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That smile. That tender, evil, yet beautiful smile. That irresistible weapon that was used against so many women from so many worlds. He’d seen women willing to give up their money, their homes, even their careers, just to be seduced by the man who wore it. No one could stand up to it. It was that smile that Captain Kirk wore as he stood at the doorway of Spock’s courters.

“Hey Spock,”

Spock swallowed.


Spock felt as if his heart stopped beating and his lungs stopped working. He had watched this scene from afar so many times, never thought that one day he would be the victim.

Captain Kirk wasn’t supposed to know of his homosexuality. He never wanted Captain Kirk to know, despite, or perhaps because of, the attraction Spock had for him. He’d seen the Captain’s hit and runs of so many women, and, what most people don’t know, some men. Spock never wanted to be part of the galactic stud’s list of one-night stands. He only wanted to remain his friend, and perhaps, one day, something more.

But the rumor had gotten out. Spock was certain this was due to Nurse Chapel. She had once again tried to enter into a romantic relationship. After nearly reducing her to tears with his rejection, he told her, in hopes of calming her. Then no doubt she told McCoy, and McCoy told Captain Kirk.

That’s why he was here, now. Spock knew that tonight he would be seduced by Captain James T. Kirk, and he could do nothing to stop it.

“Is it true?” he said softly.

“Is what true, Captain?” Spock knew exactly what he was asking.

“You don’t need to call me Captain when we’re off duty.” He gazed at him gently, “You know that.” said Kirk. He stepped further into the room. “Is it true that you’re attracted to men?” he asked unabashedly.

Spock did not immediately answer. He instead stared at 3D chess set that sat in front of him. So many games they shared, just as friends, even when Spock would furtively glance at his beautiful Captain when he wasn’t watching. Was that all going to go to waste now?

“It’s not something to be ashamed of Spock,” said Kirk, when he didn’t answer.

“I am not ashamed.” It was true, but his low weak voice, did nothing to assert his response. Kirk was now standing next to the chair Spock was sitting in, his hips a foot from his face. He looked up at his Captain feeling helpless, as his hormones were already beginning to respond to Kirk’s voice and his proximity.

“Then why didn’t you tell me?” Kirk’s head was tilted as he regarded Spock.

There were obvious reasons he did not. Reasons he could not tell. Spock was already too chocked up to respond. His heart pounded as Kirk walked behind him, out of his view. For five seconds he waited, for what he was not sure.

Then cool, soft steady hands rested on both of his shoulders. Spock closed his eyes, as they slowly ran up his neck and the thumbs gently caressed the areas just below his ears.

Then that soft drawing voice said, “All these years we’ve worked together, I always knew that beneath that mask of Vulcan cold logic, there was a sensual person dormant, but very much alive.” His caresses became more sensual, as his hands moved up and down his neck and teasingly beneath the neck of his shirt. Every caress sent chills down his spine. “All these years I’ve watched you hungrily, but haven’t made a move. Simply because I thought you were attracted to women.” Kirk gently tilted Spock’s head, and Spock did nothing to resist, too lost in the spell Kirk was putting him under. Then right next to his ear the soft voice said, “That situation is going to be rectified right now.”

Spock gasped as a hot, wet mouth pressed against his neck. He barely noticed Kirk’s hand slowly traveling down his chest and beginning to work its way beneath the hem of his pants.

“Captain!” said Spock practically jumping out of his chair.

He turned to see Kirk with still a suggestive look on his face. “Do you not think it unwise to engage in such an activity as this?”

Kirk shook his head without hesitation. “I’ve already thought this over. Nobody has to know.”

Kirk approached him again. Spock said backing up slightly, “Captain… Jim, I do not wish to do this.”

Kirk flashed him that smile. All resistance crumbled. All that logic and training he’d endured through so many years just slipped through his grip. Spock could feel his muscles weaken and his will give. He had already lost. “Give me five minutes Spock. In five minutes if you still want me to leave, I’ll leave and never try this again.”
Spock didn’t respond, could not respond.

Kirk continued to approach him, backing Spock up so he was sitting on the bed behind him. Kirk gently lifted Spock’s chin up with his fingers so he was looking at him. His thumb caressed his cheek.

His smile seemed to reassure Spock that nothing was going to go wrong. Nothing could ever go wrong. It was so gentle and inviting.

That was why that when Kirk leaned in for a kiss, Spock did nothing to protest. In fact he soon found himself hopelessly lost in the feel of his soft cool lips, barely believing that this was his strong, composed, hard-working Captain kissing him with such fervor and tenderness.
Before he knew it, he was on his back with Kirk on top of him, lifting the blue shirt above his head and beginning to work at the hem of his pants.

The sweat and seed had long since dried when Captain Kirk got up and began to dress to go to his own quarters. Spock watched, naked, from his bed, as the Captain’s beautiful skin disappeared beneath the clothing. He wanted to protest, but knew he couldn’t, shouldn’t.

“I need to get some sleep,” said Kirk casually, “We’ve got a long day tomorrow.”

Spock did not respond.

Finally Kirk finished putting his boots on and stood at the door. He turned around and looked affectionately at Spock.

“You’re an incredible person, Mr. Spock.”

With that, he flashed that impossible smile, and left the room.

Chapter End Notes:
Sorry for them being a bit out of character, had to change it a little to make it work.

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