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Jim Kirk made his way back to the quarters he shared with his first officer and bondmate, Spock, utterly defeated by the conference call he’d had with the Admiralty of Starfleet.

“Jim, how was the conference call?” Spock asked as soon as Jim walked in.

“It was a veritable feeding frenzy,” Jim sighed and flopped onto the bed. “Why do they hate me?”

“I find it difficult to believe that anyone would hate you,” Spock said quietly, moving into the sleeping area to sit next to his bondmate.

“You weren’t in there, they were like piranhas,” Jim groaned and rubbed his aching temples.

“In order to make you feel better, I suggest we begin a ‘feeding frenzy’ of our own,” Spock’s eyes glinted mischievously.

Jim forgot all about the conference call.

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