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The first time Spock kissed his captain he was almost certain the other man did not notice. This was because Vulcans kiss differently than Humans.

                Jim ventured over to the science console as they scanned a new planet to look over Spock’s shoulder as he worked. Jim did this often.

                Jim’s hand lay on the back of Spock’s chair as he leaned over his shoulder. When Spock turned around, he ‘accidentally’ brushed his fingers over Jim’s, sending jolts of electricity through his hands. Jim simply smiled at him as they relayed information, as he usually did.

Spock smiled inwardly; his inappropriate display of intimacy appeared to have gone unnoticed.




                The second kiss was deliberate. They were in the mess hall eating their breakfast together as they often did. The doctor was absent that morning, as he often was when sickbay was overly crowded after away missions.

                “I don’t know how you can stand to eat that gunk,” Jim said, his mouth full of fried potato, eyes narrowed at Spock’s oatmeal.

                “It is tasteful to a Vulcan,” Spock noticed Jim drop a piece of potato next to his hand and decided it was not too risky to take the opportunity that had been presented. “You are not careful when you eat, Jim,” Spock reached towards the potato on the table, deliberately brushing his fingers along Jim’s.

                Jim looked down as Spock’s hand plucked the potato off the table and placed it on his tray, neatly in the corner. He then looked up at Spock, who kept his face innocently trained on the potato piece.

                “Thanks Spock,” Jim grinned. “What would I do without you.”

                Spock tried very hard not to answer with a smile of his own.




                The third kiss was Jim’s doing, although Spock was still convinced that the human remained oblivious to the true implications of his actions; not that Spock minded. Jim would most definitely not allow this contact if he knew.

                They were part of the away team on Heimalis VI, a planet similar to the northern hemisphere of earth in its winter season. An unexpected encounter with an unknown predator had resulted in the deaths of the two security officers accompanying them and Jim and Spock had been forced into the cover of the snowy forest in their escape, putting them out of range to be beamed back aboard the enterprise.

                Spock’s Vulcan physiology made him far more susceptible to the cold that Jim. He failed to suppress a shiver as the cold wind blew through the trees as they walked back towards the edge of the forest.

                “You must be freezing, Spock,” Jim stopped walking and Spock stopped in his customary place at Jim’s shoulder. Jim turned around, noting the way Spock clenched his fists in an effort to conserve their temperature. “We should have double checked the temperatures and brought you some gloves. Here, let me help you warm up,” he reached out and grabbed Spock’s right hand and rubbed his fingers thoroughly.

                Spock stifled a gasp at the intense pleasure he felt as Jim’s fingers ran across his. He was suddenly very grateful for the roomy thermal suit he had donned before beaming down; it proved most effective at hiding the embarrassing response to his captain’s touch.

                Jim looked up into his face and smiled before reaching for the other hand. “We should get out of these trees soon enough,” he promised , rubbing feeling back into the other set of fingers.

                Spock, feeling the intense pressure in his groin and head at this sensual attack on his fingers, hoped his captain was right.




                The fourth kiss was shortly after the third and successfully elicited a surprised gasp from Spock. He did not quite remember when he had lost consciousness, but he knew he must have; he woke up in sickbay to find Jim seated next to him, holding Spock’s hand in both of his and rubbing soothing patterns on the backs of his fingers.

                Jim looked down at the sound of Spock’s gasp. “You’re finally awake,” he smiled, fingers still running tortuously  along the Vulcan’s own sensitive ones. “I was so worried.”

                “I am sorry I caused you distress Jim,” Spock allowed his mouth to curve momentarily in an attempt to reassure his friend.

                “Don’t be sorry,” Jim looked down and their intertwined fingers. “I always worry about you. Especially when you just pass out on me from cold.”

                “I shall be more prepared next time,” Spock assured his captain. Thinking back, Spock realized that he had felt far from cold on the planet’s surface. In fact, he had felt overly warm. Looking at their linked hands and then up to his captain’s face, Spock came to the conclusion that it had been sensory overload that had caused his loss of consciousness. Not that Spock was going to let Jim know that, he was quite content to allow this touching to continue with Jim unaware of the effect it had on Spock. Spock was certain that Jim would stop touching him so casually if he knew what it meant.

                “You’d better be,” Jim squeezed the hand in his before letting go and looking up at the approaching figure of Doctor Leonard McCoy. “I know, I know, Bones, I’m going.” Jim gave Spock a smile before he left him, feeling dazed and slightly confused.




                Spock was released from sickbay the next evening and taken off the duty roster for the next two days. Spock did not see the logic in McCoy’s insistence that he remain off duty for the next two days, yet he gratefully accepted the timing; Jim was off=duty for the next two days. Perhaps the captain would be interested in a few games of chess.

                Without thinking about it, Spock stopped in front of his captain’s quarters and buzzed to signal his presence.

