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It was Movie Night yet again, and Spock’s turn to pick. Jim was frankly a bit worried about this one: Brokeback Mountain. He’d seen it years before, and it still made him feel rotten. Tragic love was Jim Kirk’s least-favorite genre, and this movie had it in spades. But if Spock really wanted to see it, then they would.

“I warn you, love; it’s pretty sad.” Jim settled in next to Spock with his giant box of Junior Mints (this movie was waaay too sad for popcorn).

“How so?”

“Well, it’s set in a time on Earth when same-sex couples weren’t accepted,” Jim explained. “The lovers in this movie face a lot of obstacles, and there’s no happy ending.”

“But it is considered a classic?”

“Oh, yes; it’s that.”

“Is it as sad as Love Story?” Spock tilted his head to one side and regarded his lover.

Jim grinned. “Well, it’s not as sappy.” He shrugged. “You might as well watch it and judge for yourself.”

They cuddled up together and proceeded to watch as Ennis and Jack love and lose each other, both struggling to accept their relationship, neither able to do so completely.

After the credits rolled, Spock was silent for a long time. Jim just sat next to him, letting him process whatever he was thinking and feeling. Finally, Spock turned to him.

Jim, I need to ask you a question.”


“Do you…regret…that I am not a female?”

Jim just stared at him, astonished. “Spock, where did that come from?”

Spock looked down at his hands. “I know that before we met, you were attracted to female partners,” he said quietly. “I also know that even in our time, there are people who view our relationship as…less than ideal. If I were a female…” he stopped as Jim wrapped him in a fierce embrace.

“If you were a female, you wouldn’t be you,” Jim whispered. “I love you, Spock, not because you’re male, not in spite of the fact you’re male, but because you’re Spock. I’m just glad we live in a time when we can be together without danger. But if I’d met you 300 years ago, I’d still love you. If I'd met you 300 years ago, I wouldn’t give you up, even if the whole world thought we were wrong. And as for anyone who wants to gossip about it now, or anyone who thinks we’re not normal, they can go to straight to Hell.” He buried his face in Spock’s neck, feeling the warmth he always felt from their bond flowing into his soul.

“Thank you, t’hy’la,” Spock murmured. “I too am glad we can be together.”

“Yeah.” Jim kissed him gently. “I’m glad we’ve learned something in 300 years.”

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