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Hold our cell phones up in the air and just be glad that we made it here alive, on a spinning ball in the middle of space… ~Train, If It's Love

Yeah, Jim Kirk totally agrees with that line there.

He's not too crazy about the rest of the song, because it's ridiculously romantic and he is so not a romantic it's not even funny, but he's pretty sure whoever wrote the song got at least that line right. And that's not even really because of the fact that he lives in Iowa, which of all the states is probably the one with the most tiny towns and little places to make you feel like you (and the world you're living in) are the size of a pin. No, it's just mostly the fact that no matter how important you are, or at least should be, nobody gives a shit about you because you're just one person in the whole huge universe.

Or it could just be that, essentially, it's true. That's all Earth is, really, a spinning ball in the middle of space. Yeah, let's go with that.

And he is glad he made it here alive. Really. Sort of. Because even if he didn't really want to go to Starfleet Academy because he didn't want to give people another reason to see his dad instead of him when they look at him, he can at least recognize that he's lucky to still be alive, after God only knows how many bar fights and 30-day lockup stints. If anything, it's a bit of a relief to get away from the whole 'living on the edge' thing, getting into a safe, contained environment—and it's even better because he still doesn't have to commit to anyone. The thing is, he's never really been able to get anyone to agree with him on this particular point, because nobody thinks at all the way he does.

Damn, life sucks sometimes.

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