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Story Notes:

 This is the 2nd revised version of this story which I published in 2010. I will improve it once every year, since I continually improve in my own writting and grammar.

I lack a co-ed and proof-reader. So its a method I will be employing.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Re-posting this story. 2nd Revision for spelling/grammar mistakes. Enjoy.


Months after the Narada incident, Kirk and Spock had entered an easy professional relationship as well as a strong friendship. Just as future Spock had assured them.

It had gone from simply tolerating each other as officers to a clear understanding of both the motivations that drove them; The novelties and dangers of exploring, seeking out new life and civilisations.

Kirk seemed to both do it for the glory and the challenge. Finding most other administrative tasks easilly boring. Why not contribute at something he would excell? It was a far shot from thrill-seeking sports and staunts he would get into in his youth.

Spock was motivated by the scientific advantage he had over his collegues at the Vulcan science academy.  Delving into unknown mysteries, obtaining samples of elements not yet discovered or found anywhere near the former Vulcan homeland system of Eridani.

They fell into this tipping balance and fed on each other's goals. Kirk's first officer would pull him out of trouble as an analyst and the young Captain of the Enterprise would also do the same for his crew when they got themselves in way over their heads just as many times.

Their present ongoing project for the last 1.5 years had been to help set up the new Vulcan colony on the saltless planet M-113. Exploring the surrounding star systems and acting as constant Starfleet military patrol vessel.  

Elder Spock had been kind enough to provide the Vulcan Science academy with this particular planet's coordinates and, as it turned out, it was an excellent candidate to form a colony on. Its desert-environment matched the conditions of former Vulcan. While being uninhabited save for one last remaining being; A particularly odd creature that could psionically project whatever someone wished to see. Starved of its natural nourishment of sodium. The creature was contacted, as well as lured with an offering from the Federation of a continous source of sodium chloride in exchange for its permission and goodwill in settling on it's former people's planet. A courtesy really... since if they had trully wished to, the surviving Vulcans could have taken the planet for themselves. It was not in their nature to do so.

It turned out that the creature was a young adolescent and the last of it's familly had died years ago. It knew nothing about its culture or civilisation other than what it had already explored. 

They called it Nayik which meant 'eager' in high Vulcan. In fact, the creature was enthusiastic in assisting it's new neighbours and learning what it could of mammillian creatures, being a plant-life form itself. They shared something in common, they were endangered sentient species. Nayik guided its new Vulcan allies to an underground complex that held marvelously huge citadels of an advance race! Though its species had not yet been warp capable, they had been advanced, falling to a world-wide disastor whos causes were suspected to be chemical warfare affecting the sodium on the planet.

The ruins of this old city by itself could house all of the remaining Vulcans. They named it Ne'ek'zer 'the buried gem' as they called it. Honoring Nayik's people which had had no name. The city was adopted by the Vulcan people as their new capitol.

Members of the united federation of planets rejoiced at the founding members having found a home and haven. Half a year into the creation of a space port as well as the under ground city Ne'ek'zer being modified for Vulcan use, an odd phenomenon begun to affect mature Vulcan males.

One after another, beginning with the eldest, they entered into the Pon'far.

The Vulcan high-council of elders and the Kahlinahru adepts, immune to the time of mating by a combination of age and mental discipline finally deemed it a necessity (embarassing as it was) to inform the federation of the medical nature of their problems.

They expedited the remaining survivors to new Vulcan.

They lost a few dozen members of their already small number within the first month of the epidemic. Mature, young healthy adults, dead. Grief, pitty and pain continued to hinder the recuperation of the Vulcan race. While it was illogical to regret, the elders did. The fault lied with the witholding of this information from the Federation and those that could come to their aid.

Within all this strife and turmoil one positive thing came out of it, the political and social bonds between the federation's members strengthened. Female members of species throughout the United Federation of planets offered their help as compatible surrogate mates and mothers for either the duration of the pon'farr. The principles of IDIC was strengthened to heights never before seen since its first teaching in the time of Surak. Spock, ironically, was no longer seen as an oddity but would become the norm. Hybrids were inevitable now.

There were a few hypothesis as to the cause of the epidemic. The most widely accepted between scientific peers; was that the psionic net which all Vulcans seemed to share had thinned so drastically that it tipped over whatever biological lever caused the Pon'far.

The losses were averted shy of a total catastrophe, but not fast enough to prevent the losses of a few hundred Vulcans. Time was still short for many; The pon'far did not just require physiological matches but also psychological matches. The Betazoid and Deltans were most compatible, being the most gracious in their offer of assistance and ethically like-minded being telepaths themselves. Vulcans were admired founders of the Federation. Many women couldn't pass out an oppertunity to 'snatch' a faithful husband as humans would say.

Yet many could still not find partners in time and died burning in the Plak'tow. As horrible a death as one could have.

Spock hadn't had more than 3 weeks to get ready to enter his own pon'far. The symptoms creept on him slowly, inexorably. As one of the youngest and inexperienced of the adolescent Vulcans survivors he feared it greatly. His relationship with the crew became strained with his growing hormonal instability. Not to mention the embarrassing fact that everyone on the Enterprise now knew of his people's shameful biological drive to procreate.

