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Jim felt terrible. He’d had a headache for most of the day, and he knew he was running a fever. He had gone to see Doctor McCoy about the fever and McCoy put him on the sicklist and confined him to quarters.

Jim had dimly wished that Spock might come by to see him. They had been becoming close in the months they’ve been out on their mission, especially since the relationship with Uhura had gone south…

Jim couldn’t deny that he’d been a little more than pleased by the end of that relationship. People would be quick to assume that it was because he wanted the smoking hot communications officer, but he knew that they’d all be wrong. No one, with the exception of McCoy, knew that Jim was really interested in the tall, imposing Vulcan.

Rumours flowed through the ship, and Jim couldn’t deny that he listened intently. The rumours told him that it had been Spock who’d ended the relationship… But it was Uhura who seemed to have moved on. Less than two weeks after the break-up, Uhura had been seen around the chief engineer, Montgomery Scott. That information didn’t help Jim feel confident in his hope that Spock was over Uhura.

Jim wanted nothing more than to be with Spock. Jim had never been more attracted to anyone in his life, but he had a feeling that his feelings transcended basic desire. Jim found himself growing more and more attached to the Vulcan every day. He couldn’t bear the thought of Spock with anyone else, the idea was enough to make him sick to his stomach.

Or maybe that was the flu. Stomach turning in loops and head spinning, Jim made his way to his bunk, hoping sleep would be enough to chase both the flu and his longing for Spock away.



Jim was miserable. His head was throbbing, his stomach was churning and he ached all over. McCoy’d told him there was no cure for the flu he had, and Jim cursed the virus that was causing his misery.

He got out of his too-warm, too-scratchy bed and stumbled over to the bathroom he shared with his first officer for a shower, hoping it would help to clear his head and at least soothe the pains in his muscles.

He remembered getting in the shower and turning on the water, but everything was black after that.



Jim’s head was throbbing and his lungs ached. His limbs felt limp and he was really cold. The most curious sensation was the feel of something pressed against his chest. As he processed this confusing information, something new made its way into his brain. Something was pressed against his open lips. Another pair of lips… Jim recognized the scent; it was Spock. Spock was kissing him? It didn’t feel like he was being kissed.

Maybe he was dreaming. That made sense. This wouldn’t be the first time Jim dreamed about Spock; this was the first time it felt so real.

If this is a dream, I never want to wake up.

He wrapped his arms around his neck and pressed their lips more firmly together. He felt Spock respond immediately.

“Well, if you’re well enough to make out with your green-blooded crush, I don’t think I’m needed here,” McCoy’s voice grumbled. “Give him this if he’s got trouble breathing.”

Jim’s eyes shot open and Spock pulled away. Jim’s head whipped around and he realized he was on the tiled floor just outside the shower.

“I am most pleased you did wake up,” Spock said quietly, looking away from Jim’s shocked eyes.

“What happened?” Jim rubbed his head and looked down. He blushed when he realized he was completely naked. Spock handed him a towel.

“I assume you decided to take a shower to soothe the ache in your muscles from your fever,” Spock explained quietly, standing up and helping Jim do the same. “I heard a noise and came in to find you unconscious in the shower. You were not breathing… It appears as though you had breathed in water from the shower.”

“Oh,” Jim felt his heart sink straight to his toes. Spock had been performing CPR on him… Of course Spock wouldn’t be kissing him. That would definitely be too good to be true. He wrapped the towel around his waist and sighed. “I’m sorry…”

“Jim?” Spock moved towards him, worry visible in his eyes. “There is nothing to be sorry for. It is not your fault you fell.”

“But just now… I…” Jim wasn’t sure how to approach this. There’s no way Spock didn’t know how he felt after that particular transgression.

“Jim,” Spock moved closer and pushed up on Jim’s face, forcing him to make eye contact. “It is alright. I received incredible insight into your emotions…  And they are most definitely not unwelcome.”

Jim felt his eyes widen and his heart shot back up into his chest and started beating at light speed. “Spock?”

“Jim… Am I correct in thinking you… desire me?” Spock asked quietly.

Jim blushed. “I think it’s a little more than just desire, Spock… I…”

Jim. T’hy’la,” Spock whispered reverently. “I did not think it was possible for you to feel the same way.” His hand moved to cup Jim’s cheek.

T’hy’la. Jim was sure he’d heard that word somewhere before… In the mind meld with the other Spock. Jim had heard the word echo several times; with the help of the warm and affectionate thoughts floating around, Jim had gotten the gist of the word.

“Spock… You love me,” his voice was filled with wonder. Rather than struggle for words, he titled his face up to press his lips back to Spock’s.

Spock kissed him lightly, but pulled away far too soon. “Jim, you are ill. You require rest.”

Jim sighed. “But I feel so much better now,” as he said that, he became aware that his head was still pounding and his back was killing him.

“You cannot lie to a telepath, Jim,” Spock said quietly. “Come.” He guided Jim out of the bath and into his cabin, sitting him on his bed. He procured a pair of sleeping pants for Jim, who took them gratefully. He then went back to the bathroom and returned with a glass of water.

“Thanks,” Jim said, downing the glass in three greedy gulps. “For everything.”

“You should sleep,” Spock said quietly.

“I couldn’t sleep before, I don’t think I’ll be able to now,” Jim shrugged. “The ache in my back was keeping me up. Not to mention my head.”

“Lie on your stomach,” Spock commanded quietly. Jim did as he was told, curious. “Where is the pain centralized?”

“All of my back really,” Jim said into his arms, knowing Spock’s sensitive Vulcan ears could pick up his voice. “But I guess my lower back.”

Jim felt the bed dip beside him and Spock’s warm hands began working absolute magic on Jim’s aching back muscles.

“Spock, where did you learn how to do this?” Jim asked, twisting his head back in an attempt to see Spock.

“I did not,” Spock said quietly, working a particularly troubled muscle just over Jim’s backside. “I am simply using my knowledge of Human biology to soothe the sore muscles as efficiently as possible.”

“And of course you’re good at everything you try,” Jim laughed quietly. “You have amazingly talented hands,” Jim yawned.

“Do you feel ready for sleep now?” Spock asked in a whisper, gently manoeuvring Jim so that he lay under the covers with his head on the pillow.

“Spock?” Jim asked sleepily, reaching towards him.

“Yes, Jim?”

“Can you stay?” Jim pulled back the covers, inviting Spock in.

“Anything for you, T’hy’la,” Spock slipped into the bed and pulled Jim into his arms.

Suddenly, Jim didn’t feel so sick, and he was finally able to drift off to sleep. To think, a fall in the shower and something as innocent as CPR was able to bring them together. Jim couldn’t wait until he woke up. He and Spock had a lot to talk about.

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