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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is really supposed to be two chapters to start off with... but you're getting two for one.  Enjoy!  Let me know what you think.



“You’re pregnant.” 


“Pregnant?”  James T Kirk gaped at his friend and doctor.  “How the hell can I be pregnant?  I’m a man, damnit!”


“Well apparently gender holds no bounds for alien technology.  You, kid, have a bun in the oven.  Mazeltov!”


Kirk frowned and rubbed his face in his hands.  “Look… the last time I had sex you walked in on it back at the academy.  I haven’t done anything since then.  It’s been well over a year now, almost two… so there’s no possible way  this can be happening.”


“Yeah… thanks for reminding me.”  McCoy muttered, going through his test results.  “But it’s happening.  You’re pregnant, Jim.”


“So… how’d it happen?  Did I just clone myself or is there another species involved?”


Bones looked over his PADD.  “Here’s the thing… as far as I can tell it’s only half human.  The other half is some other species.  I don’t know what yet… there’s too little DNA to test.  We’ll wait a week and try again… provided you wish to keep it.”


Kirk stared down at his hands, remembering the odd flash of light and vision he had seen when he passed out planet-side.  “Yeah… I think I do.”


“Thanks.  Now I have to brush up on my pre-natal and maternity care.”  Bones muttered.


“Can I go now?”  Kirk asked.


Bones sighed, looking at the man who had just received unexpected news.  But this was Jim Kirk, he dealt with ten kinds of unexpected news before breakfast.  “You’re free to return to duty.  But I want you back here if you feel anything weird… or when the reality of your situation hits you.  Come back here.  That’s an order.”


Silently Kirk hopped down from the bio-bed and left without a word.


“Only you…” McCoy sighed, shaking his head.




Jim Kirk gave the matter no more thought for a week.  His ship and her crew kept him distracted enough.  Only when he was curled up in bed did he give any thought to the vision he had had.  There was no way he would think inappropriate thoughts about his First Officer while he was around said officer on the bridge or in the rec room playing chess, especially since said officer had a girlfriend.  When the week was up McCoy reminded him about the test to find out the paternity species of the child he carried.  But Kirk had a feeling he already knew.




“Greetings, T’hy’la.” 


Kirk stared back at the one who stood before him in surprise.  “Spock?”


The Vulcan smiled… actually SMILED.  Kirk had to remind himself that only Spock’s older counterpart, Selek, smiled.  This was not that counterpart but another version.  He looked to be only a decade older than his First Officer and he wore a different uniform.  “I forgot you were so young when this happened.  Please forgive me.”


“For what?”  Kirk asked.


“You are about to experience something incredible.  Please be strong, Ashayum.  I promise it will be worth it.”


“I don’t understand.  Spock?  Are you from the future?”


The Vulcan smiled again.  “Yes.  I am here to bring you a gift.”


“What gift?”


Spock reached out and Kirk mirrored him.  Their fingers touched and Kirk felt a spark zap through his body, settling in his groin.  “What?”  But Spock was gone.  Once again Kirk found himself in the ruins he and the away team were exploring.


“Captain?”  His Spock stood nearby, running a tricorder over him.


“What is it, Spock?”


“Are you alright?  For two point seven minutes you froze.”


Kirk stared back at his First Officer, ever the example of Vulcan control.  “I’m fine.  I thought I saw something.”


“Perhaps you should visit Dr. McCoy when we return to the ship.”  Spock offered helpfully.


“Of course.  Thank you, Spock.”


Spock nodded in answer, returning to where he had been when he noticed his Captain had frozen.




Spock turned around and faced his Captain.  “Yes, Captain?”


“What is… Ashayum?” 


Spock’s eyes crinkled around the edges.  “Where did you hear that word?”


Kirk shrugged.  “Somewhere… It’s Vulcan, isn’t it?  What does it mean?”


“It means ‘beloved.’”  Spock continued to stare back at Kirk as if to try and understand Kirk’s interest.


Kirk felt his heart flutter in his chest at the thought of a future Spock calling him ‘Beloved.’  What of Uhura?  How did he and Spock get together?  “Um… thank you.”  Silently he returned to his work, stunned.




McCoy read the scanner results with a twist of his lips which meant he was deep in thought, especially when accompanied by a furrowed brow. 


Kirk stared at his friend, knowing by Bones’ expression he didn’t like the readout.  “That bad?” 


