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A look at how Chris and Vina fared on Talus IV after the events of "The Menagerie”

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Published: 08/19/2011 Updated: 08/19/2011

1. Chapter 1 by oyboh [Reviews - 3] (1827 words)



This silly tale was born of a bout of stircrazy cabin fever during a…"politically" advisable…sojourn at my husband’s family home perched on the rocks of Etna wsith few options. (think extended family Thanksgivings+multiple doggies)

Also, I saw on my account that I have written 500+ reviews for the wonderful stories here..and I feel somewhat parasitic. So even if my story is way unworthy, at least I’ve put effort into writing it and (hopefully) posting it. (think the doggy bringing you a soggy newpaper)


I’ve always liked "afterwards" stories—for example "after" ..’and they lived happily ever after’—and for awhile now I’ve been applying this fancy in mental idleness to ST TOS. This is my first attempt at writing it down. Please do not throw hard or pointed objects….

I certainly own nothing of Star Trek. I wish! And the idea of earning money from anything I write is laughable.

There is in truth very little K/S in this, mostly because in "The Cage" there was no Kirk; and in "The Menagerie" Kirk and Spock were at cross purposes.


This is not part of the excellent series, "Trek Pod" !