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Schann T'gai Spock and T'sai T'pring Krei-il Shintar have been pledged to each other, by their clan's oath before the Council and before the Gods, to mate and be joined as bondmates when T'pring enters her first Pon Farr. Over the Years, the two become used to this arrangement, though their personalities clash and their worlds are very different. But there are things more serious than oaths and older then the Dawn of Days.  Things Vulcans have not forgotten.
Now with Vulcan destroyed,  The Vulcans come together to see the first Koon-at-kali-fee on the colony, away from the lands of their forebearers.
This is the Vulcan Heart.  This is the Vulcan Soul.  This is the Vulcan Way

Rated: All Audiences
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Published: 08/21/2011 Updated: 11/05/2011
Story Notes:

Thanks to the Support of Tydomin, Spockaholic , Bastet, T'jorvik, Logically Illogical, T'lara and Blue_ tunic on this Archive. And  and Carol on Facebook.

Over on Archive of our own, I want to thank the Awesome Karracaz for her art work and awesome Vulcan Fiction,  And Katie Marie for her fabulous and fascinating Vulcans in the Kin Verse and in that most insane Star Trek Four Parody

1. Chapter 1 by draq [Reviews - 3] starstarstar (9031 words)

Here are some fun terms
te-resh-kah: Silver bird, a raptor, very dangerous
sehlat: a bearlike cat (Or catlike bear) very dangerous, sometimes Vulcans use telepathy to domesticate them
le-mataya: a predatory cat with serpent like qualities, green diamonback pattern, hissing poison. very dangerous
k'nurt: a rabbit like rodent. But it lives on Vulcan so probably very dangerous too.
koon-ut-katr-la: The Katra bonding ceremony, that betroth two young Vulcans. If you have not read the Little Spock Series by Karracaz, she does a much better job depicting the inner pyschology of young Spock at his betrothal to T'pring. In One Thousand Steps to Koon-ut-katr-la
Tpileh-  The Tpileh Province is featured in Katiie marie's work "Best of all Possible Universes or A little more then kin and less than kind."  It is a hilarious work, that has Sybok as the hero.  Tpileh is a province that Shikari Matriarch's have oppressed because they have less technological development and infrastructure resources, excusing their marked physical differences such as hair skin and eye color.  If you recognize it from fiction, it comes from there. If you recognize it from the real world...  the real world just sucks.
Tumar-Shir-Dij, Xiaoclatia and Trelat'y'n are other noted regions of Vulcans that I made up myself and are pretty cool in my head so I thought I would share them. The only similarity these cities seem to have is that Surak spent time in all of them.  The humans must never find this out.

2. Chapter 2 by draq [Reviews - 3] starstarstar (9384 words)

a belaTed to Lauren T'luminareth Read all her wonderful work as a thank you.  I really appreciated her help

    I added some Enterprise flavor.Though controversial, I fee lit was nice to fuze the two series for this. Please read my short biography on T'pol