The crew was admirably understanding, but it was difficult at times. Starfleet had agreed to overlook professional breaches he committed within the last week, considering circumstances and he was relieved of duty by Dr.Leonard McCoy on his proffessinal judgment.

Spock had broken up with Nyota, to everyone's surprise. They had all assumed she would be his surrogate mate for his upcoming pon'farr. Yet... she proved to be mentally incompativel. He had even refused hormone treatments to alleviate symptoms and any other surrogate females provided by Starfleet's medical academy. Only one individual remained vigil and steadfast facing his Vulcan emotional outbursts. Making both a career and personal decision on the situation that would permanently change their lives.

Unstable, Spock had destroyed half of sickbay before fleeing to his quarters in his last fit after the encounter with James.T.Kirk and the human's revelation.

Now here they were! 

In a cave.

The merits of continuing his own existance was what the young half-vulcan was entertaining.


The Vulcan shook, trying to steady himself with unsteady hands on the side of the entrance of a cave which Jim had teleported him to.

The human seemed had been waiting for him. Kneeling in front of his first officer. He'd obviously prepared and expected him and was patiently awaiting...

They were many kilometres away from the established colony on M-113 or 'New-Vulcan'. Nayik, the plant-like creature had informed Kirk personally of a cave he could use far from Ne'ek'zer where they would not be bothered. The young Captain of the Enterprise had been preparing it on and off for the last week for what he had been intending since first learning of Spock and Nyota's breakup. 

Kirk felt somewhat as he was taking advantage of the whole situation, but in truth, the feelings he had had were genuine and he'd been too polite for his communication officer and 1st officer's relation to ever ruin the apparently burgeoning relationship between them. However, the stuation was dire and he'd had no choice. He'd managed to teleport the unwilling Vulcan to this location. That was after McCoy finally revealed that his best friend had less than 48 hours to live, a grand maximum of 3 days in the condition he was in now.

Spock had already tried to sabotaged the Enterprise's computer, overriding even his captain's authorization accesses. The purpose being that; unless they melted down his doors or walls, wouldn't be able to get him in his quarters. Scotty had found a way to break the transporter lockout after a few hours of gutting it's systems. The disgruntled engineer would, in most likelihood, chew out Spock's ears when... and if... he came back to the Enterprise. Kirk didn't like to dwell on the 'if'.

Spock on the other side, now found himself transported to the surface. Guilt flooded him and  remorse, which were emotions! Shame... at being reduced to the pathetic state he was in; a Vulcan with half his wits! Lacking control and his logic fleeting.

Closing his eyes, he breathed heavily. He burnt! He chocked out short tense breaths, betraying pain. Hyperventilating. The heat and tenderness of his body unbearable! Teeth clenched to focus, he felt wet tears run down his cheeks in confusion. Kirk's confession and question ruminated and played over and over in his mind. He had not answered him. Truthrully he was afraid...

Now he was crying! Pathetic!

" I...” He started, the silence heavy. Kirk was sitting steadfast across the cavernous room from him. He had brought him here, presumably to talk. So he tried to do what the other wanted him to do.

“I... am... ashamed, reduced...to an animal..."

It was difficult to strings words together in his mind, to force the words spoken out loud, yet he had. Spock hissed through his teeth. In his mind he played with the belief that Kirk pitied him. It was that which had made him confess... to feeling Love for him! That's it!

Just like all the other species of the federation did towards Vulcans now that they *knew* about pon'farr! How embarassing! Vulcans had cast out these baser emotions. Satisfaction in their work, in their accomplishments in their... logic. He knew it now for what it was, in his condition he could no longer deny that it was pride that held his race back.

It was lost! All lost! Where was it? He couldn't get it back! His pride! 

"Hnnaa..." Spock moaned cradling his form as a tremor rocked through his body.

Shivering, both hot and cold and neither. His insides crawling with some strange creature that would burst forth unbidden if he let it. Underneath his skin, tingling, making him feel sick and wishing he could die.

Jim was still sat a few feet away from him. Pushing back his own tears of frustration, determination and guilt. He was in love with his first officer.

It was a shame that it had taken such drastic events to make him brave enough to act upon his feelings. How it had ended up happening was beyond the blonde! It had crept up from physical work outs, verbal sparing matches, chess events, exchanges and conversatins on a myriad of subjects. They had found their equal in wit and intellect. He had thought at first it was simply strong camaraderie that they got along together finally! Wheras they had started up on the wrong foot. What they had been through, staring death in the face between then and now. Always Together...  partners.

Now he was kneeling in the cavernous room, in a ceremonial equivalence to a Vulcan marriage proposal.

In front of him, a symbolic bowl of water.

Water to cool the love of his life's burning fever. James.T.Kirk feared being inadequate, feared rejection, feared failure. He had NEVER felt fear of rejection before. He had never wanted to get close to anyone before this! Kirk answered sincerely.

"You're nothing but a great and courageous man Spock. None of this is your fault."

He was so close to the other, he simply bent forward and placed his hand on the others' leg. It was meant as a comfort.

"I need you by my side. Always." Jim continued.

Spock was in a unique telepathic back-feeding loophole. Psionic beings tempered in cold logic, Vulcans could not longer biologically reach arousal without feeling it within another's mind. Recreational sex was considered an illogical waste of time and expenditure of energy, reserved only for pro-creation itself. As a long-lived species Vulcans would not have done so by their own volution since they pursued bodilly and mental self-perfection. Whilst Vulcans strove to transcend their bodies, nature held them in it's claws. Carving an imperative that overwrote their zealous disciplines.

