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Story Notes:

Why is nuSpock always the one who just doesn't get it? What if he is madly in love with nuJim and is hurt by his callous disregard?  To whom would he turn?




A cloth held in the gentle hand wiped sweat from his face.

“I need to turn the shoulders.”  He bit back a wince as the gloved hand probed the edges of his sensitive stretched passage.  “Don’t push until I say so.”

“Please...”  He clutched his bondmate’s sleeve.  “It is imperative I push.

“Ashayam.” Hazel eyes connected with brown. “I know you want to, but listen to Bones.”  He waited until the other man gave a slight nod. 

“Okay, Spock, let’s get the little hobgoblin out.  When the next contraction hits, bear down.”  Bones glanced at a machine.  “Here we go...”

More to come.

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