                “Come in,” Jim invited and Spock happily complied.

                “Spock!” Jim jumped up from behind his desk and all but ran to greet him at the door. “Bones let you out so soon?”

                “Vulcans have vastly superior healing abilities in comparison to humans,” Spock reminded quietly.

                “How could I forget?” Jim grinned. “Are you up for finishing that chess game we never quite got around to finishing before this whole fiasco?” Jim pointed to the half-finished game of tri-D chess still set up on his table in the corner.

                “That was my intention, captain.”

                “Jim,” Jim reminded. “We’re off-duty. Friends don’t call by titles.”

                “Indeed,” Spock agreed and sat down opposite Jim.

                “So I guess I got a real lesson in Vulcan physiology,” Jim said conversationally as they resumed the game they had neglected to finish three days ago.

                Spock stiffened involuntarily, wondering frantically if Jim had noticed the arousal that had sprung up at his ministrations to his hands. “I am afraid I do not understand.”

                “I had no idea Vulcans were that sensitive to the cold,” Jim clarified, causing Spock’s muscles to relax immediately with hidden relief.

                “We are desert-dwellers,” Spock reminded with his Vulcan version of a smile. “Jim, if you do not watch the board, you will surely displace the pieces with your hand,” as soon as the warning was out of his mouth, Jim somehow managed to knock five of the pieces off the second tier of the board.

                “Oops,” Jim grinned embarrassedly reaching forward to capture a fallen knight from the table. Spock, seeing another chance, did the same, holding back a smile when their fingers brushed together lightly.

                Spock made to pull back his hand quickly, but Jim’s turned over and held it in place.

                “So,” Jim said quietly, moving his index and middle fingers over Spock’s with expert form. “When were you planning on kissing me the human way?”

                Spock gaped in a very non-Vulcan fashion at his captain.

                “You can’t feign ignorance, Mister Spock,” Jim grinned, his fingers picking up the pace torturously, eliciting a small intake of breath from the Vulcan. “You’ve kissed me five times this week, twice in front of the whole crew.”

                “Captain, I-” Spock broke off when Jim erupted into a fit of laughter.

                “Oh, no Spock, you have to call me Jim, especially when I’m Vulcan kissing you,” Jim smiled mischievously, his hand stopped moving and he stood up to walk towards Spock. “And especially when I’m about to kiss you the human way too.”

                Spock was not prepared for the onslaught of sensory bliss that accompanied the touch of Jim’s lips on his own. He swayed on his chair as everything in his mind began to swirl at warp speed through his head, much as it had on Heimalis VI. He brought his arms around Jim, clinging desperately to consciousness.

                Seeming to sense his discomfort, Jim pulled back slightly to look at him. “Spock, are you okay?”

                Spock forced himself to breathe evenly, rooting around in his mind for the source of the discomfort. He noted many feelings that were not his were mingling with his own. “It is merely shock from the sudden onslaught of human emotion,” Spock said, examining said emotions more closely. “You love me,” he added, recognizing the familiar feeling from his own mind.

                “I do,” soft fingers wound through his hair before the cool lips descended on his again.

                This time, Spock was not violently assaulted by emotions and sensations, being prepared and already having been in contact with Jim. Instead of swaying in his seat, Spock reached up and Pulled Jim down onto his lap, moaning hungrily into the luscious mouth of his captain.

                It appeared that this lack of control spurred Jim on, as Spock found himself being coaxed out of his uniform.

                “Two choices Spock,” Jim breathed. “Here, or the bed.”

                Spock shivered involuntarily in the cold air of the room. “Bed,” he whispered in response, standing up and tugging the gold tunic over Jim’s head and eyeing the golden flesh like a starving man would eye a buffet dinner.

                “Then let’s go,” Jim took his hand and led him to the now ridiculously small-looking bunk, shedding his pants on the way.

                Upon reaching the bunk, Spock was pulled forward until he lay on top of Jim, thoroughly enjoying the new attack on his mouth and hands. He felt Jim’s hand travel down his body to wrap around their burning twin erections.

                “Jim,” Spock gasped as Jim’s hand began to move.

                “You’re being unusually passive for a male Vulcan,” Jim managed between laboured breaths. “From what I hear, Vulcans are really possessive lovers.”

                “Jim… I…” Spock had no idea what to say to that statement. He wanted nothing more than to ravish this golden body and take complete possession of it.

                “I’m all yours, Spock,” Jim’s legs wrapped around Spock’s hips and pulled him closer in between them. “Do with me what you want.”

                At this, Spock placed a hard kiss on Jim’s jaw. And another kiss on his collarbone. And another on his chest. He continued his trail of kisses, which grew progressively louder and wetter as he descended toward Jim’s groin. He was rewarded with a sharp gasp and irresistible moan when he closed his lips over the sensitive tip of Jim’s pink cock.

