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Story Notes:

                “I was not aware you wanted children, Jim,” Spock his captain and bondmates, James T. Kirk as they entered his quarters after their shift ended.

                “Where’s this coming from Spock?” Jim asked, regarding him with a confused look on his face.

                “You seemed oddly… saddened by the fact that you had to send Nomad to its destruction,” Spock said uncertainly. “And your statement ‘my son, the doctor’ implied…”

                Jim started to laugh. “Oh Spock, you really do take too many things literally. I was kidding. Besides, I’m kinda bonded to another man.” He winked towards Spock’s groin.

                “Jim, science has reached a point where that is no longer a factor and you know that,” Spock continued as though his bondmate had not interrupted. If he wanted children, he would not deny his love anything.

                “Spock, space is no place for babies, besides, I’d never make you carry my baby,” Jim grinned easily. “Just because Nomad thought I was its mother, doesn’t mean I’m ready to make you one.”

                “Jim, my physiology makes it impossible for me to carry a child,” Spock reminded him gently. “Besides, we both know, and I am quite certain a large majority of the crew knows that you are always in a position that would indeed make you the mother in this relationship.”

                Eyes twinkling, Spock proceeded to put his bondmate into that very position.

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