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Author's Chapter Notes:

I wrote this piece in 2010. It was the first poem I ever wrote for them. I would like to add a new chapter to it.

Thanks for everyone who reads and comments on my work. It means so very much to me.

Alone in the dark, what do you see?
I see the darkness, as I live in its obscurity.

Alone in the light what do you see?
I see light so bright, it blinds me.

Alone, what do you hear?
I hear their laughter as they mock me.

Alone, what do you feel?
We are taught not to. It is our way you see.

Alone what do you smell?
I smell his scent, forever etched in memory.

Alone what do you fear?
I fear he knows what I wish, and will reject me.

Alone what do you taste?
Bitter tears, as they slide down my face so easily.

Alone whom do you love?
Jim, only him, for eternity.

Chapter End Notes:

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