Pon'farr was that switch.

Spock's sub-conscious basic instincts were fighting his conscious control of his body. His father's people had great control over heart rate, body heat and certain organs. In Pon'farr's case, his body was reacting as if he was in the throes of constant act of procreating An orgasmic high; Releasing endorphins, niacin and dopamine in levels that would eventually reach critical levels and kill him. His brain became irritated by its inability to regulate this aspect, beffudling him in its attempt to regulate, affecting him on an emotional level.

At Kirk's touch, even separated by his robes as they were, the human was inundated and overwhelmed psionically by Spock's projection. The blonde captain started to burn as if he had been thrown into a sauna. Shivering at the temperature shift. He knew this was what Spock might be feeling. It was as if coals had been set in place of the leg he was touching. The warmth creeping up his arm. He felt a steady rush of pure unadulterated lust blow through him. The captain doubled forward, forming an erection. Literally feeling the blood poor into his phallus going from flacid to throbbing painfult fullness in seconds. It spasmed along with his own heartbeat which had increased drastically. His heart felt ready to burst from his chest. He briefly worried if he had bruised himself in the confines of his pants before muttering without thought...

“Shit...” Kirk withdrew his hand not to fast to insult Spock, but hurriedly nonetheless.

Spock was gripped with regular tremors that seemed to match the rhythm of a tempo he could not determine. . Commanding all his strength to keep his thoughts clear. Spock lifted his head and turned to speak to him. His ears were ringing.

"Jim... Let me die...here! If it is... because of pity! Your intentions...” He hissed, collecting himself again. “Noble... but I..." His own heartbeat seemed to drown what he was saying, but he knew Kirk could hear him perfectly. He drew a steadying breath."... envisioned this otherwise... between us."

The blonde paused, Spock saw his look. He was calculating, he had learnt to weigh pros and cons more closely. Kirk gazed into the gloomy darkness, the flame's light lapping at the caves' walls, then back towards him. It was then that Spock realized he might have just confessed his love for the other man! He was fooling himself, yet the pon'far robbed him of pretence and falsities and he could not longer deny what he felt... an emotion... a very real human emotion. He loved Jim!

“Share water with me.” Kirk asked in Vulcan. Seeing the dawn of something in the other's eyes.


A glimmer of hope sparked in Jim. He set his hands on the bowl again and bowed. Spock's whole body shook, perspiring even worse than him in the desert heat, though the cave was relatively cooler than outside. This trait was unique to Spock. Vulcans did not have sweat glans, but his human hybrid body's functioned when he needed them too. Though he hardly chose to sweat, temperatures on the Enterprise were usually comfortable with an undershirt one. He was deathly pale. He hadn't eaten in days nor drank in as many. The room's light glowed red, flickering orange with the light of a simple oil lamp set on a table of stone. The low oxygen atmosphere, the red-tinted rocky outcrop Spock was leaning on, the sand his feet and knees sank into, all of the planet seemed to match, replicating conditions on Vulcan.

A bedding area had been carved into the wall. Like an alcove. It's floors had soft woollen-like blankets to keep the stone's chill at bay during the night. The floor was covered in fine sand, in it's centre was a blanket and a basin full of water. A small air shaft rose though the ceiling. It was a comfortable cavern room. Romantic even, if the situation hadn't been so dire.

All of this Spock took in a blurred sort of daze. It was, of course, an instinct of his to analyze his surroundings. He had trouble remembering details as he went from lucid, to incoherent, to lucid again for short brief moments. He stared at the basin of water for a very long time.

The waiting was tortuous for Jim.

“Share water with me.” The blond repeated gently.

Finally the Vulcan's eyes were glazed over, his movements sluggish he leaned for what seemed like an eternity on the rocky alcove's surface. Jim wanted to yell out in victory when the other started moving, but he equally feared the worse and kept his silence. Mindful of keeping with tradition as much as possible. Aware that some part of Spock was still conscious and would appreciate it as well.

The pale and weakened half-Vulcan finally neared his captain and the bowl that symbolized life. Remnants of his ability to think and his control were still present. The Plak'tow had not yet descended completely even though he had started the Pon'far a week ago.... a week stretched out too long in his opinion. Spock leaned over the bowl, grabbing it's edges and saw his captain... no... no...his friend, Jim. His captain... His brother.... asking him to be so much more! To become his lover.

“T'hy'la?” Spock querried.

Jim did not seem to understand the word, but any communication from Spock was a good sign.

Kirk's first officer stiffened, staring at the human. The brown eyes filled with cold fear and doubt. It was so much easier for Jim to read him as a human would another in this state. In the throws of an animal longing and imperative to mate. It was nearly impossible to control sharp Vulcan emotions boiling underneath his controls. Controls he had learnt all of his life to create and maintain. The mind games no longer worked. It was fear in Spock's eyes. But not of him... For him.

“We share water T'hy'la?” The fevered Vulcan managed to ask. Lapsing in Vulcan, for he couldn't remember common anymore.

