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"They don't fit the same way in your hands anymore," she pouted, leaning heavily against his warm chest. It was hard against her back; slimmed muscles and dense bones, cushioned only slightly by a black dusting of hair. His large hands stilled their soft caress, slipping underneath to cup her full breasts and adding to her statement as it emphasized their new size.

"It is only logical," he said, voice softer now in the privacy of their quarters. "It is a natural development of your biological changes, my sweet."

She smiled at his endearment, unable to suppress her reaction and unwilling to anyway. It was no doubt his intent. Rolling her eyes, she nudged him none-too-gently in the ribs with her elbow (he was Vulcan, he could take it, the big sissy). "Duh! I'm just saying…I liked them better before."

Humming in a not-reply (he was distracted, and well on his way to distract her too, if his hands kept that up). "Seriously Spock," she began, but gave up with a giggle as his one hand traced down her side to count her ribs and tease her nerves. She was not ticklish, dammit!

"I love you," he said, breathing into her ear now as he pressed himself closer to her back. One hand cupping her breast still, the other now resting gently on her full hip. "You are beautiful."

By now, she shouldn't have a reason to blush. How many times had he not whispered those words? Still her cheeks heated, and she titled her head in silent invitation. His nose found the juncture of her neck and shoulder immediately, nosing gently and breathing her scent lazily.

"You have always been beautiful," he continues, and she almost laughs, but not quite, because her back is sore and her feet ache and he is so warm, and gentle, and the love pouring from his skin, their bond, his words…it washes it all away. Had he been anyone else but Spock, she would've denied this, but she couldn't, because it didn't matter if she needed it, if she allowed herself to soften and mellow into a woman. Because it was Spock, and she loved him more than life itself.

"As a young cadet," he placed a kiss on her shoulder, "as a young Captain," and moved his hands away from their resting places to caress her stomach, "as my wife," and she sighed, "as the mother of my child."

"Always beautiful, Jamie."

How could she doubt him?
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