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Jim doesn't know exactly what this room is or exactly how he got here from the room where the banquet is being held. He feels dizzy, and everything is sort of unreal and blurred somehow. He's here because... why is he here? Oh yeah, he's looking for Bones or Spock – either of the two Spocks – because they'll be able to help him, but none of them are here. He's alone in the dark room, and there are big holes in the floor. He's not sure if he's imagining them or if they're really there, because he's pretty sure that brand new schools generally don't have huge holes in their floors. However, he doesn't want to take any chances, and he has to get past them in order to reach the door on the other side of the room.

He takes a step forward, and one more, walking carefully in the middle of two of the holes, keeping his eyes on the floor directly in front of him. He makes the mistake of looking up, and suddenly the holes are moving. He closes his eyes, but it doesn't help – the floor is moving in wave-like motions under his feet. Experiencing a sudden bout of nausea, he opens his eyes again and sucks in deep breaths, and he tries to steady himself as he continues walking. The hole to his left is getting closer and closer, and he tries to get away from it, but it's too fast. He stumbles into the hole, and as he's falling he finds himself wondering if this is the end of James Tiberius Kirk.

The air is knocked out of him as he lands, and only after a few seconds, when he's able to gasp a lungful of air into his body, he realises that he's alive. Sluggishly, he gets to his feet, and he realises that it wasn't a bottomless pit after all – he's in a bowl of some kind. He's trapped, like a spider crawling into something with a smooth surface that it can't get a grip on with its feet, so he lays down on the bottom of the bowl and watches the roof spin as he waits for someone to find him.

Slowly, his clothes start to suffocate him, making him hot, too hot, and he worms his way out of them without getting up from the floor. He sighs and closes his eyes as he feels the air around him caressing his body. Without noticing that his right hand is moving at all, he wraps it around his cock, and apparently he's hard. He starts moving his hand rhythmically, and behind his closed eyelids, he sees Spock doing it to him – those long, elegant fingers squeezing his shaft, up and down, pumping him skilfully as Spock's intense gaze pierces him, and then the hand around his cock turns wrinkly and the eyes warm, crinkling at the sides.

Then Spock is talking – both of them are – but they sound like they're far away and he's unable to focus on the words, but the sound of his – their – voices is welcome, and the grip on his cock tightens, making him moan. Their voices come closer, and his mind embraces the sound. It's his favourite sound in the whole wide world – Spock's voice and Spock's voice.

The voices come closer and closer until they're just above him, and he recognises one word being repeated several times inbetween other words, by both the voices – 'Jim'. His name has never sounded so good before, and he soaks it in, the sound of his name being caressed on the tongues of both Spocks.

There's a gentle touch on his shoulder, and he feels his cock twitch in the grip of his hand in response. He opens his eyes to see the kind, wrinkled face of the old Spock gazing down at him, and his mouth is moving, so Jim tries to concentrate. He catches almost all the words, and the ones that seem to be most important are 'food', 'drug', 'aphrodisiac' and 'Humans', and his mind can almost put them together into something that maybe makes sense, but not quite.

"Spock," he says, smiling up at the old Vulcan, feeling happy, and Spock smiles back at him, or at least it's close enough to a smile. He looks over at the other Spock, who is standing further away and definitely not smiling. His cheeks are green, and his ears, and he's not looking at Jim.

Jim doesn't want Spock to be not smiling and green, and he releases his penis and tries to get up from the floor and over to him. The old Spock's hands help him, pulling him to his feet, but he stumbles and falls right into old Spock's arms, and it's nice there, and maybe he can just stay there for a little while. Spock's arms wrap around his back, and Jim leans in closer and then there's friction against his cock, and he thrusts against it and then he hears a low chuckle, rumbling quietly into his ear and through his whole body. He wants to hear it again and thrusts once more, but the chuckle isn't repeated, so he can just as well do something else with the mouth that made that sound. He presses his own mouth against it, and at first the mouth is unmoving, but then Jim feels something inside his mind – it's as if a part of Spock is there – and Spock inhales sharply through his nose, and then his lips move against Jim's.

