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Story Notes:

So, not really a Pon Farr fic, but it's centered around the idea.

Jim was ready.

Spock, according to Solinar (or as Jim secretly called him Old Man Spock), would be going into Pon Farr the next day. Jim hadn’t been seeing any of the early symptoms, but apparently this was a very embarrassing time for Vulcans, so he assumed Spock was just keeping it from him until the last minute.

Solinar had contacted him to inform him of this biological need to mate and urged him to be there for Spock should he need him. The old Vulcan had appeared amused by Jim’s apparent eagerness to do so, perhaps the Jim in his timeline had been less sexually inclined in their relationship? Jim had shrugged it off at the time. It didn’t matter; all that mattered was that Spock was about to enter a period of fuck-or-die-biology and Jim, his mate, would have to be there for him.

Jim had absolutely no qualms about upwards of two days of constant sex; he was actually looking forward to it. He’d been warned that Spock might be a little rough and very possessive, but Jim wasn’t’ concerned; he loved it when Spock got rough. Besides, Solinar had assured him that it would not be like that all the time, whatever that meant; Jim wasn’t sure if that meant that it would happen sometime during, or only near the end of the Fever. But, that also didn’t matter to Jim; the only thing that mattered was making sure Spock was kept alive. And for that, Jim would do anything.

He was willing to spend two days holed up in his cabin as a glorified Vulcan sex toy (oh the horror) to keep Spock alive.  The things Jim would do for his bondmate. Jim rolled his eyes at the thought of people thinking this would be a chore for him and threw a tube of lube onto the bedside table. He’d probably need that later.

Jim liked to be prepared.                                                                                                                                                             


Spock was awakened by a familiar weight settling on his legs and a familiar Human mouth closing over him and sucking greedily.

“Jim?”Spock inquired, amused. He lifted the covers to look at his rather occupied lover.

“Oh, hey Spock,” Jim looked up with a grin. “Finally awake?”

“It is difficult to sleep under such ministrations,” Spock replied, pulling Jim up for a kiss.

“Hmm, good,” Jim sighed against Spock’s lips. He grinned when the Vulcan’s long fingers began searching along his buttocks for entrance. “Anxious are we?” Jim chuckled and lowered himself onto Spock without any preparation. Spock produced natural lubricant and he was more than able to accommodate Spock easily; and he couldn’t deny that he was anxious to feel Spock inside him.

Spock hissed in pleasure; it took all of his Vulcan controls not to begin thrusting at warp speed. Jim had that effect on him; everything he had learned in all his years on Vulcan threaten to abandon him with a simple touch from his T’hy’la.

“Oh Spock, god, move faster,” Jim moaned as Spock complied with his breathless request. “Harder, Spock. Yesss.”

Spock thrust with abandon, revelling in the complete loss of control this Human always managed to bring about in him. He wrapped a long-fingered hand around Jim’s now-throbbing cock and milked it, timing each pump with each thrust. It wasn’t long before Jim climaxed, hauling Spock over the edge with him.

“Wow,” Jim sighed, gingerly lifting himself off Spock and using the cloth he’d stashed next to the bed to clean them off a little. “That wasn’t at all different from usual,” he said, sprawling across Spock, who wrapped warm arms around him. “I’m not complaining, but that wasn’t what I was expecting.”

“Jim?” Spock raised an inquiring eyebrow.

“Your Pon Farr. Didn’t Solinar contact you about it? He called me,” Jim said, confused.

Spock felt his lips quirk. “He did indeed. Apparently he has been misinformed, as well.”

“I think he’d know when he went crazy till he got laid,” Jim said, sitting up to look at Spock seriously. “Why haven’t you started? He told me I’d be seeing signs before today.”

“I believe he is unaware that we have been together for some time now,” Spock murmured, pulling Jim back down to his chest.

“What’s it matter? He told me that his Jim helped him through his Fever,” Jim melted against Spock.

“After it had begun, they had not been together previously,” Spock kissed his Human’s head. “Pon Farr is the result of oppressing one’s sexual impulses. We have been engaging in sexual intercourse for four point seven years, I will not enter Pon Farr as long as this continues.”

“So you mean I booked up three days off for nothing?” Jim felt his spirits fall. Apparently he would not be treated to three days of non-stop sex.

“No, you did not,” Spock assured him, pulling Jim up a little to kiss him. “I am certain we will find something to occupy us for this time.”

“Good,” Jim returned the kiss. “I’m glad you don’t need some sexual-frustration-induced fever to keep me busy for three days.”

“I never will have need of it,” Spock murmured, hands exploring golden flesh.

“I’ll make sure of that,” Jim promised. He would; if Spock didn’t need a biological drive to give him three days of uninterrupted fun, who needed a stupid Fever?

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