A part of Jim cringed in hearing how the voice broken dry and harsh. It had childlike qualities of hope and an underlying simplicity to it. As if Spock had been reduced to the same level of an infant. Simplifying thought and choices to that of an one.

Spock's eyes closed and his head lifted towards the ceiling, slowly breathed in and out. Trying to concentrate on simple things.

He felt Jim who sat near him. There was no ignoring this any longer. Yes, Spock desired him! Did Jim however desire him in return? Was this simply to keep him alive? He did not wish for his pity. But he was offering... They would soon find out if it was mutual.

But what if he couldn't...stop himself when the fever burnt the last of his control and Jim was till here? The thought occured to him that he had the ability to choose willingly or that have the choice taken from him in a matter of either minute or hours.

Reaching into the bowl he cupped trembling hands into the life giving liquid. It cooled his burning hands and he offered water to drink to Jim.

The gesture, to anyone who did not understand Vulcan culture, seemed very benign. To Jim, who'd spent a year serving with Spock, it was a very intimate gesture. Vulcan fingers being their most powerful telepathic receptors. The thought heated Kirk's face and the he blushed furiously. He'd never been so shy around women! Only Spock could make him feel awkward like this... like a bashful virgin!

Meanwhile, the water in Spock's hands kept seeping between his fingers. Like an hourglass. He knew that once it was gone it would be the end of both of them.

Kirk leaned and took the cupped hands into his own. Almost kissing the upturn palms. Drinking the mineral and vitamin laced water McCoy had made for them. Jim knew that the touch would cause a telepathic exchange. Though he was unprepared exactly for the rush he felt jolting from Spocks' fingertips to the bottom of his jaw. He heard his Vulcan's quick intake of breath. A sort of static droning overwhelmed his hearing, sense of smell and sight. He perceived elation and other emotions he knew wheren't his own.

//Share with me, everything// Spock's mind ordered.

He sent his love, his faith, his commitment to the other. As best as someone born without psionic abilities could think of doing. In return he heard the burning pain, the longing, loneliness, love, need and the fear of pity. Which he quickly corrected. They rectified each other within the mind touch, the misunderstandings that seperated two beings.

A single minds, separate bodies. This all happened within a few seconds but felt like much longer. The water gone, his lips ceased tingling. Jim reluctantly withdrew. The fingertips on his face tried to follow for a moment before breaking away from the skin contact.


He was alone in his mind again and was surprised at how lonely it felt. Knowing the ease of communicating with a mind touch. Jim dipped his own hands in the water. Knowing what to do. Offering the same life giving liquid to the one who needed it most. Spock shook violently. Tears in his eyes. So far-gone he no longer had any emotional control over his body.

The Plak'tow was descending.


Spock breathed out his name, heavily. His robes had fallen open, the sash unmade while the Vulcan science officer's movements brought him closer to Kirk and the water bowl. Although sickly pale, Spock was flush and obviously strongly aroused in all but the one area which mattered; His genitals were still uncooperative without the full bond. His green tinged cock conspicuously limp. Jim felt oddly guilty as if it were his own fault and that he was inadequate. The blonde human quickly dipped his own hands in the water bowl and offered it to the Culcan.

Spock leaned over quickly, as though a man starving and drying of thirst...


Banish the 'being inadequate' part! The exchange was similar to the last one, he felt the Vulcan's lust and it fed his own.

After drinking the water offered Spock immediately and quickly brought both of his hands to cup Jim's face. Almost slapping and gluing them to the human visage. His grip felt like iron, his gaze smoulderied and all of his thoughts seemed to pour through the contact and his eyes.

Burning him.

/// Need, Want, Give, Take, Life's beginning, End of solitude, As it was, Forever ! Mine! ///

It felt incredibly important to keep still and hold the Vulcan's gaze through the torrent of thoughts.Kirk felt as if the ground had opened under him and that he was falling. The only thing keeping him from oblivion were those firm and smouldering hot hands and the intense feral brown eyes looking deeply into his soul and being. The impression of falling left as the Vulcan science officer withdrew, but not the impression of being watched from the inside out by those same eyes.

///Ahhhhhnnnn!!!/// “Yessssss!!!”

The sensation of pure relief was almost but not quite orgasmic in and of itself. Like a large heavy burden finally put on the ground.

He watched enraptured and even felt physical echos through the slowly establishing mating bond. His own awakened lust seeped towards his lover.

Spock growled in appreciation as his body finally let blood flow and fill parts of his anatomy that had once been blocked by his brain. He formed an erection and the green tinged phallus steadily but rapidly rose to fullness. Spock felt as though water had been thrown to douse flames, dipping in a pool in a hot summer day. The Vulcan close his eyes then. Sighing then moaning wholeheartedly and unashamed, parting his legs. Finally able to feel physical arousal instead of a burning unnatural need! Kirk sent all that he could, every and all feelings of comfort he could muster.

///Right, fullness, fulfillment, happiness.///

He was reaching blindly in the mating bond and didn't know how to do this properly. James.T. Kirk did as he always did and followed his human instincts. Which seemed to be working!

Spock straightened suddenly and opened his eyes. There was a rage and madenning fire in them. Kirk knew, this was finally the Plak'tow! Where he had felt vestiges of collected thoughts before, there was nothing now but the searing raw primal needs of his mate.

