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Their lips brushed with the electric promise of more, memories riding hot on the sensation, shoving into his brain and exploding like a fistful of dynamite. He was hard as a rock, his body already screaming at him, howling for what it remembered, what it wanted.

Kirk heard Spock take a deep breath, felt the movement of air on his cheek, heard him make a soft, slightly strangled sound.

Kirk grabbed onto the waning voice of reason with both hands and pulled back, breathing hard, his erection straining toward Spock. The scent of him was pounding at his brain. Kirk remembered...god it was so clear...he was losing his mind over this.

Kirk turned his head to the side, avoiding Spock's eyes with the threadbare desperation of someone right on the edge of control. He turned in place, facing the desk, giving Spock his back.

“Thank you, Mr. Spock,” Kirk said with a ridiculous attempt at normality. “I think that will be all.”

A breath at his back, very close, and none too steady.

“Jim,” Spock's voice came, and at the sound of it Kirk shut his eyes, swallowing a groan as he somehow managed to get even harder. God, he ached...and Spock...Spock sounded like he was desperate. He sounded like he wanted badly to be thrown out of Kirk's quarters, because he wouldn't be able to leave otherwise.

Jim stiffened his back and straightened his arms, curling his hands into fists.

“Spock, don't-” he began roughly, half-turning with a step toward him. His voice died in his throat as he felt Spock's erection brush his thigh. The sensation was unmistakable, and heaven help him, familiar. Spock made a choked sound, and shut his eyes.

Kirk was breathing in great heaving gasps, desperate for air. It didn't help-in fact, it was probably worse. Spock smelled like everything that was good in the universe. Sex distilled. It took everything Kirk had just to turn back and face the desk. He stared at it mindlessly for a second.

“We can't keep this up,” Kirk said through his teeth, knowing he sounded like Spock was already fucking him.

Spock came up close behind him, dipping his head and almost brushing his mouth over the collar of Kirk's uniform shirt. He breathed in deeply, inhaling Kirk's scent. If the way he smelled affected Spock anything like the way Spock's smell was affecting Kirk they were in a lot of trouble. Ever since that night on the planet...Kirk didn't trust himself enough for them to even share a turbolift together. Something they had been given...a drug, or...

Spock, pressed up behind him, came to rest in the cleft of his ass. It almost seemed accidental, as if there was no where else Spock's erection could possibly press. Kirk made a low, hungry sound and pushed back against him without thought, the desperation inside eating everything else in one giant slavering maw. Weeks. For weeks he'd been waking in a sweat, his cock stiff from dreams of mingled sensations, hot skin thrusting inside him.

Spock had fucked him, down on that planet. Neither of them had been able to help themselves. But then, when they'd been rescued, been brought back to the ship, they'd both discovered their new fascination with each other wasn't fading.

These days Spock sat at his science station on the bridge with blown-out pupils, refusing to look at his captain unless absolutely necessary. Visibly holding his breath when Kirk approached. Kirk started wearing extremely tight briefs under his uniform pants, taking alternate routes to the bridge so at least he wouldn't have to be caught in a small space with Spock. It wasn't helping.

Spock was his first officer. They were supposed to work closely together-it just wasn't feasible to avoid each other all the time.

And Kirk missed him.

“No,” Spock agreed roughly. He pressed himself against Kirk's body with a little moan of joy. “I have...desired this...” he grasped Kirk's hips compulsively, his voice gaining an edge, shedding sanity like old clothes. “I have been...penetrating Nyota in a similar manner since our encounter...but it...” Spock reached around Kirk's waist and began to tug at the fastening to his pants. “Please,” he gasped, “please allow this.”

Kirk opened his mouth and left it open, his erection pulsing suddenly, dampening his pants a little with pre-come.

“You had sex with her...and thought of this?” he managed, his throat sandpaper-dry. Spock was unfastening his pants.

“Yes,” Spock gasped, pushing up against him harder, his control obviously shredding. “Yes,” he hissed into Kirk's ear, his thumbs tugging Kirk's waistband down.

His erection couldn't get any larger, but Kirk still shuddered and groaned, the thought swelling in his mind, Spock fucking her, thinking of this.

Spock's penis rubbed up against the bare flesh of his ass, and Spock gave a little cry. He pushed Kirk up against the desk, his hand sliding low around Kirk's hip, moving to cover his groin with his spread fingers.

Kirk let slip a hoarse, sobbing sound, caught in a blinding moment of pleasure between Spock's hand, and his erection jutting hard into the cleft of Kirk's ass.

“Spock,” he murmured in a helpless wave of raw joy. He was begging. He was begging, damn it all...Spock covered his agonized erection with one hand. No more than that, and the thrust of his own body against Kirk, driving him against that hand.

Kirk came with a mindless exclamation, an endless pulse of ecstasy that drove every thought from his head.

