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Captain Jim Kirk of the starship Enterprise loved all holidays as a general rule; unless that holiday was Valentine ’s Day.

Jim was secretly happy that he happened to fall in love with his Vulcan first officer, who would undoubtedly think Valentine’s Day was completely illogical and not worth celebrating.


Boy, was he surprised when Spock asked him about it before bed the night of the thirteenth.

“Ashaya, you do not seem to be feeling yourself today,” Spock said quietly, reclined on the bed with his PADD. “Do you wish to discuss the reasons?”

“It’s nothing Spock,” Jim grumbled, flopping on the bed, not even peeling back the covers.

“Does this have anything to do with the upcoming terran holiday?” Spock ventured, putting the PADD down on the bedside table and turning his attention to rubbing out the tension in his T’hy’la’s back and shoulders. “Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Jim mumbled into his pillow. “Flowers sending their pollen everywhere, making my life miserable… My crew too busy mooning over each other to do their jobs… Not to mention everyone gorging on chocolate, then I have to hear Bones… It’s a stupid holiday.”

“I was under the impression that you enjoyed every holiday,” Spock said, feeling Jim’s muscles relax under his sensitive fingers.

“I hate this one,” Jim sighed.

Spock was curious about why, but didn’t press; generally Jim had a good reason for disliking something. Most of these reasons stemmed from his long list of allergies; and flowers did seem to be a staple of the holiday.

“Are you calm enough for rest?” Spock asked quietly, finishing his massage and sitting back to look at Jim.

“Yeah, I’m pretty tired,” Jim sighed and rolled over, not even facing Spock like he normally would be, he was in such a bad mood about the impending holiday of commercial doom.

Spock watched the hard line of Jim’s spine as he drifted off to sleep, wondering what exactly had him in such a terrible mood. Spock lay down, curling himself around the grumpy Human. As he himself prepared for sleep, he began formulating ideas to make this holiday more enjoyable for Jim.




Jim was nine, and the smartest kid in his class. As a general rule, intelligence was celebrated by the teachers but spat on by the other children.

Jim had spent a week preparing a special valentine for Cindy Ghu, the pretty Japanese girl who sat next to him in class. It had been perfect; Jim was so proud of it, and it would have to work to get Cindy to like him.

Of course Finnegan, the class clown would have to pick that day to be unbelievably cruel to Jim. Jim was sitting at his desk, minding his own business when Finnegan found his special valentine. He waited until break to tear it to shreds whilst looking Jim in the eye.

“Pink? Really, you’d think you’d go for a more manly colour,” he’d said with an evil smirk.


Spock awoke from the strange sensation of a dream. It took him mere moments to realize that he had picked up on Jim’s dream through their physical contact. Spock’s brain kicked into high gear; could that incident be why Jim was so bitter about Valentine’s Day?

He knew he probably shouldn’t… But Spock was curious. He sat up slowly, careful not to wake Jim, and place his fingers on the meld points. If he was going to help Jim get over the bitterness concerning this holiday, he needed to know what he was dealing with.


Jim was ten and his mother wasn’t home. This wasn’t a strange occurrence; his mother was often out with that horrible man Frank. He hated it when she went out with him; she’d always bring him back with her and Jim didn’t like him. He was only nice to Jim when Winona was around; whenever she wasn’t he was mean and nasty.

This evening was no exception; Winona came bounding in the door with Frank in tow. Her smile was blinding.

“Jimmy, Frank and I have some good news for you,” she said happily. “Frank and I are getting married.”

Jim remembered standing up and running off to his room. Who did she think she was getting married to a man like Frank? He wasn’t even nice. The worst part of it was, she’d try to make him replace Jim’s dad. And Frank wasn’t his dad.


Spock broke the meld with a frown. That event alone would account for a large amount of bitterness; Jim had told Spock stories about Frank. Although Spock had never met him, he was certain he would not like the man that had cause Jim so much trouble in his youth.

He turned his attention back to Jim, who appeared to be dreaming again. Too curious to care about whether or not Jim would like him viewing his dreams, Spock initiated another meld.


Jim was sixteen. His girlfriend of a week and a half was walking up to him and he smiled and waved. She gave him a hard smile and stopped in front of him, just out of reach.

“Jimmy, this isn’t going to work out,” she said firmly. “I like Finnegan, and he just asked me out. Bye,” without another word, she turned on her heel and walked over to Finnegan, who made sure to grin maliciously at Jim before taking her hand.

Heartbroken, Jim slumped off to class.


Spock was beginning to understand why Jim was so bitter about the holiday; it did not seem like he had any positive memories associated with it. He allowed himself a small sigh. He would have to be gentle in trying to break Jim away from his current depressive mood.




Jim was thoroughly miserable all day. The crew learned quickly to not speak to him unless absolutely necessary. The only one who didn’t follow that pattern was Spock.

Jim was less clipped with Spock, either because he loved him or simply due to the fact that he was the only crew member who hadn’t wished his captain a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. Whichever it was, the crew didn’t dare say anything, lest they face the wrath of their angry captain.


After shift was over, Jim did his best to ignore all of the happy couples exchanging gifts and kisses along the hall. He snapped at two ensigns who were kissing in a corner near the officer’s quarters and sent them scurrying away. With a big sigh, Jim punched in the code to his quarters and walked in.

The lights were the first thing Jim noticed when he entered. They were dimmed to the point where long shadows were cast throughout the room. The next thing he noticed was the single candle and rose on his small table, sitting between two plates of delicious-looking stir fry. The last thing he noticed was Spock looking at him with a cautious expression. Jim sighed and sat down.

“Spock, what’s all this?” he asked, gesturing at the rose and candle.

Rather than feign innocence, Spock decided to cut straight to the truth. “You do not seem to have any positive memories associated with this holiday,” Spock raised an eyebrow in his Vulcan shrug.

“Something tells me I’m about to have one,” Jim smiled slightly. “You did all this for me?”

“Not only for you,” Spock said with amusement. “There seems to be a lack of coitus when you are upset.”

“Ah,” Jim chuckled. “So you’re being greedy.”

“Indeed,” Spock felt his lips quirk upwards.

“I really love you,” Jim shook his head and laughed. “Can I make a little request then? Since you’re so hell-bent on making this a good Valentine’s Day.”

Spock raised an eyebrow and indicated for Jim to continue.

“Would you… bond with me?” Jim asked tentatively.

Spock was surprised. He was certain that Jim was as terrified of commitment as they came. “I would not be adverse to that… But Jim, you-”

“Spock, I love you,” Jim interrupted. “I’ve loved you for a while, and I know that’s never going to change. You’re the only person I’ve been with for this long, and I’ve never been this happy.”

Spock was taken aback by his words. He smiled slightly. “Understood,” he stood up to gather Jim in his arms before carting him off to the bed. The meal sat on the table, forgotten.


Later, when Jim lay cradled in Spock’s arms, their brand new bond singing in pleasure with all the contact, he smiled. He had never had a good Valentine’s Day, until Spock came along and gave him the best one he could ever imagine.

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