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Story Notes:

I dont even know where this came from, but I hope you like it. Here's chapter 1, please review.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is chapter one. I have no idea how many chapter's it'll have yet.

Kirk sat in his chair on the bridge looking out of the view screen at the planet they were orbiting worriedly. Spock was on that planet and had reported that he was in danger and requested a beam up not too long ago. Kirk had wanted to run to the transporter room as soon as the message was finished. But Scotty couldn't even beam him up yet, he had to fix a wire in the transporter first and he would only be in the way.

"Transporter room to bridge" Scotty's voice chimed interrupting him from his thoughts of what the danger could possibly be.

"Kirk here, what is it Mr. Scott?" he asked hitting the comm button.

"I got the wire fixed, transpoters working fine now. I'm ready to beam Mr. Spock aboard on your command" Scotty replied.

"I'll be there soon" Kirk told him.

"Aye Cap'n" the scottsman replied as Kirk ended the communication and ran to the turbo lift concerned for his first officer. As soon as he walked into the room he told Scotty to energize and watched the transporter pad. Neither Kirk nor Scotty expected what meterilized on the transporter pad. laying there unmoving was a medium sized black cat instead of the first officer.

"Mr. Scott you were meant to beam Mr. Spock aboard" Kirk said looking at the scottsman who was currently messing around with the transporter.

"I dont know what happend cap'n, I locked in on his co-ordinates" Scotty retorted after rechecking the co-ordinates. Before Kirk could say another word the cat lying on the transporter pad began to stir. Kirk watched as the creatures ears twitched as it sat up looking around at it's surrondings. The cat's eyes stopped on him and it stood walking down the steps of the transporter pad towards him looking a little unsteady on it's feet. The animal stopped at his feet and sat down staring up at him.

"Well figure out what went wrong so we can transport this animal back" Kirk said kneeling down to look at the creature better.

"That will not be necessary captain" the cat said in a very familer voice causing both Kirk and Scotty to stare in shock and confusion at the animal before them. After a few seconds Kirk opened his mouth as if to say something before closing it again. Scotty just continued to look like he was either going to scream or pass out.

"Kirk to sickbay, come in sickbay" Kirk said his voice coming out squeaky.

"What is it Jim?" Bones asked.

"Just come to the transporter room" Jim said his voice still squeaky.

"Fine" Bones sighed ending the communication. Once Bones was gone Jim went back to staring at the cat until Bones arrived.

"Okay why did you have me come here?" Bones asked coming into the room.

"You have a patient" Jim said pointing to the black cat that still sat on the floor.

"I'm a doctor Jim not a veterinarian" Bones told him looking to the captain.

"That's" Jim started before clearing his throat trying to get his voice back to normal before continuing. "That's not a cat Bones, that's Spock"

"I'm not blind Jim, I know a cat when I see one" Bones snapped.

"The captain is correct doctor" the cat said and Bones looked back to it for a few seconds in disbelief before looking back to Jim.

"Transporter malfuction?" he asked.

"It most certainly was not" Scotty said defensivly, speaking for the first time in minutes.

"Well with how many times that thing malfuctions it's the most likely of causes" McCoy argued.

"It was not the transporter doctor, it was the natives of the planet" Spock explained and Scotty smirked at McCoy.

"Was that the danger that they were trying to turn you into a cat?" Kirk asked.

"No I was already in this form when I contacted you, I managed to get my communicator open and contact the Enterprize. The danger I spoke of was them trying to kill me after which they were going to eat me. They knocked me unconcious with a rock, and when I woke up I was on the transporter pad" Spock explained.

"Eat you?" Jim repeated his voice holding an angry tone at the thought of those people trying to eat Spock.

"Yes, they informed me of they're intentions since they did not believe I would live to tell anybody else" Spock said.

"They turned you into a cat so they could eat you?" Bones asked.

"Correct" Spock replied.

"A cat, he's a cat" Bones said laughter finally coming to the surface as he looked again at the first officer trapped inside the body of a cat. Spock seemed to be glaring at him, the cat ears even laying flat against his skull which just caused McCoy to laugh harder.

"Bones it's not funny" Jim snapped at his CMO.

"I'm sorry, I really am, but come on he's a cat" Bones gasped between bouts of laughter.

"I do not see what is so highly amusing about me being turned into a felis catus" Spock said but the doctor only laughed harder leaning against the wall so he wouldn't fall and tears trailing down his face.

"Okay I think I'm done" Bones said wiping the tears from his face as the last bouts of his laughter faded off.

"Good, now run some tests on him see if you can figure out a way to turn him back" Jim told him.

"Are you sure you want me to?" McCoy asked causing Jim to give him a look that clearly said 'Why wouldn't I?'. "I think he's cute in this form" Bones added trying hard not to laugh again. Spock's ears twitched in annoyance slightly making the battle not to laugh that much harder.

"Bones," Kirk warned.

"He is" the doctor said bending down and scratching Spock between the ears that were still twitching on the head in annoyance.

"I request that you cease scratching me doctor" Spock said his voice the same as always but the slight twitches of his tail gave away his annoyance.

"Aww did I make the little kitty angry" Bones asked trying to keep his voice serious despite the fact he was enjoying messing with Spock. Spock deciding he had enough of the doctors mocking bit his hand when he went to scratch under his chin.

"Ow, did you seriously just bite me?" McCoy asked incredulous as he held his hand.

"Well you did mock him, sorry Bones but you kind of had that coming" Jim shrugged unable to hide his smile of amusment.

"Come on then, if you want me to get you back to normal I have to run tests" McCoy said in annoyance as he walked out of the taransporter room Jim and Spock following him. Bones was tempted to say he was too busy to get revenge for that bite. But Jim would find out it had been a lie and chew him out. Once they were in sickbay it presented a whole new set of problems, namely how to get Spock on the examing bed. If he attempted to jump he could hurt himself, and he couldn't just do it the normal way. Finally Jim solved the problem after about ten seconds of debating what to do. Spock let out a shocked sound as Jim picked him up from the floor and placed him on his feet on the bed. McCoy tryed not to laugh at the noise Spock made as he pulled a scanner out.

"Well that shows nothing wrong" he told the captain and first officer once his was finshed before he checked Spock's heart beat and breathing.

"Nothing's wrong with him, well except the fact that he's a cat" Bones told Jim.

"Can you run blood tests?" Jim asked.

"I can" McCoy confirmed. Spock sat perfectly still as Bones collected the blood sample and during all the other tests even if he didn't want to.

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