of course, captain’, ‘whatever you wish, captain’, ‘if that will be all, captain’.”

Sarek said nothing, his expression perfectly blank. Was Spock losing such control of his emotions that this human could read him so easily?

“I want to do this right, but I’m not really sure how. I talked to Uhura, but she laughed at me.”

“I found Nyota Uhura to be a quite profound and intelligent human. It is no wonder that my son was so taken with her, but Spock’s decision was logical.”

“Yah, she’s awesome. She just really enjoys laughing at me. Usually, I’d just talk to Spock about all things Vulcan, but I can’t this time.”

“You are curious about the Vulcan way, Captain?” Sarek would admit to being surprised. He had spent little time with the Captain, who had ruthlessly goaded his son into an emotional display rearing Amanda’s death as a weapon, but he had never imagined the man to be interested in the ways of his people, despite the close relations Kirk had with Spock.

“No. Well, I mean, yes, but Spock answers any questions I have, but this is. I can’t ask him about this.”

“I will be of any assistance that I can, Captain.”

“I was wondering about Vulcan marriage.”

Again, James Kirk had surprised Sarek. That was perhaps the last subject Sarek had expected the captain to breech.

“Traditionally, a Vulcan child is bonded with another at the age of seven.”

“Right. Arranged marriages, I knew that. Spock was bonded with T’Pring, but she was… she didn’t make it off of Vulcan.”

Sarek was surprised that Spock had confided in his captain to such an extreme. “Correct. I had thought that Spock would seek to form a bond with Nyota.”

Kirk cleared his throat, his eyes flickering away briefly. “Spock and Uhura were not meant to be.”

“Spock hypothesized that a bond between them would be unsatisfactory for them both. His choice was logical.”

The corner of Kirk’s mouth quirked and Sarek was suddenly reminded of Amanda. She would often smile at him in such a way when she was humoring him.

“You do the bonds and the arranged marriages so that men will return home during pon farr. Right?”

Even Sarek, who had long ago mastered his emotions, could not contain his surprise. Spock had spoken with this, this human about pon farr?

“Spock spoke with you about the time of madness?” Sarek asked evenly.

“Well, I kind of insisted when he got the fever.”

“I was not aware that Spock experienced the fever. He did not return to the colony, nor did he speak of it with me.”

“No, well. We took care of it.”

“Spock has bonded?”

Kirk shifted in his seat, squirming. “He was bonded, before the fever.”

“He has not told me.”

Sarek was disappointed that his son would confide in this man before his own father. He had thought that, since Amanda’s death, his relationship with his son had improved.

“That’s kind of why I’m here. I am Spock’s bonded.”

The silence in the room was deafening as Sarek took in this new knowledge.

Sarek casted his mind over the previous years. Logic told him that the captain was not lying. His explanation clarified much that Sarek had wondered about.

“For how long?”

“Three years. Spock’s pon farr was two years ago.” Kirk –Sarek wondered if perhaps he should refer to him as Jim, but was not yet comfortable for that. Captain would have to do –seemed to be uncomfortable. “I know that you would probably want Spock to be with another Vulcan, to help rebuild your race, but… It was always going to be this way. The other Spock –”

Sarek was familiar with the man the captain was speaking of. The elder Spock from the alternate reality truly fascinated Sarek. He was vastly different from the son Sarek knew, yet they were fundamentally the same person. Sarek had spent many hours speaking with him.

“He says that Spock and I share a destiny. And… And I love your son. I know that you must have loved your wife, so I think you can understand.”

Sarek had loved Amanda. He still loved her, still felt her loss from his heart and mind and grieved from the ache. “Affirmative.”

“I want to marry Spock. We’re bonded, but I want to marry him.”

Sarek considered the man before him. “On Earth, I believe it is customary for a man to ask the father of his bride-to-be for permission for her hand. Though Spock is not female, and therefore not your bride, I assume that you are attempting to honor this custom.”

“Er.” The captain twisted his face, “Yah. Basically, I guess.”

Sarek nodded. “I have spoken with the alternate version of my son at great length. He has spoken on occasion of his t’hy’la. I assume, also, that he is referring to an alternate version of you.”

The captain cleared his throat, “Yes. Spock calls me that. T’hy’la.”

“It is a great honor. Our people have treasured and honored such bonds since the logic was first brought to us. I will honor your bond with my son and grant you permission to wed him.”

The captain grinned at Sarek. It was an open look, filled with joy, and Sarek was again reminded of his beloved Amanda.

Amanda would have approved of Jim Kirk. She was not present to witness her son’s happiness, or his bond with his mate, but Sarek would make her proud. He would be pleased that his son had found such a suiting partner.

He would be pleased that his son was content and at peace, bonded with his t’hy’la.

Chapter End Notes:

Um, I wrote this in an attempt to get myself better accustomed to writing Vulcans.  Hopefully it turned out well!

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