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Story Notes:

This AU is a little darker then most, my version is two planets in conflict only for one to rule over the other. Vulcan, the successor. Vulcans now warriors, often savage have connected partly with their Romulan ancestry, but still hold their logical outlook on life with a more sinister understanding.

This is also my first attempt so be gentle, and if any one out there would like to give me a few pointers I would love to hear them. I also issued a challenge for this particular idea as well tittles “Dark Reality” as well, if your interested about taking it up I would be delighted. Mostly I’m posting this for me, so far I have had so many ideas and have never went thru with them because in my mind I wasn’t good enough to write on here that’s when I realized this will just be for me and if others read double points on me. Hope you enjoy. Oh and one more thing, Characters are not mine but the story is, be kind don't take credit for my thoughts ;)

Author's Chapter Notes:

New at this, please be gentle… ;)


“Get your hands off me you damned Vulcans!”

Jim’s angered voice filled the hallway he was being lead down. As he struggled, fighting every step of the way to keep from getting any closer to the destination his captors where taking him. As he neared the doors this was his last chance of freedom, it was now or never. Jim’s body tensed before shoving one Vulcan free from him landing a upper cut to the other before he could fire his phaser, the faint tell tale sound of metal hitting concrete told Jim at least one of them was unarmed. Turning to face the one who had now regained his footing both squared off as if it would be a fight to the death. Before Jim could throw a single blow a hand came to grip the side of his neck, his body arched, too stunned to react as he felt the brief sensation of what felt like a low electrical current, overloading his neurological pathways and sending him into a black abyss.

In the door way a proud figure stood over looking the human’s capture. “My son will find satisfaction in this capture.”

Emperor Sarek’s low monotone voice seemed to flood the silent hallway as the motionless body was carried into the holding cell. As soon as the two other Vulcans cleared the threshold the slight hum of the force field kicked into place leaving Kirk alone to his fate.


‘How did I get here?’

It was a stupid thought Jim knew it but looking around in the holding cell he couldn’t help but think it. He hated the feeling of being confined, caged like an animal on display for all to see and it didn’t help with him pacing the confines of the bland room with nothing more then a simple bed and restroom area to keep him company. His head throbbed trailing all the way down to the crook of his neck where the faint purplish hue of a bruise was starting to form. It didn’t help matters that when he awoke he became aware of the thin metal band that was locked in place around his neck. He had spent a good hour just trying to pry it off with no success.

Walking to stand only a inch or so away from the transparent shield that separated him from freedom Jim glanced out, his line of vision some what vague but from the looks of it he wasn’t the only one to be left in this misery. From what he could tell he had been sent to one of the many slave trade facilities that lined the outskirts of Vulcan’s inner city. A place Kirk had sworn to himself that he would never end up but thinking back now it was only thought that kept him from giving into utter desperation all those months ago, seeing Picard, Janeway, Pike all fall at the hands of the Vulcans leaving him as the last hope to restoring balance to the once free terran race and now it was utterly hopeless… He had failed.

The sounds of approaching footsteps had drawn Jim out of his self loathing and back to the present situation. Quickly backing away from the doorway to give him distance as he watched two faces appear. One who was older, maybe middle aged for a Vulcan, the salt and pepper that highlighted his hair stood out against the darkness that surrounded. The man held a proud stance of some one who held great authority, his emotionless stare made an uneasy feeling build up in the pit of Jim’s stomach. Daring to allow his gaze to shift to the other who held a look of curiosity, his tall, lean figure stood beside his elder looking no more then his own age. Pale skin, matched with midnight black hair that was well groomed and to expose the upswept ears. For a moment Jim felt his eyes lock with him seeing the dark depths of the orbs that expressed the emotion his face refused to. And if Jim didn’t know better he could have sworn he had seen … Pity?

“This human is yours Spock, consider it a gift.” Looking at the human Spock opened his mouth to speak only to be cut off from Jim’s Protest.

“Like hell I am.”

An eyebrow arched as a deep velvet voice spoke. “Considering the position you are in it is illogical to debate further on your present status.” Before the human could interrupt him again Spock looked to Sarek. “It is a thoughtful gesture.”

“I am glad you approve in this choice, do with him what you will. I will leave you now. Pleasant evening, Spock.”

“Pleasant evening, father.”

All the while Jim had to fight to control the anger that was coursing like hot lava threw his veins, he had heard once Vulcans felt nothing, they were cold and heartless, by the judging this Spock’s reaction to everything he had a faint feeling the rumors might be correct. “If you think you can waltz in here and drag me off to god knows were you will be in for one hell of a fight just so your warned.”

Reckless passion, hatred, and ego all rolled up into one. It was a look Spock had seen so many times before only after a month the light of hope would dwindle the reality of their situation would become realized and they would slowly start fighting less and then fall into the roles they were given. Spock had a feeling this one would be different, he had eluded the Vulcan Guard for 6 months after their initial seizer of Earth and had started a rebellion soon after. It was rather fascinating.

“It is logical for humans to feel in such a way, but illogical to think a single man can over power a Vulcan.”

Damn it, he was right but Jim wasn’t about to let his pointy eared bastard know it. “Well maybe you should come in here and we can settle it.”

“As you wish.” The hum of the force field faded and Spock entered only to have the field kick into place behind him. This was in a mater of fact stimulating, Spock could feel excitement in the challenge even if it was against a weaker being. As the first punch flew the Vulcan dodged it with ease using martial arts skills taught on Vulcan at a early age within a matter of a few well planned maneuvers had Kirk’s arm pinned behind his back and his face slammed against a wall.

Kirk’s heart pounded in his chest as he struggled the hold only got tighter to the point were he nearly cried out but his pride prevented him from doing so. Breathing hard Jim remained motionless at the burning touch against his skin.

“Dominance has been shown, you will succumb to my wishes.”


“You will comply with my order.”

“Go to hell.”

A single touch and Jim’s world turned black.

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