Their tongues have just met when a sharp sound interrupts them.


Jim holds on to Spock's robe so that he doesn't lose his balance as he turns around. Young Spock doesn't look happy at all, and he is glaring at old Spock.

"He is drugged, and you are taking advantage of him."

Spock doesn't make any sense. Jim wanted the kiss; he was the one who started it. Maybe Spock will understand if Jim does the same to him. He releases old Spock and stumbles towards young Spock, who has to catch him in his arms so that he doesn't fall.

"Don't be jealous, Spock. You're grumpier than him, but I love you too."

Spock stiffens and his face goes green again. "I am neither jealous nor grumpy, and you are obviously not yourself."

Jim rubs himself against Spock, his erection moving against fabric. "I love you. Love you, Spock, so much. Both of you."

"He is speaking the truth." It's old Spock who's talking, Jim registers. "Look inside his mind."

"Yesss," Jim hisses. "Want you in my mind."

He latches his mouth to young Spock's, but Spock pulls away, his eyes big and... scared, maybe? Spock slowly raises a hand, and then his fingers are touching Jim's temple. Jim moans when he feels Spock's mind inside him. It's the first time he has felt young Spock like this, and his mind is more intense and forceful than the other Spock's.

He kisses Spock again, and even though he can feel that Spock isn't sure about it, he doesn't resist this time. Then there is a hand on Jim's other temple too, and a warm body pressing into his back, and then old Spock is inside his head too, calm and soothing.

Old Spock reaches past Jim with his other hand and pulls young Spock closer, and then there is one erection pressing against Jim's ass and one against his hip. Jim rocks his pelvis back and forth against them and feels their arousal inside his mind, but he whimpers when the friction of the fabric against his cock starts to feel uncomfortable.

Both the Spocks pull out of his mind, and old Spock lowers him to the floor. Jim sits up so that he can see them properly, but maybe he did it too fast, because the bowl seems to be spinning. But it doesn't matter, because Spock and Spock are taking their clothes off, and Jim can't wait to touch them and be touched by them and to moan and sweat and cum.

Old Spock finishes undressing first, and he pushes Jim gently back to the floor again and sits between his legs, stroking his thighs lightly. Young Spock has finished undressing too, now, but he just stands there. Jim wants to kiss him and touch him, but he's too far away.

"Spock." Jim stretches a hand towards him, and Spock steps closer and takes the hand. Jim pulls him down and moans as old Spock touches his cock, and then young Spock's body molds against the side of his own, a hard cock sliding in its own wetness against Jim's side and a hand roaming his chest as young Spock's mouth meets his.

Something warm and wet envelops Jim's erection at the same moment that two hands move to his hips to hold them down, and he's unable to focus on so much Spock at once, so much Spock against his body touching him everywhere, so it takes him a while to realise that old Spock is sucking him off. When he realises, he mewls into the kiss, and the hard cock pressing into his side thrusts against his skin.

He's not aware that he has broken the kiss or that he was going to speak until he hears himself sobbing, "Please."

The mouth on his cock disappears. "Please what, Jim?"

He's not sure. He needs... something. His whole body is screaming for it, but he doesn't quite know what it is. It's so close, but just out of his grasp, almost like it's something that's on the tip of his tongue. He can feel his mind getting closer to whatever it is. He needs... yes, he knows now what he needs. "Please fuck me. Please, please please please. Both of you. I need you both inside me, at the same time."

He feels the body beside him stiffen. "Jim, I do not believe that is a good idea. You may become injured."

Jim doesn't understand; it's the best idea he's ever had. How can it be anything but utter bliss to have his two Spocks inside him at the same time?

"If there is anything I have learned about Jim Kirk," old Spock says from where he's sitting between Jim's legs, "it is that he should never be underestimated."