/// Fuck, take, feel, taste, smell, touch, bite, want, need, claim: NOW!///

It was only his own will and force of personality that kept his psi-null mind from cracking under pressure. As it was Jim got a splitting headache for that brief moment and it receded. He struggled to separate himself as an individual from the tempest the other had became.

Spock was virginal and had never felt physical arousal until now. All inhibitions thrown to the four winds, the Vulcan literally threw himself on Kirk, the sand and blanket avoiding injury to the softer and more fragile human body. The dark haired vulcan ripped and removed the clothes separating him from his mate. He had no thought but sex, rutting, mating and fucking.

He writhed over his bond-mated human, touching, licking, rubbing, grunting, panting. Bruising slightly but excitingly grabbing and groping in all the right places. Spock mewled and moaned his passion, eliciting arousal from his bonded who fed his excitement through the link. Kirk arched. Spock pulled his arms out of his robes at some point, the garment lay discarded and he had managed to take Kirk's shirt off. It now lay in tatters somewhere in the cavern room. The pants were the last element that remained.

There had been a slight element of fear when Spock had thrown himself bodily onto him. However it slowly ebbed into one of content lustful observation as the Vulcan's only goal was to stimulated him towards arousal and receptiveness to feed his own bodie's reactions. He felt the counter-balancing drive within the others mind.

If Spock pushed too hard he eased off, if his Vulcan strength gripped Jim too painfully for human comfort, he loosened his hold.

There was chaos in the Plak'tow, yet the feedback worked into his own pain as well. Spock had no choice to be gentle. Elsewise he caused harm to himself. A trick of the mind, but effective. The aggressive foreplay was not entirely in itself unpleasant. Whatever Kirk wished and though of was being done as if they had been lovers for years Without words, knowing exactly what to do, how to stroke, with how much force and where.

Kirk had never thought someone could bring him so fast to the edge and over! He had no time nor thought to stop.

Spock was still lying on his stomach as Jim arched his back, lifting from the blanketed sandy floor and he yelled his love's name out in passion. Arching against the Vulcan, he ejaculated in his pants. There was... no pleasant washing of the senses! No comforting fatigue or afterglow when the spasms stopped. Just the unpleasant warmth and wetness running along his calf.

The electric jolts of his phallus twitching and the aching feeling of unfulfilled need lay in the pit of his stomach. Jim had never before been so confused about sex as now.

The telepathic bond was still not complete. It's tendrils in their minds were steadily being woven as they touched, like a spider's web. But its incompleteness had prevented a full climax on his own side of the loop. The unpleasantness grew in strength as his body calmned under Spock. He had enough sense to feel some kind of embarrassment, which Spock also felt. He tried pushing the Vulcan away no thinking clearly.

Spock froze, growled angrily as he felt Jim arch and experienced his non-orgasmic miss-fire.

The bond clicked slowly in his head like pieces of a puzzle. He couldn't ponder furthur on it.  Vulcan manoeuvred to his side and hooked a hand over his belt, Kirk froze. The blonde's loins where alive again. His passions still unspent by the reflexive release, his manhood hadn't abated in any way. Spock's Pon'far fuelled it.

Force feeding telepathically lust back into him. By the time he could process what Spock was doing, his animalistic lover had already gotten the belt out of it's metal buckle by breaking the metal clasp with his bare hands, pushing the pants down and exposing Jim's cock, wet and glistening with his release, still hard.

The blonde human grabbed his Vulcan lover's shoulders and hoisted him back up on top of him. The other let him, strangely placid in his fervour, mewling even as he slid and felt naked flesh on naked flesh. Stretching upon him like a languid cat. Kirk breathed in his desert smell and held him in an embrace, ignoring the dangerous growling and sensations of mounting violence roiling and rippling through the muscles and mind of a being 3 or perhaps 4 times his own strength!

The blonde human reached down and grabbed the straining green erection between them, stroking it. He let himself feel want and need, streaming it through the bond, not knowing exactly how to telepathically send or block yet. He hoped Spock would just be receptive and grab the proverbial line.

///What do you need?///

He kept stroking the slick dripping green tinged dick. They were so closely linked it was nearing perfect synchrony. Spock's breathing was laboured as the bond kept clicking into place, setting tethers, mounting, building. He felt the Vulcan's hand reaching over and to the side of his face, touching familiar spots on his face. The fingers tingled on his face. Spock was beyond the capability of speech, yet he seemed to understand in relation with his telepathic sensing of Jim's emotion, that he was being asked something.

Their separate identities melded closer. To Jim it almost felt like... peering at another person on the other side of an ice-wall. For Spock it felt as a wall of flame with a water on the other side. They locked their gazes on one another on both the physical and peered at each other on that mental plane.

Whispering endearments and exchanging not just the concept of words but of feelings and impressions. The ice was slowly melting on his side as the bond lowered his mental resistances to Spock, but the flames where still burning.

///What do you want?/// He repeated mentally.

///YOU!/// Spock shouted telepathically, almost too loudly and the bond cracked and bucked, on

Spock's side, the telepathic tethers not yet secured. Still fragile, clinging to the inflamed mind.

///Yes... I am yours.///

He panted in the Vulcan's pointed ear, licking it and felt Spock arch and moan. The Vulcan was deliciously delirious.

Kirk was pliant and willing. He had just to be taken.

