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Story Notes:

Just there own points of view of how they feel for each other.

Author's Chapter Notes:

You Belong With Me

Spock's point of view....

As I stand here at my station,
Tall, erect and at attention,

You gaze upon me with your eyes,
I turn around, I'm hypnotized.

So I continue to stand still,
Hoping that I have the will,

Not to fall down to my knees,
Begging, begging, please, please, please.

You wear tight jeans,
I wear nothing so obscene.

Oh please remove that shirt.
Jim, Jim you are such a flirt.

You touch me on my shoulder.
Is it really you?
I shudder.

Please say what you have got to say,
Then you can have your way.

Take me now, I'm yours forever.
Yes, that's right lover, forever and ever.

Hurry up make it snappy.
So I can die quite happy.

Give me, give me that one kiss.
I am sure it will be bliss.

Why is it that you cannot see.
That we were meant to be?
That you belong with me?

Jim's point of view:

As I sit here in the captain's chair,
Wishing you could touch my hair.

I gaze upon your backside.
God, I'm gonna strike that hide.

What you don't think I'd dare?
You just watch, I'll strip you bare.

Yes, I wear tight jeans.
Please wear something more obsene.

Oh Spock please remove my shirt.
I know, I know, I'm such a flirt.

It's just that you are mine.
I am way sexier than Chris Pine.

Oh gee, what's that in your pocket?
Gotta, gotta go unlock it.

Suck once, suck twice,
Shit, this is nice.

Spock, honey, you are mine,
Damn straight, I'm sexier than Chris Pine.

Darling can't you see,
That you belong with me?


Chapter End Notes:

Forgive me, Spock seems so out of character. Well, this was written a long time ago, and  I just wrote what my muse told me to write...I think she was a little bit drunk at the time...

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