“It’s Vulcan DNA.”  Bones stated.  “How the hell did you get Vulcan DNA?  You know what?  Never mind.  I don’t want to know.”


Kirk bowed his head, his suspicions confirmed.  “Don’t run a paternity test.”


“What do you mean ‘don’t run a paternity test’?  Does this mean you already know the father?


Nodding a moment, Kirk glanced up at McCoy and then shook his head.  “I don’t need to know.”


“How the hell can you say that?”


“It was alien technology, wasn’t it?  Whoever the father is they had nothing to do with this.”


“They should know that alien technology used their DNA to plant a child in you.”  Bones replied, crossing his arms. 


Kirk shook his head.  “It… it doesn’t matter, does it?”  But Kirk’s reply was met with deeper scorn.  “Bones… he’s happy.  I have no right to intrude on that.”


“So you think you know what potent Vulcan Seed knocked you up?” 


Kirk nodded. 


“You’ll have to tell the crew.  They have to be made aware of your ‘delicate condition.’”  Bones returned to his PADD.  “You’ll need vitamins and minerals.  Copper.  And no more away missions.  You’re responsible for another life as well as your own.”


Kirk lightly touched his abdomen in a strangely maternal moment.  “I know.  Thanks.”


“I’m your friend, Jim.  I’ll stand by you.”




Kirk looked around the room at all of his senior officers.  “I guess this news can’t wait for long… due to circumstances…”  His eyes fell on Spock for a moment and he felt a longing ache deep within his chest.  Aware that he was staring too long his eyes flicked to Sulu before settling on Bones.  “Um…”  A deep blush graced his cheek as he stood and stared blankly at the table.  “I don’t know how to say this.”


“Just say it, Keptin.”  Chekov replied. 


“I’m with child.”


Everyone around the table looked to their neighbor to check that they had heard right.  The only one who didn’t was McCoy who sat with a small smile of support should Kirk look his way. 


“I’m sorry, Captain.  Do we take it to mean you have fathered a child?”  Uhura asked.  All eyes turned to Kirk.


“No.  Not exactly.  I’m the mother if you can call it that.”  A hand lightly caressed his lower abdomen and he seemed to draw strength from that because he looked up and addressed the table.  “I’m pregnant.  Alien technology zapped me and… and several months from now there will be a little one running around… um, well not running around right away but you know what I mean.”


“Fascinating.”  Spock stated.


“So… who’s the father?”  Scotty asked.


Kirk glanced at McCoy a moment and then shrugged.  “I don’t know.  The tests are inconclusive.”


“You should be able to map the DNA.  At least the paternal species can be deduced.”  Spock stated.


“Alright… yeah… we already did that.”  Kirk replied despite Bones’ warning gestures.


“And…?”  Scotty asked.


Kirk shut his eyes and braced himself.  “Vulcan.”  The room went still and Kirk kept his eyes closed until he heard McCoy shift in his seat.  “So… there it is.  Unless there are any questions you’re excused.”  The room remained silent, still in shock.  Finally Kirk opened his eyes and offered a casual grin.  “You may discuss it with the rest of the crew.  They are going to find out anyway it may as well be from you.  Mr. Spock you have the Bridge.”  And with that Kirk left the room as quickly as possible.  “That went well.” 


Bones frowned when he caught up with his friend.  “I thought you weren’t going to tell him.”


“He doesn’t know it’s his.”  Kirk replied.


“That’s not what I saw.  He had a deer caught in headlights moment.  Uhura gave him a bad case of stink eye.  The rest looked bewildered and you had your goddamn eyes shut!”


“Hey!  I’m a delicate vessel of virgin birth.  I don’t need to see stink eye!”


“Virgin my ass!  I saw what you were doing back in your academy days.  Your virginity doesn’t grow back, you know.”


“What I mean is… This is kindof an intense personal experience, you know?  I don’t need the stress of my officers judging me for something I have no control over, especially since it’s about my body and not my performance.  I didn’t do anything wrong.  I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”


McCoy reached out and patted Kirk on the shoulder.  “You’re right.  If they ever bother you make sure to send them my way. 


“That’s why I love ya.”  Kirk grinned. 


“I’m not marrying you.” 


The blond laughed as he walked down the hall with his friend.




It only took a day for Spock to corner his captain alone.  “May I speak to you, Captain?”