The bond droned happily in their minds, humming strongly. Kirk could hear his T'hy'la breathing hard and he brushed his fingers through the others black hair, tasting his skin wherever he could find it. His Vulcan lover half-kissing his lips and licked him elsewhere. Instinctively driven to register the others presence through all his senses. Nibbling Jim's neck, jawline, his cheek, forehead, lips, ears. Half-aware that his human bonded was trying to lower his pants off his legs.

Unconsciously Spock was thrusting downwards between Kirk's legs, prodding him in between his open thighs. Pressing the human dick in between their stomachs. The area was slick from the Jim's release. The slickness simply added to the stimulation. A look of pure rapture was on Spock's face as he looked up at Kirk with unfocused eyes. The blonde human's were half lidded pensively observing him. Jim attempted to wiggle himself out of his pants.

///opening to me/// It was an impression. Not even a collected thought. Just the idea that Jim was facilitating access and preparing to take him had Spock's side of the bond spike and send Kirk an pleasant electrifying shock.

The Vulcan bucked suddenly. Panicked the blonde had underestimated how sensitive and excitable he was in this state. Failing to even lower the piece of clothing to his knees before he felt the proverbial water bowl spill over and Spock acted upon feelings he was no longer constrained in Plak'tow.

Spock tensed back into a 4 legged stradling positin, yanking off the rest of the offending material, flipped the other around hurriedly, propped his mate onto his knees and hooked both hands around and behind his legs in a very bestial-like embrace. Reminding Jim of a dog reaching around  to copulate. The blonde human made no gestures to stop him. Though a momentary stab of fear gripped him. The long green throbbing and dripping member twitching upwards, slapping the underside of Kirk's testicles. He felt the other's excitement and surprisingly both being prodded and doing the prodding.

His eyes almost rolled into his head at the duel sensation. A strange sound broke out of Spock's throat, a cross between a needful moan and a keening wail.

He felt it as well.

Shutting his eyes, the Vulcan practically fell on top of him, pressing himself tightly he gave one or two dry thrusts he-knew-not-where before letting the overwhelming sensations grip him fully. He came without having to penetrate. Both of them did.

It was a human release that echoed between each other through the bond. Spock let the feeling flow and Kirk felt it with him. Spasms hit them in their release, the same number of streams of their semen hit the sand as Spock arched his back and lower pelvi at the height of his climax, his manhood pressed to the underside of Jim's phallus. Jim knew that there had been no joy, no actual relief from this orgasm for Spock. He sensed it through the bond they shared. 

The bond clicked into place. Firmly attaching itself between them. They were now T'hy'la! The flames lowered, the ice melted fully on his side and the silhouettes on both sides of their new bond where now revealed. Lost in the dark plains of his mind, the Vulcan closed his eyelids, stars flickering behind them. Spock had never actually copulated or felt sexual gratification in his body before now. Such a powerful animal instinct that it scared him to have, being Vulcan. This was not the end, this was only the beginning.

///Jim.... Jim?! JIM !!! ///

///Spock, T'hy'la. I'm here.///

As his physical senses slowly returned to him, he was aware he was breathing quite loudly and he turned slowly to gather his arms around his lover. Spock opened his brown eyes, they cleared somewhat of their unfocused haze and he could see Jim looking up at him warmly. He made no move, waiting for Jim to do something. The vulcan was disoriented.

The plak'tow was now shared and split between them. For a moment he was lucid enough to ponder his weakened state and sense injury to his pride and dignity. Spock closed his eyes tightly and turned his head away, emotions overwhelming him. He had no words for them, they confused him. He had never felt these so untamed. Unnamed and unknown without his mental disciplines!

Jim came to rescue him, as he did for him in the past.

/// You are holding back. Just let them wash over you. I'll describe them and give them names for you T'hy'la.///

Kirk placed a kiss on the other's brow. Spock opened his mouth but no sound came out. Through the bond he let him know he was tentatively willing to explore this.

Kirk lowered his lips and kissed his love more thoroughly.entwinning Spock's tongue as his traced and sought his own. Spock knew then... that everything would be alright! Letting himself relax onto his lover's body in an oddly awkward embrace. The Vulcan's breathing was no less laboured but much more steady. They where both wet and sticky with their essences, Jim didn't care as he reached and gently rubbed the others backside in encouragement, closing his eyes and sighing content.

Spock felt his body recover and rebuild itself towards another wave of rutting. The bond had mellowed fire and ice together. It became a warm hot spring. Relaxing but still hot under his skin.

//Anticipation// Kirk gave mental names to the emotions, as he had promised.

After a moment, Kirk lifted himself physically from under him and he was slightly confused and felt alone.

//Dissapointment// He called the emotion when Jim stopped rubbing his back soothingly.

He watched the other crawl towards the table and produce a wash cloth. Krik first whipped his chest of traces of semen, he watched openly as he performed his ministrations and hadn't been aware he was offered the cloth until Jim pressed it into his hand. Spock blushed a faint green, understanding, he washed himself as well.

//Embarassment// Jim chuckled good-naturdily and he felt a pleasant vibe of the emotion he now knew was called...

//Affection//. He thought it was a perfect and beautiful sort of laugh. Once washed, his T'hy'la stood up and kicked the remains of his pants from around his ankles. Spock swallowed hard and audibly.

