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Allison West was the happiest she could ever remember being. She’d finally graduated from Starfleet academy with excellent grades and was being posted right away. The best part was that she was being posted on the Enterprise under the most handsome Captain in all of Starfleet: Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Not that she was ever going to admit it aloud, but Allison hoped she’d be ending up under the captain in a less professional way too. And, if the rumours were true, she didn’t think it would be too hard… She giggled to herself at the pun.

She had been on board for a little over two days and she’d already been given her opportunity to impress the captain. Sure she was just a lowly yeoman, but Kirk seemed more than happy to see her coming towards him, coffee in hand. He’d even stopped her and asked her name. She flirted very obviously with him, and was rewarded his famous heart-stopping grin.


This morning, Allison made her way to the bridge with the captain’s coffee determined to make a lasting impression.

“Good morning, Captain,” she said brightly, offering his coffee to him.

“Good morning, Yeoman West,” he turned to her from the science console he had been staring blankly at. He obviously needed his coffee. “How are you this morning?”

“I’m great sir,” she replied with a sexy purr. “And I’m here to help brighten your day.”

“Well, you’ve certainly done that,” he raised his cup of coffee in demonstration and winked. “Thank you again, Yeoman.”

She smiled, trying so hard to contain the blush threatening to contain all of her features that she barely registered the extremely Vulcan glare she was getting from the first officer, Spock.

“Well, sir, having a captain like you works to brighten up the days of the rest of the crew, it’s the least I could do.”

“Yes, the captain is quite adept at making one’s life considerably more pleasurable,” the low timbre of Commander Spock’s voice moved closer as he approached.

Kirk turned away from Allison, who bristled a little at the fact that he found the stuck up Vulcan more interesting than her.

“Why, Mr. Spock, are you jealous?” she heard the captain say quietly. Her attention shot to the Vulcan to see his reaction.

His face remained mostly impassive, but she noticed that one eyebrow was raised.

“Of course not, captain. For one to be jealous, the other party must be in possession of the thing one most desires,” he replied serenely. “I can assure you, I am certain she is not. I can be quite certain that no one else is.”

Allison tried very hard to contain her gasp when the captain winked, dismissed her and brushed his fingers along Spock’s.  She’d learned enough in the mandatory xenobiology courses to know what that action meant. Who would have thought the great, promiscuous James Tiberius Kirk was singing the song of monogamy, and with a Vulcan no less.

How was she supposed to know she was encroaching on the territory of a particularly territorial Vulcan?

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