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Spock was one of the first from his Physics class to enter the lecture hall, as usual. He put his bag down on the floor and started looking through the notes he had made in preparation for today, occasionally looking up at the other students filtering in. Nyota entered the room and gave him a little wave and smile, and he supposed she would have sat down next to him if either of the two seats had been available, as they had become quite close friends. After she had taken her seat, Spock continued scanning the room every now and then, although he could not explain to himself why he was doing it.

He realised why when, 32 seconds before the class would commence (if Mr. Donahue would begin his lecture at the correct time, which he had only done once so far during the semester), James T. Kirk entered the classroom. Spock quickly looked away when blue eyes met his, but somehow could not stop himself from almost immediately looking back again, and when Kirk smirked at him he felt his face flush. It was illogical to feel attracted to someone one hardly knew, but logic apparently had no say in the matter, as Spock had previously realised when he had found himself fantasising about the fellow student. On several occasions.

Kirk squeezed past a few people and sat down on the row in front of Spock, three seats to the right, and Spock knew it would be hard to concentrate on the lecture. It hardly mattered, though, since Professor Donahue only ever repeated what was in the book anyway. Spock normally considered it a waste of time, but now that Kirk was sitting so close and was likely to distract him, Spock was grateful for it.

During the first 1/3 of the lecture, Spock spent equal amounts of time taking notes on the PADD and looking at Kirk, quite covertly he thought, until Kirk turned and gave him what seemed to be an amused, knowing look, if Spock were to guess. Spock immediately turned his attention back to the PADD, his cheeks burning. After a short while, a small envelope blinked in the upper left corner of the screen. He briefly wondered if he should open the message now or later, but seeing as Mr. Donahue wasn't teaching him anything new anyway, he decided to read it now. His heart suddenly started beating faster when he saw the name Jim the Awesome in his inbox. It could only be one person. Heart hammering in his side, he opened it. And stared at the words on his screen.

-What colour underwear are you wearing?

Spock found himself illogically hoping that this was one of Humans' strange ways of showing interest in someone. He looked over at Kirk, who quickly returned the look before turning forward again, a smirk on his lips. Spock replied, trying to make it sound neutral.

-I find myself curious as to why you are interested in the colour of my underwear, Mr. Kirk.

It didn't take long before the envelope was blinking on his PADD again.

-Because you're hot and I want to be able to picture you in your underwear. But if you really don't wanna answer, I can just picture you naked instead.

Spock somehow felt embarrassed, nervous and elated at the same time. He was strangely flattered that Jim was having such thoughts about him, but he was unused to people expressing themselves so freely, and he could not bring himself to reply in the same manner.

-The difference between our respective body temperatures would merely make me seem warm to you, not hot.

He chanced a look at Kirk as he pressed the 'send' button. Almost immediately, the other student pressed a button on his own PADD twice, snorted and smiled, then started writing. Spock watched Kirk until he stopped, then looked down just as the envelope started blinking. He opened the message eagerly.

-So not what I meant, and you know it. Anyway, you say your body would feel warm to me if I touched it? Wanna prove that to me later?

Spock flushed and felt a surge of arousal.

-That was not how I phrased it, but your statement is nevertheless correct.

He avoided answering Kirk's last question, leaving his message somewhat ambiguous. Even though he was unable to reply in a suggestive manner, he did not want to discourage Kirk from pursuing this line of thought.

-Why is it that you ignore all the stuff I really want you to answer? By the way, I now officially have permission to picture you naked since you still haven't told me what colour your underwear is.

Spock felt a stirring in his groin, and tried to ignore it as he wrote his reply, hoping that he would not become erect in class.

-Almost all Vulcan everyday clothes are black, including underwear.

He had a feeling Kirk would see through his statement and, illogically, thought that perhaps he wanted Kirk to see through it.

-But that wasn't what I was asking, now, was it?

Spock felt his lips quirk and decided to finally reward Kirk for his persistence.

-My underwear is blue.

Out of the corner of his eye, Spock could see Kirk bite his lip and grin.

-Awesome. I can imagine blue would look good on you. What kind of underwear are they? You seem like a tighty-whitey kinda guy, but you already said they were blue, so I guess not.

-Boxer briefs.

-Do they hug your ass?

-If I understand your meaning correctly, then yes – they fit quite snugly over my posterior.

-Shit. That is so hot. I'm imagining it right now, and let me tell you – that is one of the hottest things I've ever imagined. Possibly even the hottest. Wanna know what I'm wearing underneath my pants?

Spock's face felt impossibly warm, and his pants equally tight.

-I believe you will inform me regardless of my answer to that question.

The answer, of course, if he were truthful, would have been 'yes', but Kirk didn't need to know that.

-Damn right. And I'm going commando.

Spock felt his penis twitch in his pants at the image that procured, and shifted awkwardly in his seat.

-I see.

-Are you picturing it?

Spock was most certainly picturing it. In detail.

-It is quite difficult to avoid doing so when you ask me that question.

