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Author's Chapter Notes:

This story does not have an editor. I edit them myself, which takes time, but I catch most of the problems, but some will slip through, so I ask you to be considerate of that when reading this story.

Chapter 1: Destined to Meet and Part


Vulcan: Several Years before entering Starfleet.


"Captain Peters to Vulcan command center, requesting emergency docking! The main engines are failing!" Captain Peters called, trying to remain calm, even though in the pit of his stomach, he knew there was a chance no one was watching the line they were speaking on.


'There are children aboard!'  Captain Peters though in a state of panic, but on the outside he was just another cool captain.


But of course, Captain Peters' thoughts were completely illogical considering the planet he was hailing, was the Vulcan planet. It would be completely illogical to not listen or move through each radio line there was, because it would only logical that one of the feeds would be used by a distressed vehicle. S'trik was managing the lines when the call came in. He informed a mechanics group and a welcoming group to go to the docking area before he hailed the ship in turn.


"Captain Peters, You may dock, everything is ready to help you and your crew repair your ship." He said in a logical and monotonous manner.


Captain Peters let out a sigh of relief. They were on their way to Tarsus IV and the last thing he wanted was to be blamed for crashing while transporting children. He turned to the Head of Communications, nodding to her. She was the one who took care of the kids when ever they docked on a planet. He went off to manage the engineering crew.


Once out of the ship, the children were told to sit and watch the inhabitants of the planet help the crew. But one child was not about to let this chance escape him. James waited till the communication Officer turned away to deal with the other kids to slip away. He raced away from the docking, wanting to put as much distance between him and them as possible. Once he thought he was far enough away he began to walk in a leisurely manner. It wasn't until he was fully outside that he realized just how dangerously hot it was. He felt his head grow dizzy as spots came to block his vision.


He mentally cursed, not believing his stupidity at not bringing a water bottle with him. He grabbed his head as his legs began to shake. This was not good. He was ready to pass out when he heard voices. Some were monotonous and even speaking but another was angry, he could tell even though they were speaking Vulcan. He heard the in raged voice and the sounds of a scuffle then a person was running past him. Damn it, he grabbed the person's roughly by their arm as he began to fall. Partly because he did not want to hit the ground to hard, partly because he wanted to know what had happened but mainly because he did not want to be alone when he died.


His hand, however, did not grab the person's arm instead it grabbed the hand of the person. He felt something uncurl in his mind, snapping firmly into place before rage, pain and shame assaulted his mind. He swayed on his feet even more at this mental attack. He felt the hand being ripped out of his hand. There was a moment when James saw the floor coming up to meet his face but before the floor could hurt him, hot hands grabbed his shoulders and pushed him against the wall. There was a voice, confused in tone, before there was nothing.


James slowly woke up, finding the ceiling above him was dark red. He turned his head, wondering if he was in hell givent he colors of the ceiling and the heat. He jumped a bit when he found a boy that looked right around his age, staring at him with dark brown eyes. He couldn't help but smile. Something about the boy was amusing to him. Maybe it was the fact the boy looked so serious even though he had a busted lip. Or Maybe it was the fact his hand kept twitching. Either way, he couldn't help but smile. This must be satan's child, if he was dead.


"Hey....What's up?" He asked lazily, sitting up on his elbows. He felt dizziness wash over him, letting him know that he was alive and still messed up.  He suddenly found a cup of water into his hand. He looked up to find the guy putting himself back into the same position.


"I believe...the ceiling is above you. From there is the sky and in 1 hour and 30 seconds, your starship to Tarsus." The boy said in an even tone, staring as the boy swallowed the water. He was still unsure what the human was doing going to Tarsus, but he would not pry, for now.


James laughed a bit after finishing the water. He looked up at the ceiling.


"You are right, the ceiling is above me. Thanks for telling me that. I meant, what happened between me blacking out to now. Was it you who saved me? I am James by the way." He said, offering his hand. He was not very versed in the culture, but he did not have to be because no sooner did he offer his hand did the other boy slid his in it. He gasped a bit as he felt the other boy's touch and the tingling sensation that took place in his mind. He looked up at the boy, startled by what he was feeling.


"It is pleasant to met you, James. You are a rarity on this planet...though I doubt I am worthy of one such as you T'hy'la." He said in an even tone, but young James recognized the desperate and insecure undertone that came from the boy.


"I am not sure what you are talking about, but I think you are. I mean, heck, you saved me. Tu-High-luh? Is that your name or what you are called?" He asked with a tilt of his head, pointing out that he did not know the boy's name even though he introduced himself.


