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Jim Kirk knew that his First Officer and lover of six months was capable of feeling jealousy. Spock may claim to be an immovable or unfeeling Vulcan at times, but Jim knew better.

Jim had seen the way Spock’s eyes had narrowed and darkened slightly when the new yeoman, an Orion girl who’s looked barely legal, had sidled up to his chair and began blasting the pheromones in his direction.

Jim knew what Spock was thinking; Jim would succumb and probably follow the Orion off the bridge and do what the pheromones would lead him to do. Jim also knew that Spock was wrong.

It didn’t happen often that Spock was wrong, but it was one of those rare times. The only being on the bridge Jim had felt like undressing had been Spock. The pheromones had not been helping quell that desire, to say the least.

Jim had simply smiled politely, listened to her ‘ship-related query’ (he used the term loosely, he was sure she was making half the stuff up as she went), and had dismissed her, as he normally would dismiss a yeoman. Jim hadn’t missed the surprised raise of an eyebrow on his First’s elegant face.

Jim didn’t understand the basis for Spock’s insecurity; did he really believe Jim would ever want anyone other than him? Had Jim really screwed this up by being a promiscuous idiot before becoming captain? He hoped Spock would be able to trust him.

Jim resolved to demonstrate just how much the Vulcan really meant to him. He’d run down to hydroponics and bribed Sulu into giving him a couple dozen roses; Jim knew what roses did for Vulcan libidos. He’d then spent the hour before Spock’s shift would finish arranging them around Spock’s quarters.

It was there that he sat in his favourite blue jeans (his favourites because they were Spock’s favourite to take off him) waiting for Spock to arrive.


Spock opened the door to his quarters, planning on dropping his PADD and then going to apologize to Jim for being short with him. He did not like to think that the Human could be angry with him.

When he walked into his cabin, it quickly became apparent that his favourite Human was not at all angry with him.

Spock stopped in his tracks, staring around at the roses. “Jim?”

“Hey,” Jim said mutedly, standing up and walking over to him. “I’m sorry she was blasting the pheromones; I’ll ask her not to do that anymore. I don’t think she will anyways, Orions don’t take it well when their seductions are ignored.”

“Indeed,” Spock nodded. “I had no idea you were immune to their advances.”

“I’m not immune, they affected me,” Jim shrugged. “The only person whose clothes I wanted to rip off was you.”

Spock smiled. ”I wish to apologize for the irritation I had allowed to seep into my answers today.”

“Wasn’t it you who told me apologies are illogical?” Jim grinned. “It’s okay. I get it, you were jealous. I get that. I just want you to know that you don’t have to worry about anyone, Orion or no, stealing me away from you. I’m yours.” He gave his best sexy grin. “Now are you going to let these roses go to waste, or can we stop talking are start doing more fun activities?”

Spock was more than happy to comply.

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