//Nervous// Both of them could feel the fever cresting within him again. Slowly but surely. The blonde captain smiled down encouragingly at him even though for once, his usual pristine Vulcan self was unsure. //Doubt//. He hadn't bedded anyone properly before... Jim guided him gently holding his hand to the alcove bed and sat on it's edge. 

Spock lowered himself to kneel on the floor in front of him and without thinking lay a hand on the other's right hip, caressing slowly. His head lowered onto Jim's lap. He could hear his own breathing, hard and ragged, like a horse that had just completed a marathon.

Jim was the only being in this moment. At this time. 

He continued to paw, which the blonde didn't seem to mind. //Touching...// The Vulcan sent. Sighing, relaxing even, he explored the strong masculine curves of the other man's calves. His hand travelled up around the defined muscles towards his hip bone onto the beautifully muscled belly. Jim lovingly patted his head, in a soothing massage, tracing his sensitive ears. //Touched.// Spock crooned, enjoying the comforting feeling.

Spock's green tinted cock was half flaccid and slowly lengthening. Like a roiling thunderstorm approaching the beach's edge. The feeling was approaching. Spock, half-aware of this in his relaxed and drowsy state wondered briefly just how far the ailment would tax his constitution and his T'hy'la's. He was already exhausted in both mind and body from bonding and everything else leading up to this moment. His mind began to fuzz again.

Kirk... did not seem to be tired in the least. This comforted him furthur. He took his time exploring the body in front of him before the sensations would grow near overwhelming again. Wanting Jim to find at least some enjoyment in this as much as he was helping him through his time.


Jim let out a wisp of a moan as Spock massaged and explored. For the Vulcan it was like music washing over his ears.

The pleasure relaxing his mind. Spock kissed the his lover's right knee gently and opened the others' thighs, revealing his sex to him which had once again slowly began springing back to life. At once he was hit bit the masculine smell of him and was completely transfixed by the organ. It wasn't a bad or overwhelming smell, just different. Human... his... Jim.


His breathing shortened and quickened. The notion came into his head that he could taste it! Probably not his own thought, but he agreed with it. He bent down to do so. Kirk bucked slightly under him and he swallowed it down.

///Ah! Yesss///

The Vulcan glanced up at him, his expression lustful and content between his legs as he sucked.


The Vulcan's mouth moved up and down in a slow tempo. It was like being given a blow job by a volcano! His internal temperature much higher than a human's. Include the wet sucking noises his lover was making and he was quickly loosing it. 

The bond created an odd double sensation. Spock felt as if he was performing fellatio on himself. Although it wasn't possible, his brain wasn't registering logic anyways!

His erection steadily returned. Remaining ejaculate from before forced it's way out of his phallus dripping into the sandy floor, twitching and standing at attention. He rubbed it on his lover's leg for friction, leaving sticky trails. Soon needing he needed to breath, panting with excitement again. He returned to dive his tongue lower, lapping at Jim's testes and down furthur towards his lover's anus. It made Jim squirm slightly but emit a longing moan. He got a sense from the bond that his T'hy'la had expected being on the receiving end. He had cleaned and prepared himself for it.

The small fragile civility left in Spock was grateful but just the knowledge of the act associated with it broke something within him.

Lustfully, he observed a string of his spittle trickling down the inside of his T'hy'la's golden skinned calf. He growled and pressed a finger to catch it. A drone hummed in his head as he touched and wandered. His finger explored and soon buried themselves in Kirk's anus. Discovering he was already prepared with some kind of gel. Jim arched slightly off the makeshift cot. Not so much a bed but a collection of blankets layered over each other in the cavernous room. As he slowly removed the digit and swiftly thrust it back into him, he found that his T'hy'la was incredibly relaxed and already stretched.

///You... in me, now!// The thought crossed Jim's mind lightning-quick and sparked into the half-vulcan's mind through the bond. Cutting the proverbial cord.

Spock threw Kirk's legs to the side and onto the alcoved bed cott, making him spin easily 90 degrees on it with his superior strength. In one swift unceremonious motion he climbed over him and started to dry hump immediately in urgent need.

His head buried itself in the human chest almost in a panic, disoriented for a moment by the overwhelming urgency he felt. Just... to thrust. Thrust, to reach, something! His mind was in disarray.

“Aaashaaayaaa!” ///NEED!/// He screeched to his bonded in his mind.

Kirk opened his legs and awkwardly grabbed his lover's cock despite the fanatical movements. Spock froze for a moment, the sensation of being touched, pleasant and positively electrical. Jim aimed him properly and arched so that the crown of his phallus entered him with a slight wet pop.

He let out an animal yell and then an equally bestial grunt. Pushing in instinctively and aggressively in a long forced stroke. Punctuated by a few spasms.

The preparation, made his phallus slide in easier, yet the blonde gave out a small startled sound and felt an unavoidable spike of pain from being penetrated so fast. No matter how relaxed or ready he had been, Jim would not have been able to avoid it. The odd sensation of overwhelming fullness.

Spock heard it, felt it, but did not... could not, react upon it properly. Already he was deliriously thrusting into him in wild abandon. Lost in his T'hy'la's carnal depths, sheathed in his blond lover's asshole. Heat wrapped around his dick, pure heavenly relief. It felt right. Felt perfect.

