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Author's Chapter Notes:

My first attempt at humor...Gods help you all.


Jim thought it would be a cold day in hell before anyone got under his First Officer’s thick skin. Spock was a tough bitch, as Jim knew from his academy days, and so it was quiet a surprise to see her as he did. But then, she had been acting off for the past two days so…

Normally calm, cool, and collected, Spock looked ready to spit fire as she twirled on Bones. Her hands clutched a large stack of padds to her chest, her thin fingers straining over the metal frames. Her hair was as neat as ever in it’s sever bun, her uniform of pants and blue shirt unchanged. Jim wondered what had happened.

“Would you just be quiet you red-blooded homosapien?!” she snarled as she glared at the Chief Medical Officer standing obstinately in front of her.

“What did you just call me?!” Bones snarled back at her.

“You heard me!” Spock ground out as she worked on setting him on fire with her dark eyes.

Jim, who stood on the sidelines with the rest of the bridge crew, looked on in awe as the two took their fighting to a whole new level. He hadn’t known that Spock knew what some of those words even meant!

His attention however, soon turned to worry as Spock’s mouth began to fold to a look of pain and he realized that Spock could be hurt.

From the look over Bones was giving her, he knew it too.

“Med Bay, now.” Bones commanded gravely, turning to walk away.

“Fuck you!” Spock twirled and faster than Jim could say bingo, she was gone.

He quickly rushed over to the infuriated Bones and laid a confining hand on his shoulder. The man looked like he was about to go and drag Spock by the hair if he had to.

And while that may have been a funny sight, Jim didn’t want his friend to die in a mysterious lab accident.

Which he knew Spock was so, totally capable of pulling off.

He saw out of the side of his eye as Uhura took off after her Vulcan friend, and knew that she, if no one else, would find Spock and figure out what the hell was going on.

“What was that about, Bones?” He questioned as he turned his friend around to head back to Med Bay.

“She missed her damn appointment, that’s what that was!” His friend’s face twisted into a familiar, even comforting, scowl.

“Well, I’m sure she’ll show up…sooner or later.” Jim tried and failed to comfort McCoy.

But that wasn’t anything new.


It was two days later that Spock showed up for her medical appointment.

She looked like she always did. Neat and pressed, she sat on the bed properly with her hands folded calmly. She listened to the doctor rant and scream about injuries and death with a smooth, untouchable face.

When he finally asked what the hell the hallway incident had been his answer was simple.


And so, Spock’s period became the feared five days of hell on the Enterprise.


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