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Disclaimer: I own nothing

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Except the idea of Jim as a rescue swimmer, maybe.

A/N: AU, girl!Spock. Just a drabble.


Spock could dance.

Jim didn’t know why this surprised him so much, he was good at rolling with the punches, but it did. Greatly.

He probably should have expected it, though. Her surprising him.

Ever since he had fished her out of the water among the mass of panicked survivors, he had known that she would be different. Their shuttle had crash landed in the Atlantic. A harsh mistress the ocean was. Silent, calm, she had pushed others before herself in a way that had made it seem like she wasn’t. She had been blue in the lips by the time that they had been plucked out of the fridge waves. She had been the last to be rescued. And she had been in the hospital for two weeks after that with pneumonia.

He didn’t know why he had visited her, that first time. He probably never would. But he thanked whoever, or whatever, was up in the sky that he had.

After their admittedly rocky start, they had hit it off. He had found out that she was a florist. She had found out that he was a rescue swimmer. Duh. By the end of her time in the hospital, he was taking lunch with her whenever he could, damn the stares of his fellow swimmers.

It didn’t even occur to him that he had never learned her name until she had been discharged. His heart had hit the floor when he had been told and he had searched the phonebook wildly, trying to find her store. He couldn’t, and in the end, it had been her that found him.

Waiting in the locker room, she had looked so out of place in her long skirt and sweater. Soft curves and small face, after a job fishing, she had been the best thing he had ever seen. He had decided then that she was for him. 

And so it had happened. Dating, marriage, sex. Spock, Spock, Spock. Love. He loved her so much th-

“Hello, stranger.”

He heard her low voice and realized that she had stopped dancing. He couldn’t help but smile as he reached out to take her hands and twirl her, her long hair flying around her like a sheet. 

Yeah, life was good, he decided as his hand came to rest on her swollen stomach. Life was good.

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