Kirk sighed and crossed his arms over his chest.  “If you insist, Mr. Spock…”


“I do.”  Spock replied, his hands held behind his back.  “Your child is of Vulcan descent?  Does this mean that you and my counterpart have been…?”


Kirk held out his hands as if to physically stop Spock from continuing.  “Hold it right there!  I’m not with your counterpart in any way, Spock.  Yes, I like him and he likes me but the only thing we’ve shared was that mind meld on Delta Vega.”


Spock seemed to pale at Kirk’s defense.  “Forgive me, Captain.  I should not have made assumptions of your relationship with my counterpart.”


“It’s… alright.”  Kirk replied, lowering his hands to his sides. 


“May I ask who fathered your child?”


Kirk stared back at the Vulcan for a long moment, before staring down at his abdomen in thought.  “It was on that planet… when I froze and you noticed?  I saw… someone.  Someone came to me from a different time.  They said they had forgotten how young I had been…  A gift.”  Gently Kirk caressed his belly.  “They called this child a gift… and they called me that word I asked you about… ashay?”


“Ashayum.”  Spock replied quietly.


“Yeah that.  They told me to be strong that this was all worth it.”


“Your future Vulcan mate appeared to you and left you with child?”  Spock asked carefully.


Kirk brightened a moment and smiled.  “Yeah… He did.”  His hands protectively covered his stomach. 


“Have you met him yet?”


“Yes… Is that all, Commander?” 


Spock opened his mouth as if he wished to say more but after a careful glance into Kirk’s eyes he looked away.  “Yes.  Thank you, Captain.”


Kirk stepped away before he did something foolish like throw himself at Spock.  “See you later!”  Quickly he made his way down the hall.




News of the captain’s pregnancy quickly ran through the whole ship.  It didn’t take very long before Starfleet headquarters heard the news of the blessed event.  “Jim…”  Pike sighed as he regarded the younger man.


“I haven’t done anything wrong, Chris.”  Kirk replied somewhat defensively.  “I was minding my own business on an away mission when a beam of light and someone from the future told me something was going to happen to me.  No one else saw anything… and all he did was touch my hand, I swear!”


“I read the report, Jim… I don’t doubt your story.  The technology involved to create such a… well it doesn’t exist yet as far as I know.  But that’s not why I called.”


“What is it?”  Kirk slumped in the chair at his desk.


“The Vulcans…”


“What about them?”


“They are an endangered species now, Jim.  This child or any child with Vulcan blood is very important to them and their culture.”




“Do you know the identity of the baby’s father?”  Pike asked wearily.


Kirk froze.  “It’s… it’s not that easy, Chris… the father is my future mate.  Right now he’s… we’re… just friends.”


“I wouldn’t bother you about this, Jim… but I’ve been told that the birth and raising of this child will be of great interest to whatever clan he or she is born into.  I’m being pressured to supply that name.  They only want to help, Jim.  They don’t want to take away your child but they do want to accept him or her into the right clan.  You don’t have to do this alone.”


“But if I tell you who the father is… then he will know.  He’s in another relationship and he’s happy.”  Kirk stared down at his fingers. 


“Only his clan has to know for now.  Can you at least tell me the name of his clan elder?”  Pike pressed. 


Kirk caressed his belly a moment, unsure.  Really he didn’t want Spock to find out.  But… the baby had a right to know their father’s culture.  “T’Pau.”


“T’Pau?  Isn’t that Spock’s—?”


“The clan elder is T’Pau.”  Kirk stated, staring at Pike.


“I’m… sorry Jim.  I will let Elder T’Pau know of her… newest clan addition.”


“Thank you.”  Kirk replied.


“Take it easy, Jim.  We’ll work with you on your pregnancy.  There’s no need to worry about your career.”


“Thanks.”  Kirk replied.


“Cheer up, Jim!  You’re about to become a father!  I’ll be a grandfather…” Pike chuckled.


Kirk allowed a small chuckle.  “Thanks, Chris.”


“No problem, kid.  Keep me informed.”


When the monitor went dark Kirk stared at it for several minutes, unsure what else to do.




Kirk found himself kneeling over a very comfortable cushion, just the right shape for this sort of activity.  A touch on his thigh reminded him of where he was and why he was there.  The leader of the Helshelian people lightly caressed his naked backside, appreciating his contours.  Nearby McCoy and Spock stood along with the leader’s mate and one of its counselors, all present to witness the ritual event to seal the treaty. 