                Jim’s hips moved in rhythm with Spock’s mouth, and it wasn’t long before his captain’s seed was spilling into his mouth. He swallowed every pulse, revelling in the salty taste he could see himself enjoying every day. Spock allowed the now-flaccid cock to slip from his mouth and he rolled back on his legs to kneel between Jim’s legs.

                Jim sat up and twisted a little to reach into the drawer on his bedside table. He turned back towards Spock with a small tube in his hand. He held it up. “Your turn?” he asked with a smile, placing the tube in Spock’s hand.

                Spock looked down at the lubricant and then back at Jim, whose cock was returning to its erect state. “Jim?”

                “Come on, Spock,” Jim nudged his ass against Spock’s jade erection in invitation.

                Spock did not need to be told twice. He opened the tube of lube and generously coated his erection and spread some onto his fingers. Staring into the depths of Jim’s hazel eyes, Spock slipped one of his fingers into Jim’s ass. He was met with little resistance, so he slipped a second in, scissoring them slightly in preparation for his now-growing impatient member.

                “Hurry Spock,” Jim moaned, pushing back impatiently on his fingers.

                “As you wish, t’hy’la,” Spock withdrew his fingers and positioned himself carefully at Jim’s opening. Slowly and carefully, he eased his way inside, shuddering as the smooth flesh inside Jim rubbed against the sensitive double ridge under the head of his cock. He plunged all the way in, hitting the sensitive spot inside Jim and eliciting a hungry moan. Spurred by the primal sound of encouragement, Spock withdrew and pushed back inside, eliciting another moan when his cock hit Jim’s prostate again. He thrust again and again, increasing his pace as his need and the pressure in his balls both grew. He cried out as he achieved release and shot his seed into Jim.

                Jim’s cock and balls tensed as he, too, came loudly, spasms milking every last drop from Spock’s cock and semen spurting on his belly.

                “Taluhk nash-veh k’dular,” Spock whispered as he withdrew from Jim’s body.

                “You are cherished too, Spock,” Jim grinned, pulling at Spock so that he lay beside him.

                Spock wrapped his arms around his spent lover. “I did not know you were so well-versed in Vulcan culture, Jim.”

                Jim smiled sheepishly. “I got really curious when I met you, so I started learning. Apparently most of your literature is in Vulcan, so I obviously had to learn the language. It proved to be some handy research when you started sneaking kisses,” he finished with a small, human kiss pressed to Spock’s collarbone.

                “I feel I must remind you that it was you who began the contact 6.2 days ago on the bridge,” Spock said, running exploratory fingers along Jim’s warm hip.

                “I wanted to see how you’d react,” Jim shrugged, unembarrassed. “Obviously, I liked how you reacted.”

                Spock smiled slightly. “I apologize that it was my intent to deceive you,” Spock said quietly, looking down. “I did not know you had such an extensive knowledge of Vulcan culture. I was certain you were unaware of the implications of my actions.”

                “Stealing kisses on the sly, huh?” Jim quipped, pressing warm, moist lips to the side of Spock’s jaw. “How did you not notice my intentions down on Heimalis VI? I thought I was being goddamn obvious and not even shielding my feelings.”

                “That would explain the sudden onslaught of sensation,” Spock smiled against the golden hair of his love. “It proved difficult to overcome without preparation.”

                “Wait, so it was my fault you passed out back there?” Jim looked horrified. “Shit, I’m so sorry. I guess I know what I’m not doing again.”

                “Jim, you emotions are always welcome,” Spock said quietly. “I was simply unprepared, and completely unaware of what was going on inside my mind.”

                “And what was going on in that sexy Vulcan brain of yours?” Jim grinned.

                “My brain was trying to tell me that you loved me,” Spock actually felt himself grin. “I was having difficulty accepting this, and apparently my mind thought it prudent to simply shut down. The cold did not help matters.”

                “I’ll give you fair warning next time I try to make out with you on a winter planet then,” Jim teased.

                “Perhaps we should clean you,” Spock looked down at the sticky mess on Jim’s belly. “I believe it is customary for lovers to share a shower?”

                “Is that your way of telling me you’re still horny?” Jim laughed and sat up. “I guess I can go another round for your sake.” His eyes sparkled as he regarded his Vulcan fondly. “But after that I suggest we do something that won’t result in my balls falling off from over use.”

                “What do you suggest, Captain?”

                “Well, we never did finish that game of chess,” Jim grinned. “I’m sure we can play from the same side of the table, I’m in no hurry to take my hands off you.”

                “Agreed, Captain.”

Chapter End Notes:

Yep. Once again, my keyboard is the victim of my late-night, or rather, early-morning creative efforts spurred on by awesome challenges.

Note: Heimalis is a Latin adjective associated with Winter. I thought it was fitting.

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