"You may call me that. It is the only word that seems to fit for me right now. Anything else would not be. . .unfulfilling." He said evenly and James couldn't help but blush at that, not knowing why but hearing the word unfulfilling made Jame want to fufill T'hy'la in all the ways he could. James shifted on the bed, watching the boy, still feeling strangely safe and at ease with the strange Vulcan boy. He reached out, almost subconsciously and took T'hy'la's hand, holding it in his. An intense feeling came over him. He had no idea what it was, but it was strong and unwavering. He could feel the heat flush over his face for a moment. His heart thudded heavily in his chest.


This was something special, deep down James knew this was something that would forever change him. It was scary to know this feeling so early. But he craved this feeling like an addict now. He wanted the safety it offered him, the safety he never felt before. But he knew he was not ready for it. He would break it just like he broke everything else. He felt sick at the thought of ruining whatever was between them. It was too special to be ruined by his inability to care for it.


"Now you understand why I stated the lack of worthiness of this, this thing between us. It is as if we are completing each other." That same monotonous tone, but James thought he heard a slight undercurrent of loneliness. He stared deep into those dark eyes and said exactly what his soul felt in that moment.


"You are worthy of this, just as I am. . . But I am leaving for a new place, to start a new life without pain. Whatever this is. . . it will have to wait. . .have to draw us together again when we are ready for it. . .when we are most ready for it." He said, sounding so much wiser then his years. The boy before him caught brief parts of what James was running from. His hand clenched around James' causing him to wince. The boy quickly removed his hand, placing it and the other behind him. His eyes stared into those blue eyes of James. He could say nothing, his heart hurt for his T'hy'la and all that he was forced to experience at such a young age. The dangerous need to run from the abuse that nearly drove him to his death.


No, the Vulcan boy could not handle those thoughts right now. He knew that he was not old enough or ready to care for his mate. He was too small to protect his mate, and that alone was killing him right then. But he knew that James in his unnatural wisdom was right. The Vulcan frowned for a moment before he walked over to a trunk. He opened it and went through it's organized contents before he found what he was looking for. He stood back up and walked back over to James. He watched his mate for a moment before he put a a cord around James' neck. On that cord was a pendant. It was a triangle that was incircled in such a way only two of the points touched the circle. The tip of the triangle rested in the center of the ring, free floating. And on top of that triangle was a dense blue stone. Harder then a Terran diamond and more precious then dilithium. This was the pendant the vulcan boy made one day from the gem his father had been given as a welcoming gift to a star base one year. He never knew why he made it, but he felt it was best to give it to James. A sign that James was forever his, no matter where the universe took James.


"Your logic is sound, James. Take this with you. When we met again, we shall be ready for this. This will be my sign that you are my T'hy'la as I am yours.. No matter what the universe deals you James, I will one day come and sooth it all." He said in a soft, even tone. James touched the pendant, wanting to protest, wanting to claim that is was a girl thing to wear a necklace, but he found his voice no longer came to him. He could only stare at the Vulcan boy. He broke out in a smile, feeling hope wash over him. He never had anyone that he knew would be his forever. He knew when he was ready for it, he would have someone that would forever be his.



"Thank you, T'hy'la. I..." He hestitated, looking at the wall clock and wincing a bit.  He did not want to end this, but he knew time was against them. James did not know what to say, but he new he had to say something, anything.


" I think it is best I return to my ship. I have some growing up to do. . .for this." He said softly, scared to let go but knowing that it was too much for him now. He wasn't ready, neither of them were. He knew that now more then ever. The Vulcan boy nodded his head once, turned and walked out. They walked in silence, knowing that no words would be able to make this parting easier. They had found something that day, something they both knew would one day consume them. For now they had a chance to escape it. To live without it since they just found it, but they knew, deep down, that once they came together again, there would be no escape. For neither of them would let go again.




A Couple Years on Tarsus IV:


On Tarsus, thoughts of T'hy'la was all that drove James. He knew he had to survive, had to make it through all the hunger, the pain and the disgust in order to make it back to T'hy'la. If only to tell the other boy good-bye. He wasn't foolish enough to believe that after dirtying himself for food for himself Kevin and the other children that T'hy'la would accept him back.


He was damaged goods. He knew that, hell even the children knew that. They looked at him in horror when he ripped out one of the soldier's throats out with his teeth. The soldiers had come to take the children to 'save' them. But James knew differently Kodos wanted more play things. Wanted to defile the other children like he had done to James in exchange for the food he brought back. But he wouldn't let anyone else become dirty like himself. No, he would kill to protect their innocence, even if that meant stripping away his humanity and sense of being in order to do so.


By the time Starfleet finally arrived, the children were still safe, but James was virtually lost. He lost his innocence, his morality, his sense of self and even worse he knew he lost T'hy'la. He knew he lost his sanity with that knowledge. So he returned to Earth and decided to complete his ruination. He drank, fought and had sex with random girls. He never touched a guy, he could never do it for some reason.


It wasn't until he hit on the wrong girl and got into a fight with the wrong people, did his life even bother to change. It started out with a challenge....and it just got more interesting from there.


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