///Warmth, wet, tight, perfect///

//Belonging// Both echoed simultaneously, the feeling of completion. Filling and being full. Then he hit Jim's prostate.

“Oh yess! Spock! There, faster! Hnnn! Ahh!”


Kirk was much more vocal now as he was fucked. He quickly put an arm up out over his head and pressing it to the alcove's back wall behind him. He prevented himself from having his head knocked to the stone wall while his Vulcan lover fucked him powerfully. He discovered it deepened the thrusts Spock could make as well. His left arm kept Spock up from completely crushing him, elbow propped up and under him. It was helping his lover's uncoordinated instinctual fucking. His legs wrapped around the other's thighs.

The prickling sensation of butterflies returned full force in Spock's belly. This time, it gathered at the bottom of his spine instead of fluttering up and down as he had felt it in Jim's human release. His beautiful golden lover arched up and came. Splurting onto his stomach. His anal muscles clenched around him. Powerful and yet gentle Vulcan hands held onto his T'hy'la's hips and behind, angling and lifting the other's butt upwards, he thrust deeper and faster.

His other hand reached shackingly up to touch his lover's mental points on his face. Wailing, grunting and growling in animal abandon while pounding into him. The sensation turned into something much more pleasantly, a sort of warm water trickling down his back. Like making love was normally supposed to feel, but different at the same time...


He opened his eyes, tried to focus on Jim, feeling something building which he had never before. The storm was about to reach a breaking point. He gasped and made unintelligible noises in his mounting pleasure. Felt it echoed by the other through the bond. Trying to say something that wouldn't come out.

Until...The lightning hit



Spock pressed himself as hard as was Vulcanly possible into Jim. Arching his back violently, letting go the seed of his loins, closing his eyes in blinding pleasure. To say his climax was intense, would be an understatment! 

He released what he felt was a torrent of everything he was! ///Acceptance, incredible overwhelming joy, love, elation///

It all left him. Jim finished falling from his human climax, aching beneath him to help extend Spock's pleasure. Only a few strings of semen, barely whetted his own stomach from having ejaculated so many times before.

//Tired, love, confusion, purpose, peace /// He could feel the phallus deep within him, pulsing. Each tiny movement, even the ones Jim's anal muscles made, was hyper sensitized to the point of pain.


He panted. Kirk held Spock's upper body up with great strength, keeping him in position as he arched himself into him watching his expression of pure ecstasy, not yet finished or ebbing. His arms unsteady and his whole body shaking uncontrollably in the height of still flowing passion. Spock thrust back in again and Jim felt his insides coated once again. He was still cumming!

///Spock! Oh God! Spock!!///

Kirk was used to human orgasms!

What he felt through the bond wasn't one. It was a continuous stream of orgasmic elation from his alien lover for a full minute. Still spurting ejaculate periodically within him. This was... This was beautiful! Jim rode the waves of bliss and shared the orgasmic highunder the ejaculating Vulcan. Total collapse was just a short moment away as Spock's arms became gelatinous once he stopped. If Jim hadn't been propping him up with both arms he'd have crushed him. Presently, Spock felt like a breathless, sweat sodden, pathetic excuse of a Vulcan male and animal.

///Inadequate? No, anything but that love!/// Kirk sent through the bond. He couldn't lift himself, nor form a coherent sentence either.

Slowly, their thought faculties returned. Everything was completely sore for Spock. Raw, like he had been skinned alive or had a sunburn on his whole body. There was a sense of peace however and tranquillity as his T'hy'la held him in his arms.


Kirk kept crooning in his mind, holding him, slowly letting his whole weight on his stomach and rubbing his back. He started feeling again... or more accurately; feeling less... intensely. Being able to concentrate on specific parts of himself and his situation. The first feelings to return to him, was that of his manhood slipping out of Jim as it became flaccid, trickling bodily fluids. He grunted, it burned and throbbed, not completely unpleasant though.


Everything was heavy. Kirk was slowly pulling himself out from under him, turning him onto his back. He felt treated like a child or an object. Jim settled him gently down on the blankets in the alcove, caressing his face affectionately. Sending feelings of affection, love and caring through the bond they now shared.

Spock couldn't see, the world was a grey blur and he squeezed his eyes a few time to get them to function properly without much success. His breathing at least had returned to normal. He made sounds of protests, managed only gasps and half whimpered moans, heard Jim shush him gently and soon felt something brush his lips. It was cold and sloshing with a liquid, it took him a moment to realize it was water.

///Drink/// He did. Realizing how ridiculously thirsty he had been. Now that he could think and remember. He hadn't eaten nor drank for exactly 3.3 days. His condition had completely masked his hunger. He tried to reach for the cup, his hands felt weighed down by lead. Kirk took the upraised hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. He was tired, the fever that had been gripped him would most likely keep him under for a few more days. He could feel it.

"Ah... T'hy'la." His own voice sounded broken and raspy.

Kirk paused and sighed, Spock was almost blind, he still couldn't see his facial features. "I will watch over you, we'll get through it together."

He passed out into darkness' embrace. Knowing he would wake up recovered but not yet sane in the mind.The 'Plak'tow' would return a few times before abating fully in the next 2 or so days.

But neither of them minded...

Not one bit.

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