Kirk turned and winked at Spock, then turned forward again and started pressing buttons on his PADD once more. There were a couple of minutes with no reply, and Spock was starting to think Kirk had gone back to taking notes when suddenly a small frame with four words inside appeared on his PADD.

-Image received. Open image?

Spock looked discreetly (more discreetly, he hoped, than he had been looking at Kirk earlier) at the two people sitting next to him, and seeing that they weren't paying attention to him, he opened the image. And immediately slammed a hand over it. Assuring himself once more that no one was paying attention to him, he quickly closed the image and replied.

-Why have you photographed your naked backside in a bathroom mirror?

-Thought it might come in handy some day, and it just did. What do you think?

Spock frowned.

-What do I think about what?

-My ass. Nice or what?

-It would be illogical to have a preference regarding the appearance of posterior pelvic regions.

-You didn't deny that you do, though. Do you find my 'posterior pelvic region' hot or not?

Spock hesitated, wondering whether he should prolong Kirk's wait for the answer to this question as well, but found that he felt an enjoyable thrill run through his body at the thought of letting Kirk know he found him attractive.

-It is not displeasing to the eye.

For a moment, Spock felt scandalised by his own behaviour, but then the thrill returned as he waited for Kirk's reply.

-Thanks! You have a nice ass too. And I can tell, even though I haven't seen it bare.

-You have been watching my posterior?

-God, I love it when you write posterior. And yeah, of course I have. By the way, are you turned on?

Spock felt his face flush as he became painfully aware of the tenting of his pants. He crossed his legs, hoping he would be able to get his body under control before anyone would notice.

-I believe this conversation has gone too far. It is inappropriate to discuss this in the classroom.

-You only avoid questions you don't want to answer, so I'll take that as a yes. I have a hard-on too. It's leaking a little bit of pre-cum through my pants.

Spock was fairly certain his face was going greener by the minute.

-Why are you telling me this?

-To make you even more hot and bothered. Wanna meet me after class, go down to the men's room? We can jerk each other off. Or something.

Spock squirmed. The mental images Kirk were supplying him with did nothing to help the matter between his legs.

-I would prefer not to have my first non-solitary sexual experience in a high school restroom.

-Shit. You're a virgin? I'm sexting with a virgin.

Spock held his breath as he typed out the next message. He could barely believe he was being so forward.

-Indeed. I am, however, not averse to the idea of sexual intercourse – there simply have been no propositions before.

-Wait, is this your way of saying you'd like to have sex with me, just not in a bathroom?

Spock hesitated before settling on an answer.

-You may interpret it how you will.

-Um, okay. Wanna meet up tonight? Around 8-ish?

Spock's heart sped up, and he felt it thumping frantically against his lower ribs. Kirk wanted to meet him for what, judging by their conversation, would be a sexual rendezvous. Today.

-That sounds agreeable, although I would appreciate it if you could be more specific about the time.

-Alright, 2000 sharp, then. My place or yours? Mom's off-planet, so I'm home alone.

-Both my parents are home. I will come to your house.

The next thing that appeared on Spock's PADD was:

-Map location received. Open map?

Spock opened it, realising that it must be Kirk's address. He saved it to the PADD's memory and exited the map. Immediately after, he received another message.

-See you at 8. ;)

Spock wondered whether or not he should reply, but it seemed like the conversation had more or less been ended anyway and a reply would simply be superfluous, so he decided against it.

In the five minutes before the class ended, Spock managed to will his erection down, and he hoped he had also managed to make his face return to its normal colour.

When the class was over, Spock found himself walking behind Kirk (who still had an erection – Spock had noticed it when he had briefly seen him from a different angle) as the students filtered out of the room. Kirk seemed as if he was unaware of Spock's presence not far behind him, but then he headed for the bathroom and turned around and winked at Spock as he reached the door. Spock watched Kirk disappear into the bathroom and tried not to think about what he would be doing in there, but he doubted he would be successful.

Luckily, he was provided with a distraction as Nyota hooked her arm into his.

"Hey. What's up with you and that guy – Jim, is that it?"

Spock felt his blush return at full force as they kept walking. "I do not know what you are speaking of."

Nyota turned and gave him a raised eyebrow worthy of himself, along with a smirk.

"Yeah, right. You two were texting each other for almost the entire class and now he winks at you? Come on, Spock, I'm not stupid."

Spock turned to her with a frown.

"How did you know we were texting?"

Nyota rolled her eyes and grinned. "It was kinda obvious from the way you two kept looking at each other. And another thing that was obvious? You two totally have a thing for each other. So, spill it!" Nyota nudged him playfully with her elbow.

Spock sighed in resignation and handed her his PADD which he hadn't put into his bag, having illogically felt the urge to re-read the messages. "You may read our conversation."

Nyota squeed and unhooked her arm from his, reading eagerly, and turned to Spock with occasional gasps and giggles. Spock found an unexpected pleasure in sharing this with Nyota and seeing her amusement and enthusiasm.

