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Aching body, aching mind - aches everywhere.

Boredom was soon going to drive him insane. Chapel was doing a good job of it, too, never leaving him alone for a minute. Didn't she have any other patients to tend to? Evidently not, he thought with resentment. Fleetingly, he wondered if the nurse had switched objects for her desire. Good heavens, he hoped not. He would go nuts if Christine Chapel was going to add to the women in his crew, who was staring dow-eyed at him at every opportunity.

Instinctively, he tensed when the nurse came closer, pulling his covers up.

"Just making you more comfortable, Captain," she said efficiently.

Kirk sighed in relief as Christine Chapel again headed out of his sight. Looking up at the roof again, he thought idly about telling Bones about that ugly spot just beside the lamp. Maybe if he told Bones, something other than hovering nurses would occupy him for a few minutes? Nothing could be more boring than just lying here, even if he was injured. One more day, that was all he was going to give it and then he'd be out of there, no matter what Bones said! Picking at his bed-cover idly, he wished he could sleep, since that was what the doctor had ordered. Quietly, the captain of the Enterprise, started counting sheep.

Rrrriight, he knew that of course - it wouldn't work.

Spock should come and visit him. That would make him less bored in an instant, Kirk was sure of it. Useful information about ship's business would make him feel a whole lot better and much less... bored out of his skull. Vulcan or not, Spock would just have to leave his station for a few minutes to cheer his captain up. Warily, Kirk realized that the day's activities had truly worn him out. X-rays had been taken, and Bones had poked and prodded at him all day, so a small reward was definitely due.

"Yeoman, would you get me a comm-unit," he said as a young woman entered sickbay.

"Zorry, zir," the Zenite yeoman responded. "Zpock haz exprezzly forbidden uz to allow you to do anyzing ztrenuouz."

"Zpock?" Kirk said, puzzled, then fell back in his bed, defeated.

You could be sure that the Vulcan wasn't about to forget to tell the entire crew that he was to rest, rest and nothing but rest. Xenobiology, Astrophysics and every other department on the ship knew exactly what would happen to them if they disobeyed Mr. Spock's orders. Why hadn't he thought of that? Vulcans were very thorough - always - especially *his* Vulcan.

"Understood, yeoman," he said determinedly. "Then perhaps you could take a message and give it to Mr. Spock in person?"

Sending his most wicked and charming grin toward the Yeoman, he waited. Reddening at his very bright smile, she stepped closer to his bed. Quietly, she nodded.

"Please write a message down for me, okay?" he continued.

"Of, courze, zir," she said.

"Note to Mr. Spock. 'My injuries have been tended to, and the doctor says I am allowed to have visitors.'" Little, white lies never hurt anybody, Kirk thought. "'Keeping me company and informing me of ship's business for a while would not seem to be too much to ask, would it? Just get over here for a moment and talk to me, Spock.'"

Impatiently, he looked at the yeoman. "Have that message delivered immediately."

Glowing red still, the yeoman left him.

Feeling somewhat exhausted, Kirk leaned back in his bed, and hoped that Spock would indeed show up, if only to scold him for trying to get to work too soon. Evidently, he missed the pointed-eared Vulcan more than he'd like to admit.

Damn, that particular stray idea made him tense. Could it be? Boredom fled abruptly as the thought truly hit home.

A Vulcan, could he actually be *in love* with Spock?


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