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Story Notes:

You know I'm strange so just go with the flow.

Disclaimer: The usual… I own nothing.

A/N – You know who to blame, this is really all her fault.

A/.N - Thanks sis. After this, my stories will be beta'd by my anonymous beta. I was really embarrassed to send this to her

“Jim, surely you are in jest.” *pause*. “Not here.”

“Come on Spock, this is the perfect place.”

“The middle of the science lab?”

“The middle of an empty science lab. You know you want it.”

“Yes, yes, oh … I mean no, cease this at once. Come back up here.”

“Ashaya, if you don’t let me do this… it’s going to stay hard for quite a while.”

“The probability of that happening is-”

“Tell me anything, ‘Mr. I couldn’t get it to go away for over an hour.”

“Why must you continue to bring that up?”

“You said, ‘bring that up.’”

“That’s. It-”

“Sorryyyy. Hey, don’t pout, I said, I’m sorry.”

“Vulcans do not pout.”

“Yes you are… look, just let me help. It could have gotten it down a long time ago.


“You know…. I heard that if you lick it…”


“I’m just saying…”

“Well, your fingers do have a most soothing quality about them...”


“….and a gentle touch…”


“Damn, ashaya, right there…”

“… there babe?”

“… there, there..”


“Oh Jim, yes…yes”


“Jim… that was… wow…”

“Jim, Spock. Ah, there you are. Nyota said Spock had a Charlie Horse. But it looks like it’s been taken care of.”

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