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Story Notes:

This is my second Kirk/Spock story. The title comes from the musical term for passion/with passion. This story is mostly about Spock and his cello. But don't worry, Kirk is definitely involved. There are many refrences to music and Shakespeare so bare with me. This story may change as i go along, but otherwise, enjoy!




Before Spock joined Star Fleet and met his love Jim Kirk, he had a secret passion. This passion was for his cello. Spock had always secretly loved music, but once he began to play the cello, he fell deeper and deeper in love with music, and his instrument. Spock never showed his love for his cello and music to anyone other than his mother. If he did, he would be criticized for it, and thus more vulnerable to prejudice attacks of a half breed. It was painful to play in Vulcan orchestras and show no gratitude or emotion to what they were performing. Everyone around him was unemotional. Even though Spock blended in with this crowd, inside he was desperately crying for help. He wanted to show others his talent, and all the love and determination that went into it. He dreamed of performing in front of enormous crowds, and ultimately, Jim.


When he was a child, his mother taught him how to play the cello. Since the Vulcan harp was one of the few instruments played on Vulcan, his mother thought he should try an instrument from Earth.

“Now Spock, this is a called a cello. It is a…most popular instrument on Earth. I started playing it when I was about your age.” Amanda unpacked the delicate instrument from it‘s ancient case and placed in front of Spock. Although it was very old, it still looked brand-new. The amber wood shone in the white light of the morning sun, and Spock was instantly moved by it. It was by far, the most fascinating, beautiful thing he had ever seen. His sad brown eyes stared at the instrument, and didn’t brake his gaze until his mother said something. “Spock… Spock?” He looked up, startled, and with the slightest hit of emotion, he smiled. Amanda couldn’t believe her eyes. Her Vulcan son, smiling! Spock took the cello from his mother and held it. The small smile didn’t leave his face as he held the neck and felt the texture of the strings. Amanda was in awe…“who ever saw a Vulcan smile?” The light coming in from the windows danced around the shape of the instrument, and Spock sat bewildered. “What a beautiful, and exotic instrument,” he thought to himself. Amanda didn’t dare interrupt this moment, instead, she waited for him. Spock finally looked up, seeming a little disappointed that he had smiled. But his mother was with him, she didn’t mind one bit.

Amanda sat in a chair grinning. Returning back to his normal self, Spock changed to his unemotional state. “It is a most fascinating instrument mother. I think it would be logical if learned how to play it. I assume it is wise to look into rare instruments…” Amanda kept smiling as she walked over to him. “I will teach you Spock. I’m glad that

you like it.” Understanding what Spock really felt, she knelt, touched her warm hand to Spock’s green flushed cheek, and Spock smiled a little.

Lessons began that evening. Amanda walked him through the basics, but Spock’s ability to learn quickly soon landed him playing major and minor scales. The bow glided over the strings, a little scratchy here and there, but Spock mastered his ability to play arpeggios. Amanda was most impressed. “Who would ask for anything more than a wonderful, talented, beautiful Vulcan son?” She thought. She would criticize, but most of the time observed his performance. “This is B flat, C natural, and D.” She said while showing the finger pattern to Spock. Spock studied her fingers and applied them to the correct string. “Yes Spock, that’s it. A little lower, there you go.” Spock began playing the E flat minor scale again and seemed to never get tired of it. Dusk was falling, but that didn’t stop Spock. He never wanted to part from the instrument. But finally, when it was way past the hour, he carefully put the instrument back in it’s case, and dreamt of playing it the next day.




Spock was in his quarters practicing his cello. He recently came across the famous Suite for Solo Cello by Bach. Like any other piece of music, Spock was fascinated by it. His fingers glided from first to third position and back again, each reaching perfect pitch. Bursts of color filled Spock’s mind and danced around his skull. Vague images of him and his Jim, floating in ocean water with their arms wrapped around their nude bodies also, teased his mind. Spock’s fingers trembled above the strings as the images came and went. His vibrato was quickening, until the buzzer at his door interrupted him.

“Spock, it’s Jim. If you aren’t busy, I’d like to see you even though we are almost on shore leave.” Spock clamped his fingers on the strings to keep them from ringing. Trying not to panic, he replied, “hang on a moment!” Spock grabbed his cello, set it in it’s case, and carefully slid it underneath his bed. Tonight, Spock would be performing in a quartet on Vulcan. He definitely didn’t want Jim to hear him play, yet. It was a surprise, and was highly determined to keep it that way. After panting, Spock breathed in heavily and in a very monotone voice said, “come in.” Jim stepped through the door, smiled deliciously, and walked over to Spock. Jim found Spock’s hand and placed it in his. “Was that you making that beautiful music?” Spock blinked. His eyes reveled everything, but his lips said no. “I fail to understand the presence of music in my quarters,” he said almost chocking. Jim lifted his head and said, “ah, well maybe I’m just going insane again.” Jim’s voice was satisfactory, and all Spock could say was, “maybe so.” After a moment of silent intimacy, the two sat down on the bed together. “Looking forward to shore leave on Vulcan, captain?” Spock asked while petting Jim’s back. Jim was almost lost in thought, Spock’s back rub was mesmerizing. Clearing his throat he said, “yes Spock, I do look forward to it. I am pleased to be able to sit in the famous theater and watch Vulcans perform exotic pieces. I don’t think I and the crew could spend much time outside so I‘ve been forced to shorten the shore leave by a week.” Jim craned his neck towards Spock and placed his head on his shoulder. “However, I still look forward to spending time with you, of course." Jim closed his eyes and Spock just stared at him with love. “I too, look forward to spending leisure time with you. I presume I will enjoy this shore leave.” Infact Spock was anxious for this shore leave. He would actually be able to play in front of Jim in the Vulcan Center of the Performing Arts. The center of performing arts was recently established in the last 100 years or so, compared to the other academies that have been around for thousands of years. Ambassadors found it expectable for music to be studied and analyzed since it was a part of their culture. But the center has only been used for musical purposes, no dance or theater.

Jim and Spock sat on the bed together for a while until they decided to lay down. The two lay next to each other staring at the ceiling. Spock’s thoughts were else where…in his music, in his cello. He was almost nervous for the performance tonight. But his thoughts were broken by Jim rolling over on top of him. “So my precious Vulcan, what shall we do on shore leave?” Spock was immediately intoxicated by Jim’s hazel river eyes. “Jim…all ask is to spend time with you…no matter what we do.” Spock’s voice was shaky, uneven. Jim rapped his hands behind Spock’s head and asked, “Spock, what is it? Is something wrong?” Jim was worried now, he didn’t want shore leave to start out rocky, and miserable for his love. Jim stroked Spock’s bangs until Spock replied, “no, nothing is wrong. However, my human half is causing me to feel excitement.” He had no other way to put it…he wasn’t about to spoil the surprise for Jim. Still a little confused, Jim replied, “well I’m excited too, Spock. Everything’s alright, I’m here.” Jim placed his lips to Spock and Spock kissed back eagerly. Spock placed his arms around Jim, engulfing him in a giant bear hug. Spock’s cheeks flushed a deep green and Jim felt the heat building inside him. Spock could feel the hardness inside Jim’s pants and quickly decided they should wait for intercourse on the planet. In-between breathless kisses, Spock said, “Jim…we need…to postpone our intimacy until we are on Vulcan.” Jim kissed him hard one last time and replied, “yes…right as always, Spock.” He placed one last kiss to the green lips and carefully rolled off of Spock’s chest. The two parted for the evening to pack their things and beam down to the surface of Vulcan.


End of Part 1

Chapter End Notes:

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