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"Oh my god, are you okay man?" Large, crystal-blue eyes filled his vision and for a moment it was all he saw, before he blinked and the world came into focus once again. The eyes belonged to a young, male, human face with sharp lines and soft lips; it delayed his reaction further to be so up close to something so desirable. It was the last thought that snapped him back to reality.

He was on his back, the hard ground of the sidewalk cold beneath him. 2.3 minutes ago he had been hit by a strong force coming from around the street corner and knocked to the ground, where he'd been lying shocked for 0.54 minutes before firm hands grabbed his shoulders and stroked his face, feelings of guilt and worry and shock seeping though skin and his compromised mental shields.

"I'm so sorry! Are you hurt? Do you need an ambulance? Can you speak? How many fingers am I holding up?"

He appeared to be a young teenager, perhaps 15 or 16 years of age. Approximately 3 years younger than himself.

"You have not given me an opportunity to answer either of your inquiries before you have put forth a new. But no, besides from an understandable ache from the impact my back had on the ground, I am sound. Obviously, I am still in possession of my speech abilities, and you can remove your two fingers from my face now that I have, indeed, seen that there are two of them."

The human youth blinked. "Holy shit, man. I'm just glad you're okay. Here, let me help you up!"

He was about to protest, but the boy was already enthusiastically hauling him up on his feet. Apparently, the human was strong for his species.

"Geez, you must weight a fucking ton man!"

But still just a human.

"As a Vulcan, I have a denser bone structure than a typical human, thus generating a higher weight than you would assume." The boy grinned at his response, grabbing his shoulder to give it a shake. He hadn't taken much notice of the proximity of the human before that moment, and he was disturbed to note this was because the usual distaste present when he had his privacy invaded wasn't present. It was, most likely, because of the warm pulse of human feelings of relief, amusement, interest, curiosity and something new but equally warm, if a bit different. He wondered what it was.

"Yeah, yeah; you're not fat, I get it man," he grinned, holding up a hand when he was about to comment on that statement. "Save it. You're really okay then? Because shit, I'm really sorry about this. Anyway I can make it up for you?"

"I am sound," he repeated, titling his head. "And what occurred were clearly an accident and not a conscious attack on your part, with any intentions of causing harm. I see no reason for an apology, when you have already stayed to make sure of my health. However, may I inquire what you were doing?"

It earned him what his mother called a 'sheepish' grin. "Just skating," the teen replied, nodding towards his feet which were encased in a pair of wheeled shoes. Fascinating. "I was late for a meeting at the skate park, still am now, but it's kinda a lost cause now. So it's cool. Do you skate? Like, rollerblades or skateboard or something?"

He must have done something funny in the moments it took him to consider such an absurdity; because the young man was laughing by the time he was ready to form a reply. "I have never, nor do I think I ever will."

"Oh come on, can't diss it before you try it man!"

"Diss?" He was confused.

The boy made a face. "Yeah, like, degrade, look down on, that sorta thing."

"Interesting. You make a valid point."

"I always do!" His eyebrow twitched at the arrogance clear in the words and the human's smile. "By the way, what's your name?"

Human social customs, he noted. "My name is Spock. Might I inquire of yours?"

"You may inquire anything about me, Mr. Spock," came the reply, his voice suddenly changed to something subtly warmer, darker. He paused to wink before continuing. "And the name's Jim. It was nice meeting you, not every day I run into someone as hot as myself! You should come by the park sometime; I'd like to see you again."

He was about to comment on the biological differences in body temperature before questioning the logic of expressing a desire to meet a stranger again for no apparent reason, but before he got a chance, Jim had hit his shoulder without any real force, grinned, and gone off with an alarmingly high speed.

"See ya Spock!"

He was left puzzled standing still on the sidewalk and ignoring the occasional glances his way as he regarded the back of the boy disappearing down the street.

It took him a week before he happened to be in the area, and dropped by the skate park because he'd never been there and it was always interesting to see new places. Of course, he'd been to two more in that week and this was the first place he returned to the next day.

His mother insisted to buy overly decorative blue rollerblades, when the black pair would've been more desirable. But he didn't really mind, because Jim liked them, and at places, the shade of blue matched his eyes.

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