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The sky is devoid of stars.
T'Kuht is beyond the horizon,
leaving Vulcan in darkness.

The LeMatya's howl chills my being.
He searches for a mate.
Fruitlessly out of season.
No response anywhere
in the L'langon mountains.

I share the loneliness in his song.
It tears through me,
as I gaze at this world of contrasts.

For once I see the truth.
I am surely a child of Vulcan.
Torn between extremes.
The logic of my heritage,
and the  emotions of my human heart.

The night is darker than space,
cold as ice, and unforgiving.
The day is brighter than flame, and hot.

I wish to join the LeMatya in song.
Howling my agony.
Perhaps my katra could finally rest if I do?

I stare up at the velvet-black sky,
and wonder if I will ever see him again.
Logic tells me I will not.

I see no solace, no comfort - anywhere.
I watched Jim's eyes as they smiled at me
With love, but devoid of passion. 

Gol beckons,
I will go there,
To put this love to rest,
A love that never should have been.


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