Having read through it all, Nyota directed a blinding smile at Spock and then suddenly threw her arms around him, pulling him into a hug. "You have to tell me all about it later," she whispered into his ear, then drew away and winked at him as she handed back his PADD and left for her next class.

Spock managed to stay focussed for the most part during the rest of the school day, not letting his mind wander overly much to his and Kirk's texting or the rendezvous they had planned. When he came home, however, he felt a frisson of desire already as he entered the house, and walked quickly up the stairs, heading for his room.

"Spock!" Amanda shouted from downstairs.

Spock retraced a few steps and looked down at where his mother was standing. "Yes, Mother?"

"I was about to make myself a sandwich. Do you want one?"

"I am not hungry at this time," Spock replied, and hoped Amanda wouldn't start talking about how he was still growing and needed proper nutrition, as she usually did when he did not eat as often as she thought he should.

This time, however, she accepted it, and Spock went into his room and locked the door. Then he pulled his PADD out of his bag and sat down on his bed, opening the conversation from earlier even though he remembered the texts word by word. Seeing them right there on the screen made it seem more real.

He felt his penis starting to grow hard again, and this time he did not try to suppress his body's reaction to the mental images, being in the privacy of his own, locked room. He sat back on the bed and spread his legs, the PADD lying between his thighs, and started trailing the fingers of one hand over the bulge while he used the other to navigate between the texts. The thick material of his pants made the touch feel light and teasing, almost barely there, and Spock felt his cock twitch at the soft touch.

He opened the image of Kirk's naked backside again, and took the time to study it in more detail this time. Kirk (he supposed he should really start to think of him as Jim now, all things considered) looked fairly muscular for someone their age, but not overly so, and he had what looked like dimples on each side of his spine, just above his buttocks, which looked pleasantly round and full. Spock took a shuddering breath and squeezed his cock through his pants, letting his eyes fall closed as he imagined his own hands cupping the two presumably squishy half-globes.

He opened his pants, pushed them down along with his underwear and started stroking his cock firmly, imagining that it was Kirk – Jim – doing it. His breath started coming in pants, and he sped up. He imagined Jim going down on him, closing his mouth over his cock and sucking eagerly, and before Spock had the time to react, he had reached the point where he could not hold back his orgasm, and so he came, embarrassingly quickly. Spock felt horrified at the thought of how quickly he would probably ejaculate when actually having sexual relations with Jim, considering how quickly he had come just from imagining it.

Before it was time to leave, Spock masturbated twice more in the hope that it would make him able to last longer, and then took a sonic shower. He now stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom, straightening the collar of his blue, short-sleeved shirt with slightly trembling hands. The shirt had been a gift from a cousin on his mother's side, and he had never worn it before, usually opting for Vulcan clothing even though he lived on Earth. He had to admit that the shirt looked good on him, though, and he suspected Jim would prefer it over Vulcan clothing.

Spock nervously stepped out of his room, illogically hoping that neither of his parents would see him, even though he knew it was pointless; he had to let them know of his whereabouts. He went downstairs and found them in the living room, drinking tea.

Amanda broke into a smile at the sight of him while one of Sarek's eyebrows lifted slightly.

"Well, look at you!" Amanda exclaimed. "You look really handsome, Spock. Are you going anywhere?"

Spock wished his mother weren't so adept at reading him as he felt a treacherous flush rise to his face. "I am going to study with a friend."

"Oh? Is it Nyota?" Amanda smirked, and the twinkle in her eyes made her look positively mischievous.

"It is not. His name is Jim." Spock found it difficult to meet either of his parents' eyes, but refused to look down, knowing that it would give him away.

"A boy," Sarek said unexpectedly as his eyebrow rose higher, and Spock suspected both his parents had indeed seen through him (although more, perhaps, about the fact that he was attracted to Jim than the fact that he was going on a so-called 'booty call'). Sarek would not have said something so self-evident under normal circumstances, which meant that he had probably said it to convey his surprise that Spock was meeting a boy rather than a girl. Spock felt his face flush even warmer and found himself wishing he had simply worn Vulcan clothes; his parents would never have suspected him of trying to look nice for someone if he had simply worn his usual clothes.

"Yes. A boy," Spock forced himself to say. "Was there anything else?"

"Have you eaten anything?" Amanda asked. "I was just about to start making dinner."

"I will be eating at his place." It was a lie, but Spock felt too nervous to eat. The fact that he was going to lose his virginity in not very long (and possibly in quite an embarrassing manner if he were to experience premature ejaculation) made the thought of food completely nauseating.

"All right, honey, you have fun now." Amanda smirked at him.

"We will expect you to be home before 0030," Sarek said. It was Friday, and Spock's usual curfew on weekends was 2330. Perhaps Sarek was really a romantic at heart. Spock doubted he would be allowed to stay that long if Sarek knew that his meeting with Jim had little to do with romance (on Jim's part, at least), and everything to do with teenage hormones and lust.

"Understood." With that, Spock grabbed his keys and PADD and went out into his hovercraft.

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