Then, while Kirk was still gasping and shaking, Spock took the semen he had caught in his hand and began to spread it over the entrance to Kirk's body. At the first careful probing of Spock's fingers all the breath went out of Kirk.

Yes, his brain was howling. Yesyesyesyes...

Kirk laid his hands flat against the desk and let Spock do as he wanted. At first he...he tried not to lose it, but after a few minutes he didn't care enough, didn't care anymore about anything but what Spock was doing to him. The sounds he was making were probably deeply, deeply pathetic. He was stripped raw and dangerously close to sobbing in relief when he felt Spock shift behind him, his fingers pulling away. Weeks, weeks he'd wanted this, dreamed of this...Spock nudged up against the right spot, blunt and slick. It brought devastating sense memories with it. The sound of Spock's breathless moans, the taste of his skin. It brought the memory of Spock fucking him crashing down, and by the shudder and gasp he heard over his shoulder, he wasn't the only one.

“The drugs administered...enhancing memory...” Spock shivered and began to push inside, slowly.

The feeling brought a sharp stab of lust to Kirk's groin. He'd never quite lost his erection and now he tensed, feeling himself begin to stiffen again. The flexing of muscles made Spock freeze, choking faintly at the redoubled sensation.

“Yes,” Kirk gasped, his softened erection firming again under a blinding flood of memory. Too good, too sharp-

“I...will not...” Spock managed, as he slid deeper. He gasped at Kirk's hips, kneading the skin in a rather desperate manner. His voice grew more intense, more abandoned. “I cannot...too much...”

Spock pulled back a little and thrust once, experimentally. The movement touched some deep place of pleasure within Kirk and he pushed back against Spock roughly. Spock went very still, his hands flexing once, hard, on Kirk's hips.

He realized that Spock was fighting not to release right there. After a long moment, Spock gave a little push, causing Kirk to grit his teeth and curse at the crackle of delighted nerve endings the motion brought.

Spock paused, and then his hand came around, feeling gently at Kirk's groin, his fingers wrapping snugly around Kirk's erection. When Spock thrust again, he pumped him with that hand, making Kirk writhe.

At his back, Spock gave a weak, helpless-sounding moan at the contraction of Kirk's muscles, and his fingers fumbled a moment.

“Yes,” he gasped raggedly, the thrusting of his hips gone suddenly wild and jerky. “Jim...” it was almost a sob, a strange, impossible noise coming from Spock...His fingers tensed around Kirk's penis, squeezing, and Kirk made an incoherent sound and clamped down on the hard, fine thing that was fucking him so thoroughly. Spock cried out once, almost in disbelief and stiffened at his back, flooding him with a hot rush of semen, pushing into him as if he wished to make them one person out of two.

In doing so Spock thrummed something deep inside Kirk, surely his prostate, and he froze, gritting his teeth, right on the edge.

He made a raw, anguished sound. Somehow, gasping and spent, Spock gathered the presence of mind to take Kirk's penis back in hand, and stroke him to completion. Kirk came moments later, pulsing his desperate, heightened arousal all over Spock's fingers.

Kirk leaned against the desk, breathing hard, the scent of Spock burrowing into his brain. Spock's hands stroked lightly over his ribcage. Kirk could hear him inhaling deeply behind him.

It would be so much easier if they were just hot for each other. For a brief moment, Spock pressed himself tightly up against Kirk's back, his hands pulling around him. Kirk's mind scrambled for a moment to catch up, and he had to face the fact that Spock was hugging him. Then a breath, and Spock stepped away, sliding free of Kirk with a small, fragile sound.

Blindly, Kirk groped for his pants. He yanked at them, tugging them up, feeling suddenly and entirely exhausted.

“Spock,” he said wearily, turning to look at his friend. He meant to reason with him, to try and work something out so this wouldn't happen again, “We-” but then he saw Spock, and stopped.

Spock was slumped, sitting on one of the chairs in front of his desk. He'd made no move to right himself, and his penis lay exposed and wet, his pants open. He lifted his head, and he looked...

“Dammit,” Kirk sighed, and went to him.

“I understand,” Spock began, as he approached, shutting his eyes briefly. “The effect seems to...intensify the more we-” Kirk touched him, gripping his arm, and Spock choked off. Spock looked up at him as if he was expecting Kirk to hit him or something.

Kirk leaned in and kissed him. Spock was right there with him, and didn't hesitate for a second. It would be so much easier if it was just the sex...Spock was clutching at him, and Kirk got a handful of hair at the nape of his neck, yanking his head back a little so that he could get even more of him. Kirk wasn't hard, and neither was Spock, but he was aching fiercely, and from the look on Spock's face when he pulled away, Kirk didn't think he was the only one.

“We'll work it out,” Kirk swore, pulling Spock close, hugging him tight. “Somehow...”

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