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Nyota Uhura glared at the old Vulcan who sat across fromm her at the white draped reception table. “You expect me to believe that you’re Spock?” she snorted. “From the future?” she added, almost choking on her drink. She did not want to believe him, but the resemblance to her former ‘boyfriend’ (she used the term loosely, not much had happened before the meddling old man had turned Spock’s attention to Kirk) was uncanny.

“I expect nothing from you,” Ambassador Spock said quietly. “But I would like the opportunity to explain my actions to you, as they have caused you an undue amount of pain as well.”

“Oh, you mean by making my boyfriend dump me for our captain?” she asked, agitated. “I’m over it, uh… Spock. I knew he didn’t feel anything for me.”

“I am sorry,” the Ambassador smiled quickly. “An old man’s emotional need for completion drove me to my actions. If you would allow me to explain…”

“Oh, go right ahead. I don’t have anything better to do,” Uhura told him bitterly.

“You recall the… fiasco with Nero, the Romulan and his destruction of Vulcan?” he asked, trying very hard not to think about the day his whole world had imploded and his mother had been lost.

“Of course, I was there,” Uhura tried very hard not to roll her eyes.

                “It appears that Nero’s intrusion on your timeline has caused countless changes to the original unfolding of events,” Ambassador Spock explained patiently. “Refer to it as an old man’s need for posterity if you wish, yet I feel I should attempt to restore this universe to what it should have been.”

                “And that meant setting yourself up with Jim Kirk?” Uhura felt her eyes widen. “So you and the other Kirk had a romantic relationship too then?”

                “Indeed,” the Ambassador inclined his head politely, pleased that the woman’s intellect enabled her to follow so quickly. “Originally, it did not happen as it has in this timeline, yet it would have happened eventually all the same. It is a common belief that if something disturbs the natural balance of the universe, it shall make every attempt to correct itself.”

                “What if this timeline didn’t need correcting?” Uhura asked bitterly. She had to ask. What if Spock and her had been meant to be together in this timeline?

                “This is not the first time I have witnessed my captain from a dimension that is not my own,” the Ambassador told her quietly. “It appears that in all parallel dimensions, regardless of past events or situations, if a James Kirk and Spock exist, they will inevitably find each other.”

                Uhura really did roll her eyes this time. “I thought Vulcan’s didn’t get all sentimental.”

                “There is no greater an emotion than the one felt by a Vulcan for their t’hy’la,” Ambassador Spock informed her gently. “I assume you, like your counterpart, are at least familiar with the translation of the term, if not, the connotation as well.”

                “So, you’re telling me that in every dimension, Spock and Kirk are… soul mates?” Uhura felt her jaw drop. She barely saw what Spock could possibly see in James Kirk that would make him love him, but apparently some higher force was involved.

                “Essentially,” the Ambassador nodded. “I merely aided the inevitable,” he paused, regarding the woman in front of him closely, if not fondly. “I have also attempted to rectify one other change in this timeline.”

                “And what would that be?” Uhura looked around at the ending wedding festivities, and was not surprised to find Chekov, very drunk and being supported by Sulu arguing with a slightly less drunk Scott.

                “Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott,” Ambassador Spock followed her line of vision to the slumped Scotsman.

                “What about him?”

                Ambassador Spock stood. “I do not wish to intervene much more than I already have, but I shall tell you this: in my timeline, yours and Mr. Scott’s counterparts found great happiness together. I hope you shall be able to do the same.”

                Uhura gaped as the old man swept away to congratulate his newly-wedded counterpart and the counterpart of his soul mate.

                It hardly hurt anymore to see the way Spock looked at Kirk; he always looked as though he were a man seeing the sun for the first time in his life. She barely noticed the almost-nonexistent twinge of jealously whenever Spock would touch hands with Kirk in a Vulcan display of intimacy. She didn’t even scowl anymore whenever Kirk would stretch up onto his toes to plant a small kiss on Spock’s face.

                Nyota Uhura was a strong woman. She prided herself on that fact. She didn’t need any one person to ensure her happiness. As she watched Montgomery Scott, known to most as Scotty, throw his head back and laugh at whatever Chekov had just said, most likely a claim on some invention for Russia, she realized that maybe she did want someone who could.

                Slowly, she started to make her way towards them. If the older version of Spock was right about the universes following the same patterns and always correcting themselves, maybe she’d have a chance at finding what Spock had found with Kirk.

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