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Today, Unexpectedly I found myself watching you
as you quietly sit
in a darkened observation room
looking out at the stars you so love.

You were alone.
A rarity.
You are usually a person who seeks others.
Yet today
I could see
you wished to be alone.

I feel the loneliness emanating
from your being it is like a tangible ache.

I want to spare you this pain
but I fear that the simple touch of my hand,
a gentle word,
any gesture of kindness from me
might break you and send you spiraling
towards madness.

So I stand
as you sit there withering in pain.

It is then that an epiphany comes
Your strength,
it does not come from swords,
money, or even words
but from a inner power.

A power that you draw from whenever
you need to.

I have come to realize
that you merely are you...
and that in itself is its best defense.

And I...
stand here humbled
by all that you are.

Knowing that you will
without my aid or with it
come through this pain that you feel.
For that is who you are
and what you do.

I could reach out to you
and try and make this pain go away
but would you thank me for it?

I doubt it
for you must bare
this pain alone.
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