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Author's Chapter Notes:



Strangers In The Night (prologue)

On a particularly clear night, usually during the summer time months, the moon spilt its splendour across the San Francisco bay in such a marvellous way the young cadet could not keep his sights away. He sat himself upon the same sturdy built up piece of earth that had always been there and gazed up into the vastness of Space around him. Those stars did not speak to him, and the Moon shone regardless of his mood. Nevertheless, he was grateful for the silence the night brought as he gathered the thoughts that were often lost during the hectic but fulfilling days of classes and drills, training and lectures. The sky offered no opinion and therefore no judgement upon him, thus bringing him only a sense of inner peace. And the night was just black enough to shroud his desires; his imaginings; his fears and insecurities.

It was 12:12am approximately according to the 3rd Year Cadet Student‘s watch, who had scrapped the red uniform he was supposed to be adorning for the simple black attire underneath- the humidity from the summer still suffocating even after dusk.

But, there was another who found solace in the dead of night, who strolled with a careful walk on the other side of the embankment. His black hair bounced the light of the Moon as he passed through the mossy slope with no clear intent or direction.

But his usual midnight stroll would be changed forever the moment he took those blackened eyes of his and homed them onto the silhouette of a man so poignant, so sombre yet so serene, that it might very well have taken the Vulcan’s breath away were he to admit to himself upon the surprise he felt rising inside of him. Basking in the moonlight, he found the figure to be the epitome of beauty.

There was nothing more he could say- logic would not permit this tyranny of sensation to pursue any further.


That darkened figure that stood across the bay did not want to break his silence, but he had to steal himself away from the night to retreat into the academy, much to the disturbance of the Vulcan on the river whose awakened desires could not be quietened.

He had to know who that figure was who set flames up inside of him.


Chapter End Notes:

Aprx 10 Chapters altogether

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