Kirk returned his focus to his friends who stood in silent testament of his participation despite their opposition to the event.  All at once he found himself being filled from behind and he shut his eyes, slumping forward as the leader began to slowly fuck him.




“The Helshelian people are a hermaphroditic species.  Their culture is heavily infused with sexuality.  Casual encounters as well as formal and personal are all out in the open.  Some cultures shake hands, the Helshelians have sex.  We are being asked to negotiate a treaty and one of us will be expected to take one for the team to seal the deal.”  Kirk slouched in his chair, staring at his senior staff.  Nausea had been brutal that afternoon and he was really in no mood to brief his staff on the Helshelian negotiation, but he had a job to do despite his progressing pregnancy.  “They want someone of status to be the one their leader… does this with.  That someone may chose two alternates to witness the event.  As captain this probably falls to me.”


“Oh God, Jim!”  Bones moaned.  “Surely command understands that your condition should preclude you from this… whatever it is.” 


“Doctor McCoy is correct.  Perhaps it would be beneficial for you to step down and allow either myself or the doctor to take your place.”


Kirk looked up from where he had been focused on the table to rid himself of his morning sickness.  “That’s very sweet, Mr. Spock, but I’m sure Uhura would never forgive me.” 


McCoy lifted his hands.  “Don’t look at me!”


“That leaves me.”  Kirk breathed in through his nose and out through his mouth. 


McCoy glanced at his captain sideways before producing a hypo to stab in his neck.  “Oh for God’s sake, Jim!  Just ask for a damn hypo to end the morning sickness!”


Kirk jumped a little in his seat and rubbed at the spot, glaring at his friend a moment but secretly thankful the sickness was past.  “Anyway… My choices for witnesses are…”


“Captain!”  Spock spoke up.  “There must be another way.  You are with child…”


“Spock… pregnant people have been having sex since the dawn of time.”  Bones rolled his eyes.  “As long as I make sure the captain is free from STDs he should be fine.”


“That’s not what I meant.”  Spock scowled a moment.  “Your child has a link to you.  You also have a preliminary link to their father, your future mate.  Engaging in coitus outside of the link is…”


Kirk slammed his hand down on the table.  “Yes, thank you, Mr. Spock.  However I should point out to you that I am very much single right now.”


“Pre-linked bonds are still sacred to my people, Captain.”


“Yes, well… My future mate happens to be linked to someone else right now.  So obviously our bond isn’t all that sacred yet.  You may join me in the negotiations and stand witness but please don’t lecture me about links and bonds right now.”




Kirk took a deep breath, feeling himself stretched for the first time in years.  The Helshelians may regard pregnancy as sacred, but they certainly didn’t hold back.  His hands gripped at the ergomatic fuck pillow as he clenched his teeth to hold back screams.  Somewhere to his right he could hear McCoy’s tricorder monitoring his condition. 


“Breathe, Jim, breathe.”  Bones whispered. 


Kirk let out air and gasped anew. 


Behind the captain the Helshelian leader gave out a loud groan, pushing into Kirk with one more thrust.  Sated he pulled away and stood.  “The negotiations are complete.  The Federation has our support.”  


Kirk managed to turn around, looking up at the leader.  “We look forward to being your ally.” 


The leader smiled at him and held out his hand to pull Kirk up onto his feet.  “It has been a long time since I was with someone so tight.  How long has it been since your last bedding?” 


Kirk blushed and looked away.  “We don’t talk about stuff like that in our culture.  If you must know… my last lover was a few years ago.”


“Ah… someone who has not had a lover for a few years… we regard them as new virgins.  But I am confused.  Surely you need to bed to make offspring?”  The leader indicated Kirk’s abdomen.


“It was… alien technology.”  Kirk replied, blushing a bit under the Helshelian’s scrutiny.  “I’ve never bedded my baby’s father.  He doesn’t want me.”


“To never share in the pleasures of the flesh with the one who fathered your child… is sad to us.”


“Yeah?  Well… it is what it is.”  Kirk tried to smile.  Glancing back at his officers he blushed anew.  “May I get dressed now?”


“A moment more… I find your form pleasing.” 


Kirk turned a deeper shade of red.  “Thank you.


The leader walked around Kirk, accessing him from every angle.  “Most pleasing.  If I was without a mate I would want you.”


As the three made their way back to the transporter beam out spot, Kirk nudged McCoy playfully.  “See?  THEY called me a virgin.”


