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A Domestic Enquiry Born Of True Love…

“… But I have read the Jewish & Christian Bible…” Spock began. “For myself, I saw no passage saying that homosexuality was unequivocally wrong… Yes. There are verses, lines that mention that promiscuity is wrong, that not being faithful to one’s wife, is inadvisable, to say the least… I also read of Sodom & Gomorra, and an instance when a man has to invite some other men to rest for the night in his house, and he, literally, gives them his daughter, so that they will not be tempted to go out and find carnal pleasures among other men or themselves – However, I interpreted this to be a warning, a moral tale of ‘be careful what you condemn and condone in its place’.” Spock noted.

“Very good point..!” Jim replied.

“I do not understand various Earth religions’ aversion to homosexuality.” Spock paused. “It is, for some, quite logical. Among Vulcan men, a male mate can be taken if you do not wish to become a parent, for example.” Spock explained.

“Do you not wish to, one day, become a parent, Mr Spock?” Jim Kirk grinned, as always, when he used his affectionate term of ‘Mr.’ for Spock these days; it was his way of ‘poking fun’ at the formality they had to, in all seriousness, maintain, out there on the bridge and any further ship’s business; the light heartedness was a relief to him, to Spock, too, and an affirmation of the true love in their relationship; Jim waited, knowing that he’d asked of Spock this personal ‘domestic enquiry’.

“I did not say that, Captain” Spock truthfully replied, looking down slightly, to meet Jim’s eyes, as Jim, the man he loved, rested the back of his head on Spock’s chest, and lay between his long legs…

Jim smiled again, and reached one of his hands up to cup the nape of Spock’s beautiful, smooth neck, encouraging him to bow his head, which he did so gently, and they kissed. “Having found the right, or the logical, person to do the co-parenting with?” He then furthered.

“Having found the right person…” Spock echoed, and indulged in another kiss with his T’hy’la.

Jim smiled into that kiss, that perfect bond.

Spock did, too.
The End..? 15.3.12

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