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Andrea left the holding area where she had brought nourishment for the captain.  She was shaken and confused and for an android that was perplexing.  She felt relief when Ruk had stopped the advances of the captain.  Still she was still puzzled by it all. Her mathematical brain that she was created with could not seem to process the sensations that were beginning to overload her system. She needed time to reflect on what had happened.  Getting a signal from Korby that someone was in the vicinity made her concentrate more on the task she was designed to follow. Surprised that Ruk was terminated she took a weapon to greet the intruder. She was programmed to protect Korby and she would do it without question.

 Still there was something that bothered her immensely from the touch of the captain's lips in the holding area.  It was different than the first time their lips had touched.  It stirred something in her she could not fathom.  Andrea walking aimlessly needed to control her thoughts. She tried to focus on the command she was given.  She continued to walk until she stopped dead in her tracks. 

 Before her stood the captain.  At first she was about to question how he had escaped. Instead she began to walk cautiously in his direction with her weapon at her side.  She remembered the sensation of his warm lips upon her own and needed to know what would cause such a response to her mechanical body.  Andrea addressed the captain in a curious and sensual manner.

 "I will kiss you." Andrea said continuing her steady gaze as she approached him.

 "No." said the android cold and heartless.

 "You will not." said Andrea confused.

 "It is illogical." said the android stating a fact.

 Andrea reacted negatively and felt warmth rise in her mechanical body.  She was struck with a sense of rejection and found the sensation not at all pleasant.  She felt anger and rage and without a second thought she brought the weapon into view and began to aim. That was as far as she got for a powerful arm grabbed her wrist and held. He had noticed the weapon being raised in his peripheral vision and with a quick movement he stopped her.  The synthetic skin felt as if it was being imbedded in her circuits.  The weapon landed on the floor moments later.

 "What is the meaning of this act Andrea?" said the android curious.

 "I do not know.  I assumed you were the real Kirk and tried to escape."

 "I am not.  Dr. Korby sent me on an errand. I have just came back from the Enterprise.  Dr. Korby needed information on where he could find a suitable place for his continued experiments in perfecting his androids." said the mechanical voice.

 "Have you found such a place?" said Andrea curious.

 "There is a strong possibility that Midos V shoud render our task most easily." said the Android.

 "That is most intriguing." said Andrea using the same monotone voice as the android in front of her.

 The android circled around Andrea remaining curious as to why she wanted him to kiss her.  It was an illogical act which served no purpose.  The real captain did this act quite often but this android found it most puzzling.

 "Andrea please explain why you wanted me to kiss you.  That is a most illogical act you have shown most uncommon for our kind."

 "I do not understand why I needed you to perform this act.  I had just left the holding area where the real captain kissed me on my lips and I felt something stir inside me and I am at a loss to describe it."

 "Have you not done a systems check on your circuits.  You seem not to be in control and are acting emotionally like a human.  It will be your demise.  You must cease this activilty at once."

 The android girl looked at the android Kirk and couldn't speak.  She turned around in the direction of the  room where Chapel and Korby were. She began to sense something else.  She needed to protect.  She needed Korby. I believe I am malfunctioning.  There is no other explanation for my actions."

 "I am unfamiliar with your level of construction.  When were you created?" said Kirk staring at the android in front of him.

 "All I know is that Ruk was here tending the machines.  He has told me this.  Dr. Brown was created by Korby because he was invaluable he was from his research team.  I have no recollection for my own construction.  But I seem to have a need.  A need to be with him."

 "Enough, you must be an older model.  My systems are not like yours. They do not react so emotionally.  I can become Kirk very easily when I switch to that persona but am not affected in the least.  Dr. Korby has possibly created a better version since you were created."

 "Perhaps," said Andrea turning slowly in his direction. "Tell me though what did you feel when you were on board the Kirk's ship?" said the android smugly.

 The android Kirk surprised by her question hesitated for an instant.  An instant was too much.  He was affected but in a different way.

 "I did sense an easiness being there.  It was most fascinating.  I felt I belonged." said the android admitting a tiny show of emotion.

 'So you felt something did you not?  Did you feel envy that the real captain would soon return there and you would not."

 "Dr. Korby should consider his termination.  I would take his place with great ease. No one would know."

 "You may have your wish sooner than you think.  I was programmed by Korby to protect him at all costs.  You had a different programming.  Seek information and now you have accomplished that.  So what is you new objective?"

 "I have none at this time." said the android intrigued.

 "Do you not want to protect like I.  I need Roger I was programed too. Maybe you have someone you must protect also. Scan your files and see if you have such a need."

 "What you say is interesting.  I will comply." said the android searching for that individual that Kirk had need for.

 "You must hurry Korby has been acting illogically, he has destroyed Ruk and Brown is now gone too. I am uncertain about your fate.  I will protect Korby as you must seek the one you must protect."

 "My scans have completed their task.  The ship he serves on is very important to him, his crew.  But I sense an individual that he has a need to protect.  I believe I have met him when I was on board.  He is called Spock.  I must protect him. That is my new objective, I have a purpose now, I must take command of the ship at all costs."

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