“Shut up.  I already have to deal with your sore ass in my medical bay when we get back.”




Kirk sat at his desk in his quarters, looking over a PADD.  There was too much work and he was beginning to feel tired earlier in the evening.  Bones had reassured him that was normal in pregnancy.  The hormones, morning sickness (that actually happened in the afternoon) and the exhaustion were really beginning to get to him. 


The door chime rang and he looked up.  “Come in.”


Spock came in and stood at parade rest, hands behind his back.  “How are you feeling?”


Kirk sat back a bit on his chair.  “You’re asking about my feelings?”


“I was referring to your pain from this afternoon’s activities.”


“Oh that.”  Kirk waved the concern away.  “I’m fine.  Just a little rusty, that’s all.”


“You stated that your last coitus had been several years ago.”


Kirk stared up at the Vulcan, unsure.  “Yeah, when I was back at the academy I had a boyfriend.  We broke up ages ago… he was on one of the ships Nero destroyed at Vulcan.”


“I grieve with thee.”


“He was an asshole.  Self centered, smug and selfish… a little bit sadistic.  It was my first real relationship.  I thought he loved me but… well… he only wanted to bag George Kirk’s son.”  Kirk gave a sad smile remembering Gary.


Spock seemed to stare over Kirk’s shoulder for a long moment.  “You told the Helshelian Leader that your child’s father does not want you.”


Uncomfortable, Kirk looked away.  “Yeah.  I did.”


“Do you believe that?”


Kirk shrugged and shook his head.  “The only other man I’ve ever been with didn’t really want me.  Right now my baby’s father has no clue he’s even a father.  I won’t tell him.  He has his own life to live right now.  What right do I have to intrude on him when it was his future self that impregnated me?  And even then… if he did… it wouldn’t be because of me but because he’ll feel… obligated as a father.”  With a sigh Kirk finally met Spock’s eyes.  “He’s happy, Spock.  The life he has now… he’s happy.  I have no right to intrude on that.  The future isn’t set in stone.  So much can change.  He’s in love.  He’ll probably just bond with his love.”  Kirk nearly tossed down his PADD.  “And you know what?  It’s probably some alternate future self that knocked me up… so it really doesn’t matter what this universe’s version feels because I’ll never mate with him anyway.”


Spock stared at his captain, eyebrow raised.  “You lack self confidence.”


“Only when it comes to relationships… otherwise I’m confident in spades.”  Kirk stood and stretched.  “Now if you’ll excuse me… Junior thinks it’s time to sleep.  Ow!”  With a gasp Kirk leaned forward, touching his belly.


Quickly Spock was at his side.  “Shall I contact Doctor McCoy?”


“No… no… I just felt… movement.  It’s a little early for that, though.”  Experimentally Kirk touched his belly.


“Your child is part Vulcan.  Vulcan fetuses develop much quicker than their human counterparts.  May I?”  Spock indicated Kirk’s belly.


Without thinking Kirk nodded.  And the moment Spock touched his belly he knew it had been a mistake.


Spock froze, his eyes wide as his mind automatically linked with the developing child.  Closing his eyes he stood, pulling his hand away to take a deep breath.  “T’Pau will need to know…”


“She already does.”  Kirk replied.  “Pike informed me a couple of weeks ago about the clan thing and I told him to tell her.”


“She already knows.”  Spock repeated, his voice sounded hollow.


“This changes nothing… Spock.  I understand.  You love Uhura.  She loves you.  You’re together.  I understand that.  I don’t need anything.”


Spock stared back, eyes wide, almost fearful. 


“Besides… it wasn’t YOU.  It was some future alternate self you.  He looked a few years older.  Some future alternate Spock… like Selek but much, much younger.”


“The child is mine.”  Spock finally found his voice again.


Kirk held up his hands, imploringly.  “Spock… please don’t…  Forget this, please?  Go back to your life with Uhura.”  Again the child moved as if agitated.  “Please Spock… Pretend the child is someone else’s.”


“I cannot pretend…” Spock whispered.  “I cannot unlearn what I have learned.  The child… recognizes his father.  His mind calls to me.”


“It’s a boy?”  Kirk asked quietly.


Spock stared back at Kirk, something akin to anger and sadness in his eyes.


“Just… just go!  Dismissed!  Whatever… get out!”  Kirk turned away.


Silently Spock left the room.

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