And then Jim's legs are being spread, and something slick works its way between his ass cheeks – the slickness is similar to that of young Spock's erection pressing wetly against Jim's side, but he doesn't register it, doesn't question the slickness, he just relaxes his muscles and accepts the probing finger as it pushes inside him. Another finger quickly joins the first one, and Jim rocks against the digits, wanting more. A third finger pushes against the entrance – the first one to meet some resistance – but Jim relaxes again and it enters him.

"You have done this before," young Spock states, looking at him intently. Has he? Yeah, he supposes he has. Through the haziness of his mind, he can vaguely recall memories of men – mostly just one, but sometimes two – entering him and bringing him to what he used to think was ecstasy. He knows better now that he has one Spock finger-fucking him and one Spock curled around his side, caressing him. He gasps and arches his back as one of his nipples is covered by a hot mouth at the same time as one more finger is inserted into him.

Jim doesn't know how long they continue like that, one Spock preparing him and the other exploring his chest and nipples with his mouth and tongue, occasionally pausing to kiss him. He has lost all sense of time, and it seems as if it's going on forever. He's starting to get desperate to feel them inside him when Spock finally pulls his hand out of him and says, "Lay down on your back."

Jim's already on his back, so he doesn't understand until he sees young Spock lay down on his back beside him. Suddenly, old Spock's hand is lifting Jim up and placing him on top of the Spock on the floor, guiding him down on Spock's cock. Jim and Spock moan in unison, and Jim loves Spock's face like this, showing his pleasure and his lust clearly.

Gentle hands touch his back, stroking it in soothing movements, and a kiss is pressed is against his neck, and then another blunt pressure against his opening, and it pushes inside him slowly. Jim keens and bites his lips at the feeling of Spock – both of them – inside him, and he's being stretched to his limit. He can tell that the drug – he realises now that something he ate apparently works as a drug on Humans – is wearing off, because he's beginning to think more clearly and the second cock pushing inside him is a little bit painful, but it's okay, because Spock is below him and above him and inside him and around him. Then, as one, their minds enter him as well, and he is completely suffused with Spock and love and lust and pleasure and joy, and Jim hopes that if there's an afterlife, it will feel like this.

Both the Vulcans start moving inside him, both slowly at first, but he can feel the difference in the two men's desire. Old Spock is patient and experienced and is quite content with a slow pace, more focussed on the pleasure of being together like this than the chase towards orgasm. Young Spock is holding himself back for the moment, wanting to bury himself balls-deep inside Jim over and over again, hard and fast, until he spills himself inside Jim's body.

As Jim's body accommodates the both of them more easily, young Spock gradually speeds up, and it's weird, having two cocks going in and out of him in two different tempos, but maybe not any weirder than feeling the two minds inside him, so similar yet so different in intensity.

The younger Spock thrusts faster still, sheathing himself completely inside Jim with each thrust now, and he is driving all three of them closer to the edge. They're all damp with sweat where skin meets skin, and Jim realises it must all come from him – he's the only one who's damp all over. The Spock below him wraps a fist around Jim's erection as he continues slamming hard into him, and Jim feels amusement coming from the old Spock as he senses the two young men teetering on the edge, mad with lust. Jim briefly sees a memory from when old Spock and his Jim were perhaps not equally young, but certainly equally wanton, before he gasps and comes all over Spock's hand. The Spock who owns the hand on his cock trembles and groans, and suddenly everything feels slicker inside him.

Jim feels boneless, and the older Spock continues thrusting into him, but somehow it feels more like a caress than being fucked, and then old Spock, too, trembles just like the young one did, and comes inside him. Both of them pull out of him, and yeah, he's a little sore, but it was worth it.

They roll off each other and lie next to each other on the floor, Jim in the middle and one Spock on each side, both holding him close. One word, along with its meaning, seeps into his mind from both the Vulcans – t'hy'la. He turns his head to one side to kiss the old Spock. "I love you." He turns around and kisses the younger Spock too. "And you." He can feel the contentment from them both, and settles himself more comfortably between them, looking